Tips to Green Your Occasion

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Tips to Green Your Event

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Reasons for "Making strides toward environmental friendliness" Environmental Degradation Global environmental change, deforestation, ozone exhaustion, desertification, biodiversity misfortune, rising ocean levels, maritime fermentation, and so on 1 Noon, Jan. 1955 Midday, Dec. 1952

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Reasons for "Becoming environmentally friendly" Improves the monetary main concern "Keen organizations can utilize ecological methodology to advance, make esteem, and fabricate upper hand." 2 "Being green makes green." 3

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Reasons for "Making strides toward environmental friendliness" Spiritual Stewardship Jewish "Let man have territory over the fish of the ocean, and over the fowl of the air, and over the steers, and over all the earth, and over each crawling thing that creepeth upon the earth." 4 "On the off chance that you have a sapling in your grasp, and somebody ought to state to you that the Messiah has come, stay and finish the planting, and afterward go to welcome the Messiah." 5 Christian "There is no more noteworthy love than to set out one's life for a companion." 6 "Man must consider himself to be the exceptionally same as the earth and along these lines regard it as needs be as adoring oneself." 7

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Reasons for "Practicing environmental awareness" Concern for Future Generations "Life, freedom, and the quest for satisfaction" 8 "Will the individuals who come after us in a hundred or two hundred years, those for whom we are pioneering a trail, will they recall and have a kind word for us?" 9

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Reasons for "Making strides toward environmental friendliness" Sustainability

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Sustainable Strategies Events Trips Service Activities Programs Dining Issues Transportation Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Food Energy and Resources

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Trips Across nation, similar to Kansas City Mass transportation Vehicle with ideal gas mileage Use voyage control 10 Drive at most proficient gas mileage speeds 11 Check tire weight 12 No forceful driving Avoid inordinate aerating and cooling Keep windows shut 13

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Trips Overnight Trips 14 Water Turn off fixture when brushing teeth or washing hands Do not pre-flush dishes and afterward put in dish washer (either) Cooking Do not preheat the stove Choose coordinates over lighters

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Trips Within Nashville, as Eakin Elementary Mass transportation Carpool Borrow an auto from CPH Bus courses and timetables 15 Avoid sitting Drive less, bicycle/walk more

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Trips Alternative, Renewable Fuel Purchase more ethanol Avoid corn-based ethanol 16 Use vehicles that can run diesel Ask for biodiesel from the Vanderbilt Biodiesel Initiative 17 Contact: Derek Riley If inaccessible, ask for it at any rate

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Service Activities Suggestions 18 Science Projects: Composting Art Contest: Recycling Bin Decoration Reading books about nature or the earth Recommended perusing 19 Outdoor exercises (climbing, paddling, trail working) through the Outdoor Recreation Center 20 Contact Linda Rosenkranz

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Service Activities Set occasions outside On grounds Office of Schedule and Reservation 21 208 Sarratt Student Center 615-322-2448 Online application 22 This is the place to demonstrate reusing for uncommon occasions Off grounds Metro parks 23 For vast occasions, licenses are required so call 615-862-8400 for more data and an application

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Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP): "Items or administrations that have a lesser or decreased impact on human wellbeing and the earth when contrasted and contending items or administrations that fill a similar need." 24

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Reduce 25 , Reuse, Recycle 26 Two Examples: Paper and Water Containers

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Acceptable Paper: officer paper (staples and paper clasps are OK); hued paper; daily paper, magazines, & diaries; envelopes (window envelopes OK); one-handle cardboard ("paperboard"), like oat boxes, 6-, 12-, or 24-pack refreshment boxes or tissue boxes Cardboard: ridged cardboard Aluminum/Tin: pop jars (exhaust); Food jars (clean); Pie Tins (clean); Aluminum Foil (clean) Plastic: bottles/things with reusing number 1 (PET) or 2 (HDPE), like drain containers, cleanser jugs, or pop/water bottles Unacceptable paper towels or tissue; cardboard tubes from restroom; tissue/paper towels; cushioned envelopes; wax-covered paper or Styrofoam glasses; telephone directories Cardboard nourishment debased cardboard, as utilized pizza boxes Aluminum/Tin other metal things plastic with a number 3 through 7; bundling that has numbers 1 or 2; do sustenance holders (#6); plastic straws; plastic sacks from markets; plastic wrappers; Styrofoam; hued Solo plastic mugs Recycle 27

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Recycle How to Recycle at Special Events Office of Schedule and Reservation 22 208 Sarratt Student Center 615-322-2448 Online application 23 In extra remarks, show reusing offices Attend OSR Event Planning Meeting on Wednesday evenings, and demand reusing offices (for nothing) Where to Recycle Academic and regulatory structures Residence zones (see outline) X X Current Locations for Residential Recycling

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Programs Location, similar to a room in the Commons Center Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council 28 Sustainable outline components of the building 29 Other structures with feasible plan angles

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Meetings 30

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Programs Lighting Use normal lighting at whatever point conceivable Use confined light Turn off lights when not being used Leave a few lights off if room is being used Use smaller glaring lights (or lives with them) Temperature 31 Keep indoor regulators at sensible levels (78*F in summer and 68*F in winter) Clothes layering—control your own body warm

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EPP characteristics for Paper 32 Post-shopper reused content Processed sans chlorine Recyclable soy-based inks EPP qualities for Office Supplies 33 Non-lethal Recyclable Recycled-content Remanufactured Reusable Separable Programs

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EPP properties for Electronics 34 lessened or no poisonous constituents reused content decreased bundling intended for reusing or updates vitality productive  Energy Star name 35 Energy Conservation for Computers and Other Electronics kill machines when not being used 36 unplug apparatuses when not being used 37 bring down light/tint settings rest and sleep mode 38 Programs

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Programs Printing, for reputation or gifts Double-sided Capture abundance paper and utilize it for scraps or notes Reduced edges Soy-based inks 39 Vanderbilt Printing Services' green activities 40 Contact Kristin Yancey 615-936-4690

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Dining Varieties of Sustainable Food (and to Clothing) Local Organic (likewise "regular") Vegetarian Vegan Fair Trade "Bug sprays are not particular toxic substances." 41

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Dining Where to Shop On Campus 42 Nectar—Natural Food Store Common Grounds Off Campus Whole Foods, 4021 Hillsboro Pike 43 Any supermarket, search for fitting names Farmers' Market 44 On grounds: VUMC at Light Hall, Thu 3pm to 7pm Off grounds: 900 Rosa L. Parks Blvd, Mon to Sun 8am to 6pm Edgehill Village, Thu 4pm to 7pm

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Dining Local, Eco-Friendly Catering On Campus 45 Vanderbilt Catering SaRand Catering Commons Catering Off Campus 12 th South Tap Room, 615-463-7522 The Acorn, 615-320-4399 City House, 615-736-5838 Corrieri's Formaggeria, 615-385-9272 F. Scott's, 615-269-5861 Bread & Company, 615-329-1400 Provence Breads & Café, 615-368-0363 The Yellow Porch, 615-386-0260 Whole Foods, 615-440-5100 Plumgood Food, 615-248-4448

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Dining Small lunch or Gala Dinner Recycling receptacles close by waste jars Eat less meat 46 Purchase in mass, with less bundling Plates and flatware EPP progressive system: reusable, biodegradable, paper, covered in wax, Styrofoam/plastic Water EPP chain of importance: reusable flasks, reusable glasses, reusable plastic mugs, mugs covered in wax, plastic water bottles, plastic mugs, non-recyclable mugs, Styrofoam mugs

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Conclusion Commitment If item or administration inaccessible, let it be known there is a request Finances Franklin maxim 1768: "A penny spared is a penny earned." 47 Can spare cash in short and long terms 48 Determine claim degree and recurrence

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Conclusion Top Ten Essentials Walk more, drive less If driving, go at ideal gas mileage speed Turn off fixture when brushing teeth or washing hands Consider EPP Recycle paper and cardboard Turn off hardware when unused Keep indoor regulator at sensible levels Select a vitality and environment proficiently outlined area Purchase in mass Use reusable water holders

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Conclusion "Man is blessed with reason and imaginative powers so he may increment what has been given to him, however up to now he has not made but rather just wrecked. There are less timberlands, streams are becoming scarce, untamed life is getting to be wiped out, the atmosphere is demolished, and consistently the earth gets poorer and uglier." 49

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Conclusion "The development for the preservation of untamed life and the bigger development for the protection of all our normal assets are basically popularity based in soul, reason, and technique." 50

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Conclusion Sustainability Equity Environment Economy Ethics

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List of Resources Students Promoting Environmental Awareness & Responsibility & Environment Management Office Biodiesel Initiative

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List of Sources 2007 Synthesis of IPCC Report on Climate Change 2006, Daniel Esty and Andrew Winston, Green to Gold , p. 17 2006, Daniel Esty and Andrew Winston, Green to Gold , p. 19 Genesis 1:26, The Bible Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai , Avot de Rabbi Nathan, 31b John 15:13, The Bible Father Th