UN Expert Group Meeting on Measuring International Migration December 4 7, 2006, UN New York MEASURING INTERNATIONAL

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Layout. BackgroundExisting Data Generation SystemsInitiatives/Coordination Efforts in the PSSRecommendations and Future Directions. I. Foundation The Philippine Statistical System. a decentralized framework that is formed of:a approach making and planning body, NSCBa universally useful measurements creating organization, NSOa factual research and preparing focus; andall government offices drew in i

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UN Expert Group Meeting on Measuring International Migration December 4 – 7, 2006, UN New York MEASURING INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION IN THE PHILIPPINES (With Focus on Emigration Statistics) by Lina V. Castro

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OUTLINE Background Existing Data Generation Systems Initiatives/Coordination Efforts in the PSS Recommendations and Future Directions

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I. Foundation The Philippine Statistical System a decentralized framework that is made out of: a strategy making and planning body, NSCB a universally useful measurements creating organization, NSO a factual research and preparing focus; and all administration offices occupied with the era of factual data

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Framework of the PSS and How It is Coordinated

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National Statistical Coordination Board fills in as the most noteworthy arrangement making and organizing body on measurable matters in the Philippines Functions defines strategies apportions obligations facilitates and recommends models in the era of insights assigns measurable exercises that will be attempted by the administration Develops and keeps up measurable structures (e.g. PSNA) 

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Existing Data Generation Systems in the PSS on Emigration Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) Department of Tourism (DOT) Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) National Statistics Office (NSO)

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1. Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) Major Functions Provide counsel and help to the President and the Congress of the Philippines in the detailing of strategies concerning or influencing Filipinos abroad; Develop and execute projects to advance the interests and prosperity of Filipinos abroad;

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CFO Clientele Filipino Emigrants and changeless inhabitants abroad Filipino Nationals who leave the nation as companions or different accomplices of outside nationals Descendants of Filipinos abroad Filipino young people abroad Exchange guest program members

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Statistics Stock gauge on Overseas Filipinos Statistics on Filipino Emigrants a . Settlers and Permanent Residents b. Filipino companions and life partners of outside nationals

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In million ESTIMATED NUMBER OF FILIPINOS OVERSEAS Sources: CFO, DFA, POEA and different sources

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Categories of Overseas Filipinos (CFO) Permanent – settlers or lawful changeless occupants abroad whose stay don't rely on upon work contracts Temporary – people whose stay abroad is business related, and who are relied upon to return toward the finish of their work contracts Irregular – those not legitimately archived or without substantial living arrangement or work licenses, or who are exceeding in a remote nation

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Year Permanent Residents Temporary Residents Irregular Migrants Total 1995 6.41 1996 1.92 2.71 1.86 6.49 1997 2.15 2.94 1.88 6.97 1998 2.33 2.96 1.91 7.20 1999 2.48 2.98 1.83 7.29 2000 2.55 2.99 1.84 7.38 2001 2.74 3.05 1.62 7.41 3.16 2002 2.82 1.60 7.58 ESTIMATED NUMBER OF FILIPINOS OVERSEAS Sources: CFO, DFA, POEA and different sources

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Registered Filipino Emigrants Source : CFO N = 1,238,934

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Distribution of Registered Emigrants by Major Countries of Destination (1981-2003) Other Countries: 24,115 (1.9 %) TOTAL: 1,238,934 CANADA 169,443 (13.7 %) U.K. 6,229 (0.5 %) GERMANY 9,427 (0.8 %) U.S.A. 869,973 (70.2 %) JAPAN 68,419 (5.5 %) AUSTRALIA 86,223 (7.0 %)

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SOURCES OF DATA Emigrant enrollment from CFO Statistics on leaving abroad Filipino Workers from POEA Reports from Philippine Embassies and Consulates i. From the quantity of travel papers issued ii. Provides details regarding between relational unions iii. Help to-Nationals cases iv. Head Count

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SOURCES OF DATA Statistics on vacationer landings from DOT Reports from Filipino affiliations and associations abroad Reports from remote Embassies and Consulates Census of outside governments on their settler populace

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LIMITATIONS AND CONSTRAINTS Double checking No complete and exact information on returning Filipinos No far reaching information on 2 nd and 3 rd era abroad Filipinos No accessible far reaching information yet on the individuals who procured remote citizenships

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AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT Use of embarkation and disembarkation card of Bureau of Immigration to upgrade accumulation of information on leaving and returning Filipinos Use of registration on groups of abroad Filipinos Enhance the gathering of information of Philippine Embassies and Consulates

