Types of Dairy Cattle

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Holstein History. The Holstein dairy animals began in EuropeThe major chronicled advancement of this breed happened in what is currently the NetherlandsWinthrop Chenery brought the first Holstein over so the mariners could have milk He saw her high creation and began to bring once again more . Holstein Characteristics.

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´╗┐Types of Dairy Cattle

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Holstein History The Holstein bovine began in Europe The major authentic improvement of this breed happened in what is presently the Netherlands Winthrop Chenery brought the primary Holstein over so the mariners could have drain He saw her high creation and began to bring once again more

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Holstein Characteristics Holsteins are vast, smart creatures with shading examples of high contrast or red and white Average generation for all Holsteins selected in authority U.S. generation testing programs in 1987 was 17,408 pounds of drain, 632 pounds of butterfat and 550 pounds of protein for every year

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Brown Swiss History Brown Swiss breed started in the mountain fields of the Swiss Alps The Brown Swiss breed in the United States was pronounced a dairy breed in 1906

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Brown Swiss Characteristics light silver to dull chestnut with dim focuses 15,883 lbs of drain for every lactation; 3.97% fat a develop female weighs 1400 lbs especially solid feet and legs in view of the mountains mild, human cordial air

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Guernsey History The Isle of Guernsey, a modest island in the English Channel off the bank of France, is the origin of the Guernsey cow The Monks from France brought Frances best bloodlines and thought of the Guernsey Introduction of the Guernsey to America happened around September 1840, when Captain Belair of the Schooner Pilot conveyed three Alderney cows to the port of New York

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Guernsey's Characteristics The Guernsey cow is known for delivering high-butterfat and high-protein drain Guernseys create their great drain while devouring 20 to 30 percent less bolster for every pound of drain The Guernsey is additionally a magnificent nibbler Produces 14,667 pounds of drain, 659 pounds of butterfat and 510 pounds of protein

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Jersey History The Jersey breed began on the Island of Jersey, a little British island in the English Channel The island of Jersey was exceptionally defensive of this breed. On account of this the breed remained unmistakable for a long time

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Jersey Characteristics Jerseys are adjusted to an extensive variety of climatic and land conditions Jerseys shift significantly in shading, yet the trademark shading is brilliant grovel, with or without white markings littlest of the dairy breeds long life (61.1 months versus 56.2 months) its nutritive substance is 28.46% more prominent than customary drain

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Ayrshire History The Ayrshire breed began in the County of Ayr in Scotland, before 1800 Prior to 1800 a large portion of the steers of Ayrshire were dark, despite the fact that by 1775 tans and mottled hues began to show up. early reproducers precisely crossed and chose the different strains of steers

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Ayrshire Characteristics red and white medium-sized steers and ought to weigh more than 1200 pounds at development solid, rough steers that adjust to all administration frameworks including bunch taking care of on dairy ranches with free slows down and draining parlors 12,000 pounds of drain with a 3.9% Butterfat Calves are solid and simple to raise

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Shorthorn History Shorthorn started Tees River Valley in the northeastern piece of England The Colling siblings, Charles and Robert, are frequently alluded to as the organizers of the Shorthorn type of cows first orderly rearing system They were acquired to America 1783

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Shorthorn Characteristics shading ranges from red to roan to white In the feedlot, these steers accomplish 1,000 to 1,200 pound weights at an early age simplicity of calving accommodating sound calves

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What is this breed?

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What is this breed?

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What is this breed?

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What is this breed?

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What is this breed?

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What is this breed?

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Answers 1.Holstein 2.Brown Swiss 3.Guernsey 4.Jersey 5. Ayrshire 6.Milking Shorthorn