u sing the web and online networking to propel your main goal and upgrade gathering pledges

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rebeccatekula wilson community for social enterprise, pace college. jonathan slope ... URL shorteners for twitter: http://bit.ly http://tinyurl.com ...

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u sing the web and web-based social networking to propel your main goal and upgrade raising support g. ravishanker (ravi) VP for data innovation and chief data officer pace college new york

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much obliged! sylviarussakoff – pclc, pace college lucillegeraci-miranda – media & comm. expressions, pace college rebeccatekula – wilson community for social business, pace college jonathan slope – seidenberg school, pace college

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plot who am i ? fast changes in advances innovation is not the response to everything advancement & gathering pledges – how to influence advances to bolster these long range interpersonal communication illustration – preferences and dangers what can pace do to help questions?

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who am i? came to cuny (seeker school) for phd in 1978 finished phd in science and mama in software engineering (rulers school) in 1984 joined wesleyan college in middletown, ct in 1986 worked there in chem and information tech administrations till aug. 2009 joined pace in aug. 2009 as the cio i bolster the utilization of tech in instructing, learning and research – not a simple employment! http://bit.ly/9Anxy

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who am i? e-m distress: cio@pace.edu g oogle : ganesan.ravishanker@gmail.com b logs: http://ravisblog.blogs.pace.edu , http://tamilmoviesongs.blogspot.wesleyan.edu t witter: http://twitter.com/ravishan f acebook : http://www.facebook.com/individuals/Ravi-Ravishanker/4204990 l inkedIn ; http://www.linkedin.com/bar/4/92/bb3 s kype : ravishan

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quick changes in advances "change" is lasting in innovation we as a whole have seen these fast changes – pcs, working frameworks, "devices", telephones, PDAs, pdas innovation passings and funerals are getting to be regular – eg. vhs, tapes, cds, commodore 64, prior adaptations of nintendo and so on and so on. http://bit.ly/15I4CR

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fast changes in advances authoritatively how to manage these progressions? do you have a key arrangement? assuming this is the case, how does innovation figure in that? if not, how would you get ready for innovation? tech staff? tech spending plan? substitution of equipment? debacle recuperation? information and system security? watching the "buzz" about you on the web?

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quick changes in advances you have heard them all microsoft, Mac, hurray!, google, amazon, paypal pda, iphone, ipad, droid, ignite facebook, twitter, orkut, buzz, linkedin, myspace, ning youtube, hulu, netflix email,blogspot, wordpress, wikipedia would you say you are on the greater part of these? have you known about "the cloud"? is it accurate to say that you are on the cloud? what has been your return on initial capital investment? (examination, measurements) http://google.com/investigation http://www.google.com/cautions

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innovation is not the response to everything! innovation assumes a vital part in any association, yet it won't illuminate everything for your situation – informing, meeting eye to eye, phone contacts are as essential we will take a gander at how innovation can help you before that, let us take a gander at all tech-related territories

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innovation in your association the "old" tech show PCs, arrange, capacity, pdas little, irreplaceable tech staff no financial plan for substitution of equipment a site that is invigorated on occasion a custom occasions schedule that one and only or two individuals know to keep up e-cooperation non-existent

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innovation in your association the "new" tech demonstrate fundamental capacities on the cloud – email, records another person deals with "servers" free or free element site where information should be always crisp distinctive clients expend information contrastingly extremely rich calendaring very synergistic interpersonal interaction information mining and focused on correspondence

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advancement & fundraising– how to influence advances to bolster these we should take a gander at a couple of cases? microsoft - http://bit.ly/bQdNzU paypal - http://bit.ly/dtAmEq amazon - http://bit.ly/Rfbsi google - http://www.google.com/philanthropies/facebook - http://bit.ly/aMbEld causes fb application - http://bit.ly/gibAp twitter - http://mashable.com/2010/02/26/twitter-raising support/

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advancement & fundraising– how to influence advances to bolster these let us take a gander at some prompt - http://bit.ly/x35ub arrange decisions, decisions and decisions! keep it basic! move to the cloud tailor substance to gathering of people be "on message" and resolve to keep data new team up with similar organization recursive: set up objectives and measurements and refine what you do to accomplish the objectives

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informal communication case – points of interest and dangers I didn't get an opportunity to discuss these two particular cases. It would be ideal if you read about them. Particularly the first, where what seems, by all accounts, to be at first an effective utilization of long range interpersonal communication transformed into a bad dream! pink chaddi battle - http://bit.ly/oZmfu equity for jessicalalsms crusade - http://bit.ly/2imIoc

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what can pace do to offer assistance? wilson focus mission - " to advance social change through entrepreneurship." the inside advances this mission by serving understudies and not-for-profit associations with instruction , research, correspondence, and admonitory administration.

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what can pace do to offer assistance? wilson focus proceeding with ed : not-for-profit administration (propelled this spring 2010 in nyc ) workshops include: give composing for philanthropies – finding and securing subsidizing measuring and imparting your automatic effect methodologies for change: getting to usage in the social division social effect and social development administration: social duty and responsibility initiative for social effect web-based social networking for non-benefits propelled procedures for online networking coordinated advanced showcasing for non-benefits pitching to the media: advertising for not-for-profits turbocharge your board without getting scorched gathering pledges 2.0: new principles for another culture profession transitioning to the social part

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what can pace do to offer assistance? wilson financed temporary jobs the wilson focus stores 20 pace understudies in full-time summer entry level positions at associations including: the robin hood establishment (nyc) greyston establishment (yonkers) vera foundation of equity (nyc) safe skylines (nyc) the lawful guide society (nyc) extend resurrection (nyc) asylum for families (nyc)

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what can pace do to offer assistance? wilson focus counseling group needs evaluation the wilson focus led a broad group needs appraisal with the assembled method for westchester and putnam .  under the bearing of teacher gregoryholtz , this evaluation comes full circle in a far reaching report highlighting the discoveries of this significant study to figure out what individuals in the locale see as the group's most basic human care issues and offers a structure for group activity to "move the needle" on each of the difficulties identifies. 

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what can pace do to offer assistance? seidenberg school web & social m edia a trustworthy, useful and appealing Web website expected to pass on their message and projects to inward and outside clients; compelling utilization of real online networking stages like linkedin , facebook and twitter . mine key information on potential givers that is accessible through these person to person communication locales is a key advancement strategy for non-benefits .

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what can pace do to offer assistance? seidenberg school intranet ongoing inner correspondence; absence of productive, dependable record keeping is an issue; gathering pledges speak with a substantial number of present and potential volunteers and benefactors a successful framework for proactive computerized outreach prospects database fixing to a quality mass email application

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what can pace do to offer assistance? Pace-upheld Solutions The Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Pace University offers minimal effort courses in these key advancements including the utilization of  social media devices and business insight . Seidenberg School for Computer Science and Information Systems offers help to non-benefits with their processing and innovation needs through a progression of group administration courses where understudies/personnel groups create Web destinations, databases, versatile applications, GIS frameworks and other fundamental innovation apparatuses to propel the associations mission.

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questions? To contact Wilson Center, please keep in touch with Rebecca Tekula, rtekula@pace.edu To reach Jonathan Hill from Seidenberg School, please compose to jhill@pace.edu URL shorteners for twitter: http://bit.ly http://tinyurl.com

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questions? RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) RSS in Plain English - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0klgLsSxGsU RSS on Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS Making a RSS channel - http://www.extralabs.net/articles/make rss.htm All the websites give a "Particle" RSS channel. Twitter RSS channel - http://help.twitter.com/passages/15361-how-to-discover your-rss-channel Getting Twitter devotees - http://www.doshdosh.com/how-to-get-more-twitter-supporters/