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AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT Adopt a particular and normal method and instrument in get-together measurements on abroad Filipinos (especially on the quantity of sporadic vagrants) Adopt basic meaning of terms and universal factual gauges Analysis and understanding of measurable information and stream Conduct a worldwide meeting on stock estimation of transients

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Department of Tourism: CONCEPTS OUTBOUND PHILIPPINE RESIDENTS: " … takeoffs of Filipinos who are perpetual occupants of the Philippines and in addition outsiders and naturalized natives of the Philippines with lasting living arrangement in the nation." Source: DOT Statistical Report

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Travel and Tourism Statistical System (TTSS) by DOT Objectives To create insights on the profile and travel attributes of outbound Philippine inhabitants, previous Filipinos and abroad Filipinos

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TTSS Scope and Coverage Included in Visitor Count Not Included in Visitor Count Tourist Transit/change plane Excursionist Aliens with pre-organized Cruise passengers work in Phil. Abroad Filipinos Immigrants Overseas Filipino specialists Returning Residents

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TTSS Scope and Coverage Included in Outbound Not Included in Outbound Philippine Resident Count Philippine Resident Count Overseas Filipino Visitors/vacationer to the Philippines Workers Overseas Filipinos Foreign Residents/Expatriates Filipino Residents

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TTSS Sources of Data Arrival/Departure Card The Arrival/Departure Cards Processing Center (ADCPC) situated in NAIA is in charge of the social occasion, accumulation, encoding, information approval and downloading of introductory records in NAIA, Cebu, Laoag, Davao, Subic and Clark. The downloaded information are further handled by the DOT's TTSS.

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TTSS Outputs Statistics on guest entries by nation of habitation statistic profile travel qualities method of travel port of passage nationality Statistics on the genuine volume of Overseas Filipino lasting occupants abroad Statistics on previous Filipino subjects by nation of living arrangement Statistics on Outbound Philippine inhabitants

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TTSS Outputs Statistics on Outbound Philippine Residents by port of disembarkation statistic profile travel attributes by nationality method of travel port of section

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3. Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Shared OFW Database

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Mandate Sec 20 of Republic Act No. 8042 Establishment of a Shared Government Information System for Migration DFA, Commission of Filipinos Overseas, DOLE, POEA, OWWA, DOT, DOJ, Bu of Immigration, NBI, NSO

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Concepts & Definitions Migrant Worker or OFW - a man who is to be locked in, or has been occupied with a compensated action in a condition of which he/she is not a legitimate inhabitant Documented OFW - a vagrant laborer with substantial visa or work allow whose business contract has been handled by POEA

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Concepts & Definitions Undocumented OFW - a transient specialist with deficient work reports, whose work contract has not been prepared by POEA Name-Hire - an OFW who could secure an abroad work without the help or investment of any enrollment organization

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Concepts & Definitions Worker on-Leave - an OFW who is in the midst of some recreation and is coming back to a similar manager (Balik Manggagawa) Seafarer - Any individual who is utilized or occupied with any limit on load up a seagoing boat exploring the remote oceans other than an administration transport utilized for military or non-business purposes e.g. anglers, voyage transport faculty and those serving on outside sea portable seaward and boring units.

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National Statistics Office What is the NSO Survey on Overseas Filipinos (SOF)? It is embraced each year as rider to the October round of the Labor Force Survey (LFS) An across the nation study that assembles data on Filipino residents who left for abroad amid the most recent five years 2

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Objectives of the SOF National Statistics Office Obtain national gauges on the quantity of abroad Filipinos Provide appraises on the measure of money got by the families 3

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Landbased Seabased National Statistics Office Who are the Overseas Workers? Filipinos who are by and by and briefly working abroad amid the 5-year reference period. They could possibly have a current work contract abroad. 4

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OFWs in April to September 2004 achieve 1.18 million... 2004 1.18 M 2003 0.98 M National Statistics Office 20.2% 6

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OFWs in April to September 2004 achieve 1.18 million... 1.18 M 2004 2003 0.98 M National Statistics Office 17.7% OCW = 1.10 M OCW = 0.93 M 7

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Asia 76.4 % Australia 1.9 % Europe 10.7 % N & S America 9.2 % Africa Other Countries 1.3 % 0.5 % Japan 115 Thousand Saudi Arabia 258 Thousand National Statistics Office Majority of OFWs were in Asia... 11