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Q: Why is Skolkovo being made?. Skolkovo is another PR exertion by the Russian government to imagine that Russia has changedWrong!Skolkovo is to wind up a development center that will animate imaginative business and scatter entrepreneurial society the nation over to incorporate Russia into the worldwide economy:Fostering progression of human capital in Russia by pulling in remote specia

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things you need to think about Skolkovo Innovation Center Alexei Sitnikov Skolkovo Foundation 2010 USRBC Annual Meeting

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Q: Why is Skolkovo being made? Skolkovo is another PR exertion by the Russian government to imagine that Russia has changed Wrong! Skolkovo is to end up distinctly a development center that will fortify imaginative business and spread entrepreneurial culture the nation over to coordinate Russia into the worldwide economy : Fostering headway of human capital in Russia by drawing in remote authorities and making conditions for nearby inventive ability advancement Creating universally focused items and administrations in light of bleeding edge look into Establishing worldwide inventive organizations in Russia

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Q: Who is Skolkovo for? Skolkovo is a tax-exempt seaward for multinationals Not generally… no Skolkovo is for Russian and worldwide understudies, specialists, instructors, experts, new companies, financial speculators, and, yes, multinationals All of them will get distinctive statuses that best fit their objectives However, there will be no workshops, manufacturing plants or comparable creation destinations physically situated in Skolkovo

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Q: Who's in control? Skolkovo is overseen by the Russian government Wrong! The legislature gives beginning financing and shows tenable responsibility to bolster the venture later on The venture is overseen by a non-government establishment with an autonomous Board , managed by an exceptional law The Foundation is a doorkeeper , while all Skolkovo units, (for example, the Skolkovo Institute of Technology) and occupants are free associations Much of the land in Skolkovo will be worked by private engineers

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Q: Who are the general population settling on imperative choices? President Dmitry A. Medvedev seats the Board of Trustees Skolkovo Executive Board is led by Craig Barrett and Victor Vekselberg Members  of the Executive Board include: Esko Aho , Executive Vice President of Nokia Corporation Vagit Alekperov , President of the Lukoil Oil Company Anatoly Alexandrov , Rector of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University Martin Bouygues , Co-Chairman of the French mechanical gathering Bouygues John T . Chambers , Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Cisco Systems, Inc Anatoly Chubais ,  CEO of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO) Alexandr Galitsky , Managing Partner of Almaz Capital Partners Mikhail Kovalchu r , President of the Russian Scientific Center "Kurchatov Institute" Peter Löscher , President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG Vladimir Rashevsky , Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK) Eric E . Schmidt , Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Google Inc. Ratan Tata ,  Chairman of Tata Son.

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Five center standards are directing the outline of the working model 1) Skolkovo ought to be appealing for world-class ability, establishments and organizations 2) Skolkovo biological system ought to end up distinctly self-managing after some time 3) Foundation ought to endeavor to augment private investment, animate rivalry and just accept accountability for the movement on the off chance that it can not be performed by private organizations 4) Physical and system based (virtual) parts of Skolkovo ought to be produced at the same time 5) Conflicting capacities ought to dependably have isolate administration 6

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Q: Are you going this by itself? Yes, we know how to do everything ourselves! Off-base! Skolkovo is considered as open and straightforward venture. Accomplices include: RUSNANO, Russian Venture Company, MIT, Cisco, Boeing, Google, Siemens and others.

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Our accomplices Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Kurchatov Institute Russian Research Center

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Q: What is at the focal point of Skolkovo? The Foundation Wrong! We are about research-based advancement Skolkovo Institute of Technology (SIT) will turn into a noteworthy generator of development in Skolkovo 5 innovation groups (vitality, bio, IT, space, atomic) will participate in growing new advances and items

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Q: So, it's about innovation and research? Not exactly, there is more! We will scan for new problematic advances in Russia and past Help pioneers in making of new items and administrations Grow the earth helpful for the making of new organizations Instruments of commercialization at Skolkovo: Technology intermediaries Patent workplaces Consulting organizations Professional instructors and coaching Rep workplaces in Russia and abroad Marker inquire about Constant contact with assets and companies by means of uncommon Investment Board

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Skolkovo will give group freethinker and bunch particular support along the development esteem chain Skolkovo Foundation Monetary Support Research Development Commercialization Late stage - Market Launch Early stage - Pre-showcase Cluster Agnostic Foundation Support Cluster Endowment SIT Endowment Seed Support VC Support Operational Support Private Sector Participation VC Funds VC Funds Business Incubators Business Incubators Business Incubators Skolkovo Operational Funds Cluster Skolkovo VC Funds Cluster Dev. Reserves Business Incubators Business Incubators Exit Specific Support Project Participants Value Chain SIT Start-ups Start-ups Developing Companies Operating Companies Corporate R&D Centers Corporations Non-financial Support: Legal, Business Services, GR, Export, Government Contracts Commercialization Municipality, Real Estate Services, IT, Education, Health Infrastructure Access to shared research framework Grants Skolkovo GP Private area substances Loans and value capital (which could be changed over to low intrigue advance) Equity Skolkovo LP 11

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Q: Is it unique in relation to other development focuses? It's simply one more endeavor to copy Silicon Valley Wrong! Skolkovo is a "lego" for trend-setters It is being made as a team with scientists, colleges, multinationals, financial speculators, governments and a wide range of different substances from everywhere throughout the globe . That makes it a one of a kind case of worldwide social imaginative process that will bring about a domain most helpful for development and speculation, instruction and business enterprise, research and entertainment

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Q:How vast is Skolkovo? About a square mile? What difference does it make? Skolkovo principles will be connected for substances found anyplace the length of they are enrolled in Skolkovo. We call it the extraterritoriality run the show.

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Q: What is the arrangement for inhabitants? No VAT for up to 10 years if benefit is less then USD 10M/year and turnover is under USD 30M/year No salary charge if benefit is less then USD 10M/year and turnover is under USD 30M/year Refund of import traditions obligations and VAT costs paid amid import to the RF traditions region. OECD tech directions apply

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Q: When are you going to begin? When we assemble everything Wrong! Like we stated, the most critical thing about Skolkovo is cooperation. That is the reason Skolkovo begins when coordinated effort does . We will encourage this procedure by granting "virtual Skolkovo inhabitants" statuses.

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Q: Hasn't this been done some time recently? It has. We had development focuses in the Soviet Union Yes, yet… Innovation culture, not at all like framework and structures, can't descend from above . We required another class of business visionaries who share the correct qualities, which we didn't have in the 1990s. When we convey them to Skolkovo, they will begin spreading their qualities the nation over .

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Q: what are your arrangements for the not so distant future? Exceptional law – September 2010 - DONE Approval of the plan of action – October 2010 Opening agent workplaces in the Silicon Valley and Boston-November, 2010 First organizations get enlisted as inhabitants – January 2011 Conceptual establishing of Skolkovo Institute of innovation (SIT)- February 2011 Campus development – 2011-201 5

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The Skolkovo advancement all-inclusive strategy… Plan Phase (Next 3 to 6 months) Today Build Phase (2011 - 2012) Run Phase (2013 and past) Scale-up/Extension Early Stage Key Success Factors 1 Preparation of Virtual Skolkovo Migrate to virtual Skolkovo once it is operational 2 Migrate into physical Skolkovo once it is developed Ramp of Virtual Skolkovo Operation of Virtual Skolkovo Build-up of Horizontal Infrastructure Development of Park Masterplan Preparation of Build-up Phase Ramp-up of Park with Project Participants Build-up of Vertical Infrastructure In degree for workstream breakdown

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Thank you! Alexei Sitnikov Skolkovo Foundation