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Logic of Women's Ministries, Roles and Objectives By Ardis Dick Stenbakken Leadership Certification Level 2 General Conference Women's Ministries

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Definition of Philosophy Love and quest for shrewdness by scholarly examination and good self-restraint Inquiry into laws and causes basic reality Inquiry into the way of things in light of coherent thinking as opposed to observational strategies Analysis and study of central incredibly to be conceptualized and figured

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Definition of Philosophy cont The combination of all adapting All learning with the exception of functional expressions and specialized statutes An arrangement of major or spurring standards: premise of activity or conviction The general values by which one lives

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The greatest test for us as a division is to help ladies, and men, comprehend the it is not a social club, not a ladies' general public, but rather a service.

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Women's Ministries is a service that sustains, bolsters, and rouses ladies in a one of a kind and individual way.

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Ministry for Whom? List the greatest number of classes as you can.

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Young moms Single ladies Professional ladies Lay laborers Church representatives Widows Physically tested ladies Divorced ladies Pastor's spouses Categories of Women

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Abused ladies Burned-out chapel volunteers Women tending to both kids and guardians Women feeling regretful on the grounds that their kids have left the congregation Teens and university ladies Single moms Categories of Women cont

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FW 05 Philosophy The division of Women's Ministries is focused on empowering, testing, preparing, and supporting Seventh-day Adventist ladies as they do their part in conveying the Gospel message to the world .

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FW 10 Purpose The main role of the Department of Women's Ministries is to sustain, encourage, and bolster ladies in their Christian lives as devotees of Jesus Christ and individuals from His World Church. In interview with organization and different divisions of the Church, the office shares the duty regarding building up a worldwide evangelistic methodology and gives preparing to prepare the ladies of the congregation to elevate Christ in the Church and on the planet.

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The Department of Women's Ministries will concentrate on the six basic issues that have been recognized as obstructions keeping ladies from achieving their maximum capacity: ignorance, neediness, dangers to wellbeing, manhandle, length of workday and poor working conditions, and the requirement for preparing and tutoring for more noteworthy contribution in the mission of the Church.

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FW 15 10 Objectives 4. Contact and coordinate with other particular bureaus of the congregation to address the issues of ladies.

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FW 20 15 Responsibilities of Director 2. The chief should speak to, and serve as promoter for departmental objectives, projects, and exercises to the managerial collections of the Church; might speak to authoritative perspectives to the departmental staff; and should serve as contact between different divisions and the Department of Women's Ministries.

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The Women's Ministries Committee The Women's Ministries pioneer works with the minister and church board to establish a Women's Ministries Committee to encourage a service to women in the congregation. This committee should be made out of persons inspired by the wide spectrum of ladies' needs and services. To shape an adjusted group, the individuals ought to be people with differed abilities and experience. The significant obligations of the Women's Ministries Committee will be the accompanying:

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To evaluate the necessities of ladies in the neighborhood church and group, by using overviews and interviews, and in chamber with the minister and church pioneers; To conceptualize, create techniques, and coordinate with other particular branches of the Church to cultivate projects and exercises which clergyman to ladies; To arrange and actualize these and different activities which identify with ladies' particular and shifted needs, in collaboration with the minister, departmental masters, and other church pioneers;

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To encourage nearby church investment in yearly projects and exercises started by the meeting/union/division/General Conference, for example, the International Women's Day of Prayer, Women's Ministries Day, and little gathering services to bolster and support them in administration. Data with respect to these projects is accessible through the meeting/mission Department of Women's Ministries.

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Assumptions that Affect Philosophy Assumptions about ladies as a rule: Relationally arranged Need support and fortification of other ladies in comparable circumstances Tend toward closeness Like to talk and impart insights Want to feel required, regarded, and acknowledged Often experience the ill effects of low self-regard and fearlessness Often aggressive and near, particularly toward other ladies

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Assumptions that Affect Philosophy Assumptions about ladies all in all (cont.): Will babble and whine unless coordinated valuably Oriented toward self-change Need good examples Busy: family, individual, and vocation obligations Want significance—will join if a service intrigues them Have down to earth needs Have particular needs in different stages in their lives

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Assumptions that Affect Philosophy There are additionally some profoundly situated suspicions: Women matter to God Jesus Christ is the case of how ladies ought to be dealt with Women are delicate to otherworldly nourishing God is a definitive answer for their issues and their dispositions Women matter to the Seventh-day Adventist Church Women are at an assortment of levels in profound development Women have been included in the mission of the congregation before. Authority and inclusion are not new.

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Every conceived again devotee ought to have a service. Along these lines go and make devotees of all countries, purifying through water them for the sake of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and showing them to obey all that I have charged you. What's more, without a doubt I am with you generally, to the very end of the age . Matthew 28:19, 20.

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The Adventist Church educates the organization of all adherents: But you are a picked people, a regal brotherhood, a sacred country, a people having a place with God, that you may announce the commendations of him who got you out of murkiness into his magnificent light. 1 Peter 2:9.

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The Bible educates ladies to priest to each other: Teach the more seasoned ladies to be respectful in the way they live, not to be slanderers or dependent on much wine, yet to instruct what is great. At that point they can prepare the more youthful ladies to love their spouses and youngsters, to act naturally controlled and unadulterated, to be occupied at home, to be benevolent, and to be liable to their husbands, so that nobody will insult the expression of God. Titus 2, 3-5.

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The world has changed for ladies We have to help ladies locate their otherworldly blessings We should be inventive in creating services Ministries ought to be requirements based Most ladies don't have time for another meeting

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"Christ's strategy alone will give genuine progress in contacting the general population. The Savior blended with men as one who wanted their great. He demonstrated His sensitivity for them, tended to their necessities, and won their certainty. At that point He bade them, 'Tail Me.'" Ministry of Healing, p. 143 .

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It is essential to give initiative preparing and tutoring Women's Ministries comprises of everything ladies do in the congregation There is a wide assortment of services accessible

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"Christ's technique alone will give genuine progress in contacting the general population. The Savior blended with men as one who fancied their great. He demonstrated His sensitivity for them, tended to their necessities, and won their certainