TWO MILLION MINUTES A School-Community Discussion

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TWO MILLION MINUTES A School-Group Exchange. FOUNDATIONAL Convictions. The reason for instruction is to plan understudies to be: Fruitful learners in postsecondary training Mindful nationals Profitable individuals from a worldwide economy. FOUNDATIONAL Convictions.

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TWO MILLION MINUTES A School-Community Discussion

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FOUNDATIONAL BELIEFS The motivation behind instruction is to get ready understudies to be: Successful learners in postsecondary training Responsible nationals Productive individuals from a worldwide economy

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FOUNDATIONAL BELIEFS Schools: Are equipped for evolving. Must change all the time in the event that they will plan understudies for achievement in a regularly evolving society.

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FOUNDATIONAL BELIEFS Teachers: Care about their understudies Want their understudies to accomplish at an abnormal state

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FOUNDATIONAL BELIEFS Parents: Care about their kids. Need their youngsters to accomplish at an abnormal state.

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FOUNDATIONAL BELIEFS Community individuals: Care about the group's kids. Need the group's kids to accomplish at an abnormal state.

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Global Economy  Outsourcing

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Two Types of Jobs Low-ability, tedious 2. High expertise, creative

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WORKFORCE Outsourcing happens when a firm subcontracts a business capacity to an outside provider. Specialist Availability Worker Wage Requirements Worker Education

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Worker Availability and Wage Requirements

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HIGH-SKILL WORKFORCE Computer Programmer

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Worker Education

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If you were the CEO, where might send your organization's work?

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IF YOU WERE THE C.E.O., where might you send your LOW - aptitudes occupations? X

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IF YOU WERE THE C.E.O., where might you send your HIGH - aptitudes occupations? ?

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WORKFORCE Outsourcing happens when a firm subcontracts a business capacity to an outside provider.

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WORKFORCE Outsourcing The diminishment of correspondence expenses and the institutionalization of programming bundles have now made it conceivable to effortlessly outsource: Customer administrations Telemarketing Document administration Medical interpretation Tax readiness Financial administrations

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WORKFORCE Outsourcing WHAT CEO'S SAY: Everything you can send down a wire is up for gets. Nandan Nilekani, CEO, Infosys Technologies, India There is no occupation that is America's God-given right any longer. Carly Fiorina, Former CEO, Hewlett-Packard, U.S.A.

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Why did Robert Compton make this film?

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TWO MILLION MINUTES Robert Compton Today's innovation permits organizations to send high-wage work everywhere throughout the world. Organizations send employments to countries where laborers:  Are exceedingly taught  Can utilize abilities to ace mind boggling, specialized, and developing fields  Know how to learn  Can adjust to change  Work and no more proficient cost

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ROBERT COMPTON Investments in India and China. Exceptionally awed with Indian and Chinese laborers Visited the schools where they were taught Shocked "Worldwide instruction gauges have cruised us by. We are being passed by in the two biggest nations with the two quickest developing economies on the planet . . . India and China."

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What will you find in this film?

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TWO MILLION MINUTES Experts Higher Education Policy Makers Government Agencies High-Tech Companies Non-Profit Organizations

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TWO MILLION MINUTES Data 1 4 2 19 13 5 68 2 7 8 9 3 How do understudies invest their energy? What do they realize?

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TWO MILLION MINUTES Students India China United States

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High Schools in the Film * 1/3 of all schools in India are for-benefit

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Colleges in the Film - Competitiveness

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Listen for these comments:

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2MM Remark Two Million Minutes 2007

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2MM Remark Vived Wadhwa Executive in Residence Duke University 2007

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2MM Remark Shirley Ann Jackson Former Chairman U.S. Atomic Regulatory Commission 2007

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TWO MILLION MINUTES Scouting the Competition

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PARENT REALITY What do guardians in India and China trust their youngsters merit? "Our kids merit . . ."

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From the viewpoint of Indian and Chinese guardians: Our kids merit:

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PARENT REALITY What do guardians in the U.S. trust their kids merit? "Our youngsters merit . . ."

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From the viewpoint of U.S. guardians: Our youngsters merit:

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EDUCATION REALITY What challenges do U.S. instructors confront when attempting to teach understudies at a thorough level?

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Challenges confronted by U.S. educators:

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ECONOMIC REALITY Does it matter to a worldwide manager if a candidate originates from a nation that instructs all understudies?

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ECONOMIC REALITY Does it matter to a worldwide business if a candidate burned through 20 hours seven days on a leisure activity amid secondary school?

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ECONOMIC REALITY Does how much the nationals of a candidate's nation are eager to enhance their way of life matter to a worldwide manager?

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ECONOMIC REALITY What does prepared mean in a worldwide economy?

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COLLEGE REALITY What do schools assess?

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THE BOTTOM LINE If we  think about our understudies,  comprehend worldwide financial aspects, we can no longer work together not surprisingly. We should  do whatever it takes to help all understudies learn at an all inclusive aggressive standard.

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SELF STUDY Do we have sufficiently high desires of our understudies? Is the substance that we educate sufficiently thorough? Are our understudies occupied with their learning? Do educators utilize classroom appraisals to assess the accomplishment of their instructional methodologies? In view of Elements of High Achieving Schools, American Student Achievement Institute, 2007

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SELF STUDY Do all understudies take part in "additional help" exercises to help them learn at an abnormal state? Do our understudies see the individual association between what they realize at school and their fates? Do our understudies learn in a domain that backings learning?  Disciplined condition  Adequate assets for all understudies  Appropriate adjust of scholarly and different exercises Based on Elements of High Achieving Schools, American Student Achievement Institute, 2007

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FACT Many U.S. rudimentary, center, and secondary schools (and their groups) are rolling out the improvements important to empower all understudies to wind up distinctly both balanced and scholastically arranged for a worldwide economy.

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WHO CAN HELP US? In Indiana: American Student Achievement Institute 812-669-0006 Other states: U.S. Division of Education List of school change models

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What ought to be our next strides?

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WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE Never question that a little gathering of astute, submitted residents can change the world. For sure, it is the main thing that has. - Margaret Mead

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TWO MILLION MINUTES A Public Discussion Thank you for going to.