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News Alert!. Walk 2009Louisiana DOTD Went Into Production withTrns

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Trns•port Preconstruction Production Experience By: Sarah Collins, LA DOTD

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News Alert! Walk 2009 Louisiana DOTD Went Into Production with Trns•port Preconstruction! June 2009 Over 40 ventures let in Preconstruction! How Could It Happen?

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Implementation Team

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IT Person

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Other Team Members

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Training Classes

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Installation Preconstruction Install Day 1 Preconstruction Install Day 3

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Implementation From October 2007 to March 2009 the Louisiana DOTD Worked on Implementing CES – Cost Estimation BAMS\DSS – Bid Analysis Preconstruction

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Implementation Did it go as smooth as spread? Did we have are high points and low points? Has the work wrapped up?

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Major Challenges Data Conversion & Migration Master Pay Item File Training

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Data Conversion & Migration Legacy System: BIDS What information to change over? Extend Plan: Convert five years of information. Reality: Converted all undertakings with 2000 and 2006 Spec Years. Keeping frameworks synchronized. Jolt Projects

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Master Pay Item File BIDS and Specialty Items SiteManager Materials Adjusting to Change Major Issue Everyone had their own thoughts. Nobody needed to relinquish that capacity (from Design to Construction) An accord was gotten. 2008 Spec Year was made based off of the 2006 Spec Book

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Training Underestimated Headquarters (6 principle workplaces) Districts (9 workplaces) Only 5 days of Preconstruction preparing planned Developed a Strategy

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Training Strategy We recognize a "Framework Expert(s)" from every office. Formally prepared the System Experts Open the Trns•port Training and Assistance Center At Headquarters 5 weeks more than 3 month time frame Manned by InfoTech Conducted District "Street Shows"

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Hurricane Gustav

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Hurricane Gustav

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Remaining Issues Data Loads SiteManager Expedite BAMS\DSS The Problem Carriage Returns\Line Feed Hybrid Lump Sum Appears Unit \Lump on BIDX Confusing to Contractors

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Today September 30, 2009 10:00 a.m. 37 Projects are Scheduled to Be Let in Preconstruction.

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The Process

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Integration with ERP!

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The Future October 2010: ERP Go-Live 2010\2011: Electronic Lettings for the Districts District Lets Project < $500,000 with no Federal cash. 2011\2012: CRLMS

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