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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Center of Calgary. Our unassuming offering and welcome to our Lord ... Sri Sathya Sai Baba said on Sept 25, 2000:

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Instruction Wing Sri Sathya Sai Baba Center of Calgary Our unassuming offering and greetings to our Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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Curriculum Balvikas - EHV - Educare is to comprehend that there is a characteristic all encompassing between relationship among every single human esteem, components of creation, all spaces of human capacity and all parts of Nature.

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Educare Sri Sathya Sai Baba said on Sept 25, 2000: "Instruction has two angles; the first is identified with outside and common training, which is only obtaining erudite learning. In current world, we find numerous knowledgeable and very qualified in this perspective. The second perspective known as Educare is identified with human qualities. The word Educare intends to draw out that is inside. Human Values are inert in each person; one can't obtain them from outside. They must be evoked from inside. Educare intends to bring out human qualities. 'To bring out' intends to make an interpretation of them vigorously"

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Educare What is to be brought out? Each type of information and limit that is dormant The physical, mental, profound and moral possibilities inside The Divinity inside

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Educare Earth - Smell, Taste, Form, Touch and Sound Water - Taste, Form, Touch and Sound Fire - Form, Touch and Sound Air - Touch and Sound Space - Sound God - rises above every one of the characteristics

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Educare Balance in Human Life Balance in Nature Both are similarly vital Balance the 5 components through the act of human qualities When this adjust is built up, there will be worldwide peace & satisfaction.

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Educare Sai Baba said on May 20, 2000: "Creation contains five components. In any case, man has a 6th component in him, which is Supreme Love" Sai Baba additionally said on January 13, 1992: "Life begins with Love. The sweetness of affection leaving life is the colossal and interesting rule that is the source everything. Cherish that is available in everybody is verily the Divine Energy natural taking all things together. The undercurrent that courses through Truth, Right Conduct, Peace and Non-Violence, is LOVE just"

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SAI EDUCARE LOVE - Practice Human Values IN ACTION RIGHT CONDUCT IN FEELINGS IN THOUGHTS TRUTH PEACE ADHERE UNDERSTOOD NON-VIOLENCE Love fills thought, word and activity… Constant-Integrated-Awareness

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Educare Information got from outside world get put away as a main priority (HEAD)- offers ascend to Thoughts. Musings ought to be steered through our soul (HEART ) . The profound heart is the seat of qualities. In the event that the thinking is great, the Heart will endorse it; it can be followed up on by (HANDS). The re-directing of musings through Heart is TRANSFORMATION. The heart goes about as the controlling power in our life.

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You are the Light Sri Sathya Sai Baba Said: "My life is my message" to "Your life is my message" to "You and I are one".

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Teaching Techniques Employed Silent Sitting Peace Group Singing Love Story Telling Non - Violence Dynamic Thinking Truth Group Activities Right Conduct

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Educare Program Spiritual Diaries Class Start Time - 2:15 pm Dress Code No Jeans No Shorts White Dress Shirt and Dress Pants Girls can wear a straightforward suite

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Upcoming Events Multi Faith Service - Last Sunday of Each Month Retreat - February 19 and 20 Theme "Vedantha and Vedic Chanting" Guest Speakers Dr. G. Lakshman and Mrs. Kumudhini Lakshman

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Ceiling on Desires Project Boy's letter to Swami Dear Bhagavan: You have given such a great amount to me and to each one here. You have given free instruction to me and every one of my siblings and now I hear that you are building a BIG Hospital what will give the most present day medicinal services offices to each segment of society absolutely free of cost. Bhagavan! I additionally need to be a piece of your wonderful mission yet I am only a little kid and I don't know how I can contribute. Bhagavan, my folks are amazingly poor however regardless of that they send me somewhat additional pocket cash each month. I know it's because of their adoration and sympathy toward me. Bhagavan! Throughout the previous three months I have not given my garments to the dhoby. While the various young men were dozing in the night I washed my garments and in this way I figured out how to spare a minimal expenditure. Bhagavan! I have additionally opposed the allurements of toffees, chocolates and the various things and in this way figured out how to spare a minimal expenditure. Bhagavan! I offer this 100 rupee note to you. I feel embarrassed and little to give you so little yet regardless of the possibility that this cash can be utilized to purchase a little block for the new healing facility, I will be the most joyful youngster on the planet. You're Loving Son

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Ceiling on Desires Project Adopt a Poor School Africa\ Support them with provisions Pens, books, sports hardware and so on

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Ceiling on Desires Project Track every one of the things you have surrendered for the current month Coffee, motion picture, desserts Collect that cash once per month in jug

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Ceiling on Desires Project Name: Srikanth Venugopal Date COD Amount Jan 22 Coffee $1.00 Jan 25 Movie rental $2.00 Jan 30 Hang dry Cloths $1.00 Total $4.00

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Ceiling on Desires Project The financial aspects: 30 students $2.00/month in COD 30 parents $2.00/month in COD 10 youth $2.00/month in COD Total $140/month In 10 months we can spare $1,400

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Ceiling on Desires Project Water pump Water cleansing gadget Text books Pencils, Pens Medicine

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Questions Thank you for your Support! Much obliged to you Swami!