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Habit and the Meaning of Life A Climate for Change: An International Summit for Advancing Theory, Research, Policy and Practice in Addiction Doug Sellman National Addiction Center Aotearoa New Zealand

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Addiction A contemporary psychiatric issue Brain brokenness Psychological aggravation Spiritual disintegration Physical harm Social interruption

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Addiction A contemporary behavioral wellbeing issue Brain brokenness Psychological unsettling influence Spiritual disintegration Physical harm Social disturbance

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Addiction and the Meaning of Life The hypothesis of advancement gives the most grounded clarification of life, and in addition a comprehension of the neural premise to enslavement Consumerism fuelled by Marketing Science keeps up our "addictionogenic" surroundings Compulsive quest for delight and solace is the direct opposite of a righteousness based way to deal with life, character improvement and veritable satisfaction 'God encounters' in different structures will be helpful restoratively when they reinforce the mind's higher official capacities – 'higher power'

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What is dependence? What amount of 'through and through freedom' does a man with dependence have?

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No "Safe" Hazardous Problem Mild Moderate/serious drinking drinking drinking drinking dependence dependence Drinking Continuum

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No "Safe" Hazardous Problem Mild Moderate/extreme drinking drinking drinking drinking dependence dependence Drinking Continuum Focussed behavioral change identified with "safe drinking"

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No "Safe" Hazardous Problem Mild Moderate/extreme drinking drinking drinking drinking dependence dependence ADDICTION Drinking Continuum Focussed behavioral change identified with "safe drinking" Lifestyle change identified with restraint

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Theodosius Dobzhansky, 1973 (1900-1975) "Nothing in science bodes well, Except in the light of advancement"

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ERA PERIOD EPOCH Cenozoic Quaternary Holocene (65 mya - introduce) (8,000 - exhibit) Pleistocene (1.8 mya - 8,000) Tertiary Pliocene Miocene Oligocene Eocene Paleocene Mesozoic Cretaceous (248 - 65 mya) Jurassic Triassic Paleozoic Permian (544 - 248 mya) Carboniferous Devonian Silurian Ordovician Cambrian

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Inhibitory Dysfunction Reward Overdrive Drug Drug Liking Needing

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What is compulsion? What amount of 'through and through freedom' does a man with compulsion have? Not sufficiently about! Yet, maybe the lack is the premise of what it is to be human

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What causes enslavement? Nature versus Nurture Debate

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EVIDENCE FOR A GENETIC INFLUENCE IN CAUSING ALCOHOLISM Family Studies Twin Studies Adoption Studies Animal Models Molecular Genetics

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Number of qualities 1988 2008 3 - 4 essential genes ? 300 - 400 qualities

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"Nature by means of Nurture: Genes, Experience & What Makes Us Human" (2003) Matt Ridley (1958-show)

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Is enslavement the aftereffect of flawed qualities? 'Addictive qualities' seem to have sources at any rate as long prior as the Ordovician Period and have been sustained through regular choice, shaping the very premise of our being, however just as of late collaborating with present day human situations described by a relentless supply of nourishment and mechanical advances The quality/environment continuum is the new worldview

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Consumerism is as old as civilisation itself; when individuals buy and devour in overabundance of their essential needs What is distinctive now is MARKETING and all the more especially the Science of Marketing, characterizing a cutting edge intending to life "Bliss will come about because of expending a considerable measure"

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The Wharton Marketing Department University of Pennsylvania In 1881, an iron producer, Joseph Wharton, offered the University of Pennsylvania $100,000 for the creation of a Wharton School of Finance and Commerce The main showcasing course, "Marketing Products," initially offered in 1904, by 1930 undergrad request had made Marketing the second-biggest part of the curriculum The Marketing Department is currently the most distributed among Marketing offices around the world. Its examination draws on an assortment of fundamental orders including decision hypothesis, financial aspects, brain science, and statistics

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Marketing Science May 2008 Building Brands M. Berk Ataman, Carl F. Mela, Harald J. van Heerde Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands Which showcasing systems are best to introduce new brands?... This paper reveals insight into this question by crediting development execution to firms' post-dispatch showcasing decisions... To accomplish this point we plan a Bayesian element straight model (DLM) of rehash buy dissemination wherein development and market potential are straightforwardly connected to the new brand's long haul publicizing, advancement, circulation, and item methodology…

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Marketing Science May 2008 Competitive Brand Salience van der Lans R, Pieters R, Wedel M. Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Brand striking nature—the degree to which a brand outwardly emerges from its rivals—is imperative in contending on the rack… This study proposes a strategy to decide the focused remarkable quality of brands, in light of a model of visual inquiry and eye-development recordings gathered amid a brand seek analyze…

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Marketing Science May 2008 Image Reinforcement or Impairment: The Effects of Co-Branding on Attribute Uncertainty Geylani T, Inman JJ, Ter Hofstede F. College of Pittsburgh Co-marking is frequently utilized by organizations to strengthen the picture of their brands… In this paper, we examine the conditions under which a brand's picture is fortified or weakened as a consequence of co-marking, and the qualities of a decent accomplice for a firm considering co-marking for picture support…

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What is the point of Marketing Science? To utilize the force of logical learning to animate unreasonable yearnings in individuals to devour more than that which they require

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The issue for our patients They have turned out to be precisely what you would anticipate from their surroundings (the present day 'addictionogenic culture') chipping away at their qualities (on the off chance that you had all the data) They have addressed the call of the advertisers, paid by the companies, upheld by the Government, profiting the white collar class share-holders They not just endure the outrage of creating urgent dehumanizing practices, however then are rebuked and disparaged for being casualties

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another transgression for Pope Benedict to announce? "Invigorating mass greedy" Stimulating an over the top craving in individuals to expend more than that which they require

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The Future of God in Recovery from Drug Addiction "I will lift up mine eyes unto the slopes: From whence cometh mine" Psalm 121:1 Sellman, Baker, Adamson, Geering Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 2007;41:800-808.

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God Belief in God is found over every single human populace Self-greatness is an all inclusive heritable attribute Dopaminergic cortico-limbic pathways from the average fleeting flap to the front cingulate and prefrontal cortex, which intercede experience of removed extrapersonal space and time , and likely connected with dreams and mind flights, may speak to the cerebrum capacity hidden religiousness in people (Previc 2006)

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Recovery from medication fixation Personal change and otherworldly development have been recognized as critical components in recuperation (Vaillant 1988; Green et al 2005) But is an "extraordinary" ordeal vital?

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God and recuperation Various Christian divisions in NZ: Anglican, Catholic, AOG, Destiny yet particularly Salvation Army since William Booth's London service to the poor in 1852 Strongest linkage amongst God and recuperation is through Alcoholics Anonymous Bill's "transformation" happened on December fourteenth 1934, while in a condition of wretchedness undertaking a fourth healing center detoxification "If there be a God, will he show himself" Following this, Bill experienced what later he and others allude to as his "white blaze" or "hot glimmer" encounter

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God and recuperation Rational Recovery - no place for an otherworldly God "To look for God while in the hold of fixation is crazy; dependent individuals can't think about a power higher than their own habit" Instead, there is solid admonishment for individuals to utilize their inward 'higher power' and act all the more mindfully No RCTs contrasting Rational Recovery and AA yet recounted data demonstrates there is a comparative recuperation rate through the two self improvement gathering conventions (Galanter et al 1993)

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God and recuperation Kaupapa Māori compulsion benefits in New Zealand an exceptional instance of developing indigenous profound experience