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U.S. GSA SCHEDULE CONTRACT I. U.S. GSA SCHEDULE CONTRACT OPPORTUNITIES The U.S. National Government is the single biggest purchaser on the substance of the earth. Consistently, it purchases a huge number of various items and administrations. As of not long ago, outside firms were not permitted to take an interest in this huge market.However, with late changes in the obtaining controls, it is presently workable for firms in Korea to showcase their items and administrations specifically to the U.S. Government . In what capacity can a Korean business, as yours,participate in this market? You can do it specifically or collaborate with a U.S. firm. We have practical experience in helping firms of all sizes through the route of the different administrative and procedural strides required to set up legally binding associations with the administering office of the U.S.Federal Government.

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U.S. GSA SCHEDULE CONTRACT The obtainment for and by the Federal government is refined through an assortment of contracting methodology, which are represented by a large group of directions. The most famous acquirement vehicle utilized by the U.S. Central Government is the GSA Multiple Award Schedules Program . This is on the grounds that the General Services Administration (GSA) goes about as the business administrator and buying operator for the Federal Government showcase, both household and directs, through the procedure of aggressive offering and contracting. Amid Year 2003, the GSA contracted for over $28 billion worth of products and ventures under the GSA Federal Supply Services (FSS). The extent of this market is relied upon to grow gigantically sooner rather than later as there are contemplations for permitting state and neighborhood governments to have entry to this inexorably prevalent acquisition vehicle.

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U.S. GSA SCHEDULE CONTRACT Before a business can pitch to the government through the GSA, it must have a GSA Schedule Contract for particular items and administrations. How can one get to be distinctly endorsed for the GSA Schedule? One of the divisions of the GSA is the Federal Supply Service (FSS), which supervises organization of the honors and calendar contracts. Included among the rundown of timetables are the Information Technology (IT) Schedules, which cover all PC and PC organizing related items. This territory of business ought to be specifically noteworthy to Korean firms; given their upper hand as for some IT related items and administrations. Amid 2003, the IT buys by GSA were well over $16 billion. This figure is relied upon to twofold throughout the following a few years with the extending part of innovation in the every day operations of the Federal government. As of now, there are roughly 100 FSS Schedules covering an expansive scope of items and administrations. As the requirements of the Federal Government change and as new items and administrations enter the commercial center, the calendars are probably going to change too.

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U.S. GSA SCHEDULE CONTRACT With the correct direction and statistical surveying, the potential prizes for Korean firms for taking an interest in this mammoth market are in fact high, particularly since numerous Korean firms appreciate a cost advantage over their U.S. partners. The GSA buys products and enterprises on an overall reason for both non military personnel and military offices of the administration. This implies Korean firms will have an extraordinary favorable position in promoting their items and administrations to the U.S. Armed force, U.S. Aviation based armed forces and non military personnel establishments situated in Korea . This should be possible under Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) and also through authoritative potential outcomes with Federal Technology Service (FTS) under its business lines: Network Services, Information Technology Solutions, Security System Integration, and so forth. It is essential to note that once your firm is granted the GSA Schedule Contract, with appropriate help and direction, you can expect a long haul nearness in the market of 10 to 20 years and past.

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II. HOW Might YOU GET A FOOTHOLD IN THIS MARKET? U.S. GSA SCHEDULE CONTRACT The accompanying is a short depiction of the procedure for organizations of all sizes to advertise their items and administrations to the U.S. Central Government. To make this procedure more versatile to your requirements, it is separated into four stages: Phase I – Preparation of Proposal, Phase II –Negotiation and Discussions, Phase III-Post-Award Efforts, and Phase IV – Marketing, Teaming Arrangements and Internal Training. Likewise, under suitable conditions, you can likewise offer promoting and joining chances to other Korean and U.S. firms under your own agreements with the GSA.

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U.S. GSA SCHEDULE CONTRACT Phase I – Preparation and Submission of Proposal In this underlying stage, straightforwardly or by implication, you should get ready and present a proposition offer to the GSA. This exertion will incorporate arranging, examination, information accumulation, sorting out, and conveying consideration regarding other bunch subtle elements that frame the premise of get ready and presenting an offer. Stage II – Negotiation and Discussions Once an underlying proposition offer has been submitted for assessment to the administration, the legislature creates demands for contract elucidations that frequently result in contract modifications keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee consistence with government necessities. You will work intimately with the GSA contracting officers and aides its customers through the procedure of proposition illuminations, updates and at last in the planning of Best and Final Offer (BAFO), pre-grant reviews, and transactions for contract grant.

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U.S. GSA SCHEDULE CONTRACT Phase III - Post-Award Efforts In this period of the procedure, you will agree to all parts of agreement prerequisites or potentially contract alterations as might be required or generally to your greatest advantage. GSA's securing directions require that the contractual workers, at all circumstances, offer to the legislature their most ideal cost. You will keep on complying with required contract alterations bringing about cost increments or declines, spot value diminishments, expansion of new items or administrations and cancellation of old lines of items or administrations, and generally keep up a powerful Price Reduction Compliance Program. You should likewise conform to Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) detailing necessities and spot and post-grant reviews.

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U.S. GSA SCHEDULE CONTRACT Phase IV – Marketing, Teaming Arrangements, and Internal Training21 Whenever there are common premiums, you will likewise offer firms in the U.S.A. and also in Korea joining openings under their own particular GSA Schedule Contracts (For instance, DUCOM's accessible GSA Schedule Contracts: GS-35F-5423H, GS-23F-0307K & GS-07F-5947P) , whereby they will attempt all advertising parts of the agreement and additionally pre-and post-grant transactions and general supervision of the agreement in all ranges. The controls require that the joining accomplices have an affirmed GSA Schedule Contract. In conjunction with Phase I through Phase IV specifically or in a roundabout way, you ought to direct inside preparing for your staff on a large group of issues relating to GSA Schedule Contracts, for example, revealing necessities , Terms and Conditions , FAR Regulations , Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs), Teaming Arrangements with different organizations to expand the extent of conveying item and administration arrangements, Certificate of Competency Program (COC), Leasing , Ordering Procedures , GSA Advantage! (an on-line requesting framework now, contractual workers are required to present their items and benefits and related costs through this electronic medium), Economic Price Adjustment (EPA), Price Reduction or the Addition of Schedule Items/Special Item Numbers (SINs) , and money saving advantage examination , Trade-Ins , and so on. You will likewise give consistent news announcements to help your staff remain side by side of the new controls or general issues important to your business in this acquisition field.