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Subsidizing & Travel Policy UCLA Library

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What Types of Activity Does the UCLA Library Support? Business-related Activities & Travel Support Library operational necessities Book-purchasing trips UCLA delegate to UC, CDL gatherings & occasions Job preparing Learning/Development Activities & Travel Encourage business related learning & improvement that advantage the Library, University, calling, and the individual

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What Can Be Funded? Any business-related &/or learning/advancement movement might be supported by the Library In times of spending limitations, the Library may confine subsidizing to "key" exercises: - Activity or travel is key if identified with University or Library business - An individual occasion might be regarded "crucial"

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What Can Be Funded? This approach applies ONLY to library divisions and units that answer to the University Librarian Funding from the Librarian Professional Development Fund – which likewise applies to custodians in subsidiary units – must fit in with UCLA business arrangements The University or the State of California maintains all authority to force more prohibitive financing confinements

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Departmental Funds Departmental assets might be utilized to bolster endorsed exercises and travel These assets are controlled by individual unit heads All Library representatives are urged to ask for from office sources FIRST A unit head may finance a learning & advancement movement completely or partially, taking after rules of the subsidizing source

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Business-Related Travel Fund Sometimes called Administrative Travel Fund Covers costs of people who go to conferences or different occasions as official delegates of the UCLA Library, as approved by the University Librarian

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Business-Related Travel Fund Any UCLA Library worker welcomed to serve on a broad or CDL gather must get endorsement from the University Librarian before tolerating arrangement to the gathering

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Learning & Development Activity and Travel Funds Librarian Professional Development Fund Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) amongst UC and UC-AFT Staff Professional Development Fund

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Librarian Professional Development Fund The UCLA Library dispenses a predetermined sum every year to bolster proficient exercises of curators with the end goal of "research, … innovative exercises, proficient gatherings, meetings, classes, and workshops." ( MOU Article 3) Allocation year keeps running from August 1 – July 31

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Librarian Professional Development Fund At the begin of each monetary year, LHR or LBS advises bookkeepers of the portion to every individual Librarians may utilize this reserve for all costs typically reimbursable under UCLA travel strategy rules This allotment may NOT be utilized for expert affiliation enrollment duty, books, programming, equipment, or expert diaries

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Staff Professional Development Fund May be utilized to finance the improvement of information or potentially aptitudes that: Relate specifically to a worker's momentum position Support proceeding with advancement of library representatives

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Staff Professional Development Fund The Asst. Executive of Library Human Resources (ADLHR) deals with this record and surveys and favors demands for learning/advancement bolster from administrators, managers, and staff

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Staff Professional Development Fund Employees and their directors may submit demands for Staff Professional Development financing through the Request for Leave & Funding structure : staff.library.ucla.edu/admin_manual/100-1A.doc

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Staff Professional Development Fund An office head may join documentation to the worker ask for frame to clarify how the learning & improvement occasion fits into the unit's and individual representative's work arrangements and objectives

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General Guidelines Individuals who ask for leave as well as subsidizing must express the reason for the movement and their part in the occasion give a gauge of costs talk about subsidizing conceivable outcomes with their boss as well as unit head

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General Guidelines Librarians in vocation, potential profession and additionally transitory arrangements may ask for leave or potentially subsidizing for learning & advancement exercises Career staff representatives working in any event half-time may ask for leave and additionally subsidizing for learning & improvement exercises Events might be on the UCLA grounds or off-site

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General Guidelines Travel to off-grounds occasions must stick to: The University of California Policy and Regulations Governing Travel UCLA travel approaches and techniques, and California state travel and monetary strategies

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General Guidelines International travel must be affirmed before the worker makes any travel game plans. Just the University Librarian may support worldwide travel If an individual rolls out improvements to travel courses of action for individual comfort, any subsequent extra charges must be secured by the individual voyager

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General Guidelines Travel Insurance : UC workers must enlist for travel protection in the event that they will go out of California: www.uctrips-insurance.org Travel Emergencies : The UCLA Travel Center gives a 24-hour phone number for use in crises. The phone number shows up on the explorer's agenda and e-receipt: 1-800-235-8252

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Sharing Learning Employees supported for business-related or learning and improvement occasions are urged to impart their encounters to the Library people group Possibilities include: Written reports Brown sack lunch examinations Informal presentations Blogs, wikis or sites

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Requests for Leave Only Employees may submit asks for exclusively for leave through the Request for Official Leave Form: staff.library.ucla.edu/admin_manual/100-1B.doc

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Policy Website Addresses University of California Policy and Regulations Governing Travel : www.ucop.edu/ucophome/arrangements/bfb/g28.html University of California Travel Insurance : www. uctrips-insurance.org/UCLA travel arrangements and methodology: www.travel.ucla.edu/new/policies_and_procedures.shtml

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