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2. Substance. Application ProcessUse of the CardPayment RequirementsTest Your Knowledge. Application Process. . 4. Agreeing to a Government Travel Charge Card. Your financial assessment will be assessed when applying for a travel card to decide credit-value. This will influence what number of limitations are set on your travel card.Follow the techniques required by your office program organizers

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´╗┐Travel Card Program Annual Travel Policy Training FY 2010 Hardcopy Version

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Contents Application Process Use of the Card Payment Requirements Test Your Knowledge

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Application Process

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Signing up for a Government Travel Charge Card Your FICO assessment will be assessed when applying for a travel card to decide credit-value. This will influence what number of confinements are set on your travel card. Take after the methodology required by your office program organizers (counting yet not restricted to agreeing to accept a travel card). Finish travel card preparing (this necessity is to be finished before you get your card). Gotten comfortable with elected and departmental travel arrangements: Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) - USDA Travel Regulation -

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Use of the Card

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During the Travel While on authority government travel, you should utilize an administration travel charge card for all official travel related costs unless: A seller does not acknowledge the travel charge card; Use of the card is unfeasible [Such as an eatery with a vast gathering at the table] International Travel: Your travel charge card must be utilized for authority universal go at any shipper who acknowledges VISA or MasterCard. You may get outside money from a bank or an ATM utilizing the administration travel charge card. Remote cash exchanges will be changed over to U.S. dollars utilizing a positive transformation rate in presence at the time the exchange is handled. Handling might possibly happen on the date of the exchange, and the rate may contrast from everyday.

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Using the ATM with the Travel Card Travelers must utilize the travel card at whatever point and wherever viable for their official travel costs before the utilization of a programmed teller machine (ATM). ATM utilize is accessible for restricted loan sums where utilization of the travel card is unrealistic. The bank will charge the expense expressed in your Cardholder Agreement. The ATM may charge an extra expense, for the most part recorded on the receipt. Both expenses are reimbursable on your travel assert. USDA "Zero Tolerance" approach restricts pulling back money for PERSONAL USE.

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A Quick Snapshot ONLY authority Government costs brought about subsequently of authority obligation travel might be charged to the Government travel charge card. Keep in mind: Keep a record of costs by thinking of them down or sparing receipts. Lodging receipts are required by all offices. Take after your organization approach as to different receipts.

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Payment Requirements

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Paying the Bill everything of undisputed exchanges is because of the depend on the announcement due date. Installment is required regardless of whether you have been repaid by your office. In the event that installment is not gotten in a convenient way, you may lose your charging benefits, which may unfavorably influence your capacity to play out your employment duties. Installment might be made utilizing three strategies: Mailing a check. Incorporate the detach part of the charging explanation so that the installment sum you send will be presented on the right record. Electronic Payment through the online bank framework (self enroll for the framework at ). Pay by Phone (additional charges not reimbursable) at (888) 994-6722. Legitimate installment must be given. Two non-adequate assets installments in a twelve month time frame will bring about loss of charging benefits.

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Questioned Charges If there are charges on your charging proclamation that you don't perceive, call the shipper first , and request elucidation. Act quickly, with the goal that you will have the fundamental data before installment is expected. On the off chance that you require help distinguishing the vendor, call your bank's client benefit number. On the off chance that the charge is mistaken, for the most part the dealer will invert it, and it will show up as a credit on your next charging proclamation. Before paying your bill, check with the bank's client benefit delegate, or view your record on-line, to check whether the credit has posted. Assuming this is the case, deduct the sum from your installment. On the off chance that there has been adequate time for the shipper to switch the charge, and the credit has not posted, document a question frame. On the off chance that the vendor says it is a genuine charge to your record, request evidence, for example, a marked receipt. Ask for that the marked receipt be faxed to you. In the event that, subsequent to getting the data from the vendor, you don't concur that it is a real charge, record a question frame.

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Disputed Charges Disputable charge illustrations: twofold billings, charges to your record that have a place with another record. Non-questionable charge illustrations: deals impose, shipping, returned or unused aircraft tickets. On the off chance that you have a questioned charge for you and are not ready to determine it with the trader, finish and present a debate frame accessible from: Your bank's client benefit agent, The back of your announcement or Your bank's electronic get to framework or site.

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How To Dispute Charges DO round out and present the question frame: If you think the charge is debatable and enough time has passed to have gotten the credit from the dealer; Before 60 days from the date that the wrong charge initially showed up on your charging articulation of record; If the trader does not help you in recognizing the charge from the begin. You give up your entitlement to recoup a debated sum on the off chance that you don't question it in composing before the 60 days from the date that the wrong charge initially showed up on your charging proclamation of record. Keep in mind to sign and date the question shape. When you have sent the question shape to the bank, wrongdoing of the debated sum will be held in hold until the matter is settled. Full installment on all other undisputed charges must be made at the very latest the charging due date.

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Just a Reminder

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Test Your Knowledge

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What is the reason for the USDA Travel Card? Mailing full installment by the due date. Support official travel business without taking out expansive advances or utilizing your own assets. To help you apply for another individual Visa. For taking out credits to fund your home as well as auto. Address One

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Which of these is not a reimbursable cost? Suppers, up to the routine set of expenses rate for the region. Transport, Taxi, and tips. Blessings, the length of they are under $10. Approved Personal Calls. Address Two

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Which one of these is valid? Record travel assert (travel voucher) inside 5 days in the wake of coming back from travel or at regular intervals in the event that you are on ceaseless travel. You are not in charge of paying off the Travel Card by the announcement due date on the off chance that you have not yet been repaid. In the event that there are charges that you don't remember, you ought to promptly contact the bank. Permit others to charge buys on your Travel Card. Address Three

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Which is not an adequate strategy for installment? Paying with the bank's "Pay by Phone" framework by the due date. Mailing full installment by the due date. Paying on the web by the due date. Making a non-adequate assets installment by the due date, trailed by a full installment after your travel voucher is repaid. Address Four

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May I utilize my travel card to ship meeting or preparing materials back to my obligation station? No, I ought to utilize the official record number set up by my office for express sending. Yes, it is a fundamental cost of doing business. Yes, pressing the materials in my gear would bring about overabundance things charges. Yes, my boss approved it as a random cost. Address Five

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Which of the accompanying is not an adequate strategy for installment when eating with a gathering while in travel status? Request isolate checks and utilize the travel card for your feast as it were. Money Charging the combined aggregate to your own Mastercard and every other person pays you money. Charging the merged aggregate to the travel card and every other person pays you money. Address Six

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May I utilize my travel card to pay for my preparation or gathering enrollment expenses? Yes No Question Seven

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Which of these is not valid for universal travel? Outside cash exchanges will be changed over to U.S. dollars utilizing a great change rate in presence at the time the exchange is prepared. Since you are out of the nation, you can utilize your card for individual costs. Your travel charge card might be utilized for authority worldwide go at any trader who acknowledges VISA or MasterCard. You may acquire outside money from a bank or an ATM utilizing the administration travel charge card. Address Eight

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What is the best possible utilization of the travel card? To buy official travel costs recorded in my travel approval. To buy official non-travel government costs. To buy official neighborhood travel costs paid through the time and participation framework. To supplant lost gear. Address Nine

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Question Ten Are ATM charges reimbursable on my travel voucher? Yes No

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Test Answers: Enter Answers Below Name: Agency: Email: Question One: Question Two: Question Three: Question Four: Question Five: Question Six: Question Seven: Question Eight: Question Nine: Question Ten:

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Test Completion Give the finished Test Answers slide to your office facilitator for reviewing and documentation of fruitful fulfillment. You should get 7 of the 10 questions amend.