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Justin Burden Lorntzsen. Kathryn Black Lorntzsen. Trevor Bruce Lorntzsen. Marcia ... Justin Bieber - Lorntzsen. Honors (third years prescribe) J Fred Muir ...

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UBC Geological Engineering Program "The Profs" Presented by Isabelle Lévesque

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Mary Lou Bevier (otherwise known as. MLB) Petrology, Mineralogy, & Field Geology B.S. with Honors, Earth Science, 1975 (University of California, Santa Cruz) M.Sc., Geological Sciences, 1978 (UBC) Ph.D., Geological Sciences, 1982 (University of California, Santa Barbara) Post-doctoral Fellow, Geological Survey of Canada, 1985-1987 New course book "Prologue to Field Geology" distributed by McGraw-Hill. Georox Profs

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R.M. (Marc) Bustin Sedimentology, Organic Petrology Ph.D. (UBC). Explore: Study of the sedimentology and diagenesis of natural matter in dregs with specific reference to petroleum source rocks, coal and development of mineral stores. Georox Profs

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Kelly Russell Volcanology/Geochemistry B.Sc. College of Manitoba 1976 M.Sc. College of Calgary 1980 Ph.D. College of Calgary 1984 Research: volcanology, geochemistry and molten petrology as identified with the arrangement, transport and ejection of magma. Georox Profs

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The Water Boys Georox Profs

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Roger Beckie Groundwater Hydrology, Geotechnical Engineering Director B.A.Sc. (Waterloo) M.Sc. & Ph.D. (Princeton). Industry: Beckie Hydrogeologists Research: We are exploring the scale at which a site ought to be portrayed so that a predefined building target can be accomplished in the most practical form. Look into: Hydrology of waste-shake dumps in British Columbia. Georox Profs

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Ulrich Mayer Groundwater Hydrology/Reactive Solute Transport D ipl. Ing. (1993) Universität Stuttgart (Germany) Ph.D. (1999) University of Waterloo. Employee at UBC since 2000 Research: Geochemical advancement of low-temperature groundwater frameworks with an attention on groundwater pollution and remediation. Georox Profs

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Leslie Smith Groundwater Hydrology B.Sc U of An, in Geology Ph. D. at UBC Research: Mathematical demonstrating of liquid stream and solute transport in broke geologic media, with applications to issues of groundwater tainting. Georox Profs

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L. A. (Lori) Kennedy Structural Geology B.Sc., Univ. New Brunswick; Ph. D., Texas A&M; Faculty Member, UBC (1996 - ). Examine: components by which blames and shear zones create and how they suit removals (both in weak and malleable administrations). Georox Profs

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Rimas Pakalnis Underground Rock Mechanics B.A.Sc mining building, McGill University M.Sc and Ph.D. at UBC. Industry: counseling for a long time as an expert specialist . A note of intrigue is that he has set as a target to review or potentially direct connected research at 10 mines every year. That implies that in the 14 years that he has been educating at UBC He has been to 140 mines, fundamentally in North America, yet he likewise worked in Greece, South Africa, Hungary, and England. 1 ton = 10 kN 0.01 MPa = 10 kN/m 3 Georox Profs

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Oldrich Hungr Slope security UBC (1996) teacher Industry: designing geologist for quite a long while. Created Clara slant displaying program Research: grow new procedures for slant strength investigation, demonstrating of avalanche conduct. New methods of investigation must be produced and tried in the field with a specific end goal to give apparatuses required by the professionals. The Geological Engineering Program at UBC assumes an imperative part in this procedure. Georox Profs

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Michael Church Quaternary Geomorphology Teaching at UBC for a long time Industry: Forestry and amphibian work in the BC: was an individual from the Clayoquot Sound Scientific board and audited different Forest Practice Codes Recently partook in composing riparian administration rules for ranger service for the focal and north drifts Georox Profs

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Michael Bovis Hillslope geomorphology B.A. Respects, M. Phil., University College London Ph.D. (1974), University of Colorado, Boulder Dr. Bovis is at present Head of the Department of Geography. Georox Profs

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John A. Howie Geotechnical Engineering (Civil) B.A.Sc. Structural Engineering (UBC), B.Sc. College Gasgow (1976) M.Sc. Ruler's University, Kingston (1978) Ph.D. UBC, 1991 Industry: filled in as a Geotechnical Engineer in counseling hone from 1978 to 1997. He worked in Scotland, Alberta, Hong Kong, and British Columbia. Explore : in-situ testing for geotechnical and geo-natural building outline, ground change, the designing properties of soils by research facility testing, and establishment designing. Georox Profs

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R. Jonathan Fannin Soil Mechanics 2X: UBC Killam Prize for showing magnificence (1996; 2004). Universal Geosynthetics Society Award for commitments of research to designing practice (1996) CGS Quigley Award for the best paper in the Can. Geotech. J. (1996) Visiting Senior Scientist Award from the French Government (2003) United Nations Award for Academic Exchange (2001) Karl Terzaghi Fellowship from the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (2004). B.Sc . (Structural Engineering) from the Queen's University of Belfast graduate learns at the Soil Mechanics Research Group of the University of Oxford. Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Foundation Engineering Section. Joined UBC in 1989, and turned out to be Full Professor in 2001. He is the beneficiary of numerous honors Georox Profs

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Dawn A. Carry Soil Mechanics Ph. D. at University of Manchester in numerical demonstrating of confinement in soils Over 10 years in industry chipping away at numerical displaying connected to issues in the fields of geotechnical designing and hydrogeology. Industry encounter: UK, Germany, Holland, Puerto Rico, Sweden, and BC. UBC Associate Professor since October 2002 Georox Profs

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Dharma Wijewickreme (otherwise known as. Wiji) Soil Mechanics UBC Associate Professor (2001). Industry: Geotechnical Engineer in counseling hone in BC, for a long time in the topical fields of seismic plan, ground change, soil-structure cooperation examinations, and pipeline geotechnical designing. Inquire about: improvement of lab research work in the ranges of basic property portrayal and additionally application-arranged physical displaying. Will Everyone be Quiet Now? Can Everyone be Quiet Now? Hush Please!!! Hush Please!!! Hush Please!!! Georox Profs

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Ward Wilson Mining and the Environment; Control and Mitigation of Acid Rock Drainage Industry: more than 20 years of modern involvement in geoenvironmental and geotechnical designing. He has broad work encounter as a counseling engineer. Created SoilCover displaying program Research: squander shake conduct and in addition Co-Mixing of tailings and waste shake to deliver new high quality fixing materials for the control and counteractive action of oxidation, corrosive shake seepage and metal filtering in mine waste administration frameworks. Georox Profs

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Francis H.M. Jones Applied Geophysics Lecturer Background in connected geophys, P..Eng., oil, designing, electrical eng. Geotechnical, investigation Goal: Enhancing adequacy of earth science instruction, especially improvement of instructive material for educating connected geophysics to end-clients, students, experts expecting to update, and the overall population. Georox Profs

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Erik Eberhardt Rock Mechanics, Geological Engineering B.Eng. - Univ. of Saskatchewan - Geological Engineering (1992) M.Sc. - Univ. of Saskatchewan - Geotechnical Engineering/Rock Mechanics (1995) Ph.D. - Univ. of Saskatchewan/Univ. of Manitoba - Geotechnical Engineering/Rock Mechanics (1998) Senior Research Associate and Lecturer, ETH Zurich (1998-2003) UBC personnel (2004-show) Research: essential target being the headway and joining of best in class numerical displaying procedures with inventive geotechnical field estimations. Georox Profs

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Recommended Awards for understudies in Geological Engineering

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Scott Ellis – Winkler, Muir Robin Bruce – Westmin Matt King – Economic Geology Greg Wenger – Winkler Megan Atkinson – Winkler Adam Wallace – Riley Dustin McLachlan – Piteau Rory Doyle – Lorntzsen David Moore – Lorntzsen Roderick Tollenaar – Coveney Isabelle Lévesque – Lorntzsen Cecil J. Coveney Memorial Scholarship Christopher Riley Memorial Scholarshi J Fred Muir Memorial Scholarship in Engineering Economic Geology Memorial Scholarship Egil H. Lorntzsen Scholarship George E. Winkler Memorial Scholarship Piteau Associates Dennis C. Martin Memorial Scholarship Westmin Resources Limited-Dr. G.M. Furnival Scholarship Awards (4 th years prescribe) Georox Profs

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Paul Evans – Lorntzsen Chris Wattam – Lorntzsen Brent McAfee – Lorntzsen Justin Burden – Lorntzsen Kathryn Black – Lorntzsen Trevor Bruce – Lorntzsen Marcia Wilson – Cominco Catherine Paul – Muir Lindsey Lotz – Lorntzsen Rosie Cobbett – Lorntzsen Morgan Lederhouse – Lorntzsen Rahul Sharma – Lorntzsen Vafa Rombough – Winkler Hayley Robertson – Lorntzsen Jarym Kowalchuk – Lorntzsen Justin Bieber - Lorntzsen Awards (3 rd years suggest) J Fred Muir Memorial Scholarship in Engineering Egil H. Lorntzsen Scholarship George E. Winkler Memorial Scholarship Teck Cominco Scholarship Georox Profs

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Heather Stewart – Riley Stephen Mak – Lorntzsen Benjamin Mak – Lorntzsen Shiraz Iqbal – Lorntzsen Christina Rurak – Lorntzsen Shuai Wang – Lorntzsen Christopher Riley Memorial Scholarshi Egil H. Lorntzsen Scholarship Awards (2 nd years prescribe) Georox Profs

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