Towards a Phenomenology of Architecture: Norberg-Schulz

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Towards a Phenomenology of Architecture: Norberg-Schulz Phil 314 Philosophy and the City

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some phrasing Dwelling: picking up an existential a dependable balance (5) Genius loci: the soul of the place (5, Place: the solid indication of human's residence Concretize: to make the general "noticeable" as a solid, nearby circumstance Cultural scene: "a domain where man has discovered his important place inside the totality." (40)

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3 stages towards a phenomenology of place Distinguish between characteristic (scene) and human-made marvels (settlement) (p. 10) Categories of earth/sky, outside/inside Character: "the essential mode in which the world is 'given'" (p. 14)

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Possible connections amongst normal and human-made spots: gathering Visualize: building exhibits human comprehension of nature by repeating what is found in nature Complement : building adds what is seen to need in nature Symbolize: building shows human comprehension of nature and self by interpreting that comprehension onto manufactured frame ( Genius Loci , p. 17)

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Genius Loci Socio-monetary components are not the most critical in molding virtuoso loci: "The existential implications have further roots. They are controlled by the structure of our being on the planet." (6) "if the settlements are naturally identified with their surroundings, it suggests that they serve as foci where the earth is consolidated and 'clarified.'" (10) Protecting and moderating the virtuoso loci implies translating it in ever new ways (18)

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Cultural Landscapes "Through the communication of surface alleviation, vegetation and water, trademark totalities or spots are framed which constitute the essential components of scenes." (37) 3 models: Romantic Cosmic Classical

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Romantic Landscapes Original strengths firmly felt Rugged with bunches of spots Dwelling an association amongst people and earth e.g., Norwegian ranch

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Cosmic Landscape Earth doesn't give a dependable balance No individual spots organized Sky is organized by the sun as opposed to the earth Genius loci an indication of total e.g., Ulurul (Australia)

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Classical Landscape Intelligible organization of unmistakable components Meaningful request Human scale Dwelling by putting as equivalent accomplices—people and nature e.g.,Tuscany

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Complex Landscapes Mixture of "unadulterated" paradigms E.g., Beirut, Lebanon