Travel and Tourism in Maine The 2004 Guest Study Administration Report

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Shoreline: Visit to a shoreline resort for swimming, drifting, and so on ... Ski Trip: Trip to a ski range or resort for downhill or crosscountry skiing and snowboarding ...

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Arranged for the: Maine Office of Tourism July 14, 2005 Travel and Tourism in Maine The 2004 Visitor Study Management Report

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Table of Contents Page Background and Research Objectives 3 Research Method 4 Key Research Definitions 6 Summary and Conclusions 11 Results in Detail Size & Structure of the U.S. Travel Market 18 Size & Structure of Maine's Travel Market 34 Maine Travel Trends 37 Maine's Competitive Position: Overnight Trips 69 Travel Expenditures 78 Economic Impacts 98 Overnight Marketable Trip Profile 111 Traveler Priorities and Product Delivery 171

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Background & Research Objectives A multi-part program of Visitor Research has been led every year since 1996 by Longwoods International for the Maine Office of Tourism. The program is intended to give: a review on the U.S. overnight travel advertise appraisals of overnight and day guest volumes to Maine a profile of Maine's execution inside its local overnight travel showcase guest uses and monetary effect evaluations of travel and tourism in Maine profiles of Maine's overnight attractive excursions and voyagers.

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Research Method The program is contained three research thinks about; they are the: Travel USA Monitor ® reviews the travel examples of a delegate test of American grown-ups (i.e. number and sorts of overnight treks, goals, month of travel, and explorer demographics) and after that, profits to a delegate sub-test of them to get a point by point profile of outing arranging and booking, the travel party, transportation, convenience, exercises, and related consumptions, gives the U.S. Norm for correlation of state-particular discoveries.

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Research Method cont'd Maine Overnight Visitor Survey returns for nitty gritty follow-up among the Maine overnight excursion guests, distinguished through Travel USA ® , for state-particular learning. Maine Day Visitor Survey overviews an agent test of occupants in Maine's day trip market to profile the number and sorts of Maine day trips and related uses.

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Key Research Definitions A TRIP is characterized as quickly or overnight (1+ evenings far from home) travel for business or joy outside one's group and not some portion of typical schedule. Treks are the quantity of individual grown-up individual outings. In the event that 1 grown-up travels alone, it considers 1 trip. On the off chance that two grown-ups travel together, it considers 2 trips. What's more, so on. Grown-ups could conceivably have gone with youngsters.

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Key Research Definitions Trip-Type Segmentation Model Reference is made to various sorts of excursions in this report in light of Longwoods' exclusive division display. The model was created and refined more than 16 years, in light of broad shopper look into, and considers tweaked showcasing systems mirroring the remarkable profile, needs, and chances of a goal. The portions are: Visits to Friends and Relatives (VFR) where the basic role of the outing is to visit loved ones Marketable Trips Includes all other joy trips and are alleged on the grounds that decision of goal on these treks is optional and open, in this way, to advertising impact Comprised of eleven discrete sorts, as portrayed on the accompanying page Business Trips made solely for business reasons Comprised of three sorts: Sales/Service, Convention/Conference/Trade Shows, and Meetings .

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Key Research Definitions Marketable Trip-Types Touring : Travel through territories of picturesque, social or general premium Special Event: Attend an occasion, for example, a reasonable, sports occasion, or celebration Combined Business/Pleasure: Business reached out no less than one night only for delight City Trip : Visit a city for touring, culture, shopping, eating, theater, and so on. Shoreline: Visit to a shoreline resort for swimming, sailing, and so forth. Amusement Park : An excursion to visit a noteworthy amusement stop Outdoors: Visit a characteristic region for outdoors, angling, chasing, and so forth. Gambling club: Visit to clubhouse or clubhouse resort with the end goal of gaming Country Resort: Visit to an a nation depend on unwind, appreciate sports, entertainment, and so on. Ski Trip: Trip to a ski range or resort for downhill or crosscountry skiing and snowboarding Cruise: Extended pontoon trip with on-board exercises, stops for touring, and so on

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Key Research Definitions Markets of Interest Maine's Regional Market Includes the New England states, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. Maine's Day Trip Market Includes the conditions of Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

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Summary and Conclusions

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Maine's U.S. Travel Market The travel and tourism industry keeps on being a huge and developing giver to Maine's economy. An expected 43.6 million day and overnight treks were taken to Maine in 2004, speaking to a ± 0% incline versus 2003. Overnight outings represented 8.9 million of these, down 1% versus 2003. Day trips represented 34.7 million, ± 0% versus 2003.

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Travel Expenditures U.S. voyagers spent an expected $6.2 billion in Maine in the year. $4.5 billion of these uses were spent by out-of-state explorers. The retail and nourishment division were the biggest recipients, catching evaluated $1.9 and $1.7 billion separately, trailed by: transportation at $1.0 billion, diversion at $0.8 billion, and lodging at $0.8 billion. Day and overnight excursions are both huge donors, creating assessed spending of $3.5 and $2.7 billion separately.

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Economic Impact of Travel and Tourism Based on these levels of explorer spending, travel and tourism in Maine specifically and in a roundabout way produced - 176,633 employments in Maine $3.8 billion in wages over $531 million in assessment incomes. Spending by non-occupants represented around 70% of the above aggregates.

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Maine's Market Position Maine's share of provincial occupants' treks to anyplace mollified for the third back to back year - from 3.8% in 2001 to 3.5% in 2002, 3.3% in 2003, and 3.2% in 2004. This share decay was obvious inside the local market also. It declined from 5.5% to 5.3%. Climate was a fueling component for the state. It was an icy and wet summer with temperatures well underneath normal and precipitation well above normal.

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Overnight Marketable Travel Profile Marketable delight trips kept on commanding Maine's outing blend and the most critical reasons among these for going by were: visiting the state (32%) getting a charge out of the outside (20%) for a shoreline excursion (14%) going to an exceptional occasion (11%) Maine's most vital wellspring of overnight attractive treks kept on being its provincial market.

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Product Delivery Maine has an extraordinary tourism item. Guests hold good impressions. The state's mark qualities identify with: giving a Family Atmosphere, being Unique, yet sans worry with Sightseeing, and in addition Sports & Recreation.

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Results in Detail

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Performance of the U.S. Travel Market American grown-ups took an expected 1.53 billion overnight outings in 2004. Visits to Friends/Relatives represented 41% of them or 616 million treks. Attractive Trips represented 43% or 647 million. Visiting, Special Event, Outdoors, Casino, and Beach treks were, in rank request, the biggest Marketable Trip sorts. Business Trips represented the adjust 16% or 267 million treks.

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U.S. Travel Trends The 1.53 billion overnight excursion volume of 2004 gave back the market to development, up 2%, after a 1% decrease in 2003. Joy travel performed comparatively, with: VFR up 1%, recouping from 1% decrease in 2003. Attractive outings up 4%, expanding on development in the past two years, with, in rank request of extent, Combined Business-Pleasure, Cruise, Outdoor, Beach City, Casino, and Touring trip-sorts; contributing; though, Theme Park and Ski trip-sorts declined. Business travel developed without precedent for a long time … by 1%.

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Size of the U.S. Travel Market 2004 Overnight Trips Total = 1.530 Billion Marketable Pleasure 647 Million (43%) Visit Friends/Relatives 616 Million (41%) Business 267 Million (16%)

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U.S. Overnight Marketable Trip Mix 2004 Travel Year

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U.S. Advertise Trends 2004 versus 2003

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U.S. Showcase Trends 2004 versus 2003

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Size of the U.S. Travel Market Overnight Trips Base: Overnight Trips 4% higher than in 1999 +2% +1% - 2% +4% - 1% +2%

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U.S. VFR Trips Base: Overnight VFR Trips 8% higher than in 1999 +1% +4% - 1% - 1% +1% +2%

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U.S. Attractive Trips Base: Overnight Marketable Trips 11% higher than in 1999 +4% +1% +6% +5% +2% - 2%

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U.S. Business Trips Base: Overnight Business Trips 18% lower than in 1999 +3% ± 0 % - 10% - 3% +1% - 6%

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Marketable Trip Trends by State 2004 versus 2003 Percent Change +11% or more +1 to 10% No change - 1% to - 10% - at least 11%

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Marketable Trip Trends by State 2003 versus 2002 Percent Change +11% or more +1 to 10% No change - 1% to - 10% - at least 11%

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Marketable Trip Trends by State 2002 versus 2001 Percent Change Over Time +11% or more +1 to 10% No change - 1% to - 10% - at least 11%

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Marketable Trip Trends by State 2001 versus 2000 Percent Change Over Time +11% or more +1 to 10% No change - 1% to - 10% - at least 11%

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U.S. Attractive Trips % Change From 1994 to 2004

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Size & Structure of Maine's Travel Market

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Performance of Maine's Travel Market Maine's consolidated Day and Overnight trek showcase totaled an expected 43.6 million excursions in 2004. There were 34.7 million Day trips. 60% or 20.8 million of which were Marketable. Shopping was the main Marketable trek sort, trailed by Outdoors, Touring, and Beach trips. 33% were VFR. 7% were Business trips. .