Top-Down Network Design Chapter Fourteen Documenting Your Network Design

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Reporting Your Design. In the event that you are given a solicitation for proposition (RFP), react to the solicitation in the careful arrangement that the RFP specifiesIf no RFP, you ought to still compose a configuration documentDescribe your customer\'s necessities and how your outline meets those requirementsDocument the financial backing for the projectExplain gets ready for actualizing the configuration.

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Documenting Your Design If you are given a demand for proposition (RFP), react to the demand in the correct arrangement that the RFP indicates If no RFP, you ought to in any case compose an outline archive Describe your client's necessities and how your plan meets those prerequisites Document the financial plan for the venture Explain gets ready for actualizing the outline

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Typical RFP Response Topics A system topology for the new outline Information on the conventions, innovations, and items that shape the plan A usage plan A preparation arrange Support and administration data Prices and installment choices Qualifications of the reacting merchant or provider Recommendations from different clients Legal authoritative terms and conditions

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Contents of a Network Design Document Executive synopsis Project objective Project scope Design necessities Current condition of the system New sensible and physical outline Results of system configuration testing Implementation arrange Project spending plan

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Design Requirements Business objectives clarify the part the system configuration will play in helping an association succeed Technical objectives incorporate versatility, execution, security, reasonability, convenience, flexibility, and reasonableness

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Logical and Physical Design Logical plan Topology Models for tending to and naming Switching and directing conventions Security techniques Network administration methodologies Physical outline Actual advances and gadgets

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Implementation Plan Recommendations for conveying the system configuration Project plan Including any dates and times for specialist organization establishments Any arrangements for outsourcing Training Risks A fallback arrange if the usage ought to come up short An arrangement for developing the outline as new necessities emerge

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Possible Appendixes Detailed topology maps Device setups Addressing and naming points of interest Network configuration testing comes about Contact data Pricing and installment alternatives More data about the organization that is exhibiting the plan Annual reports, item lists, public statements Legal authoritative terms and conditions

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Summary When a client gives a RFP, make a point to take after the endorsed organize When not bound by a RFP, build up a plan record that depicts necessities, the current system, the legitimate and physical plan, a usage arrange, and the monetary allowance Be certain to incorporate an official rundown at times, you ought to likewise incorporate appendixes with itemized data

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Review Questions Why is it imperative to record your system plan? Why is it vital to present a RFP proposition in the correct arrangement endorsed? What are the real subjects in a plan record? What are some conceivable appendixes for a plan record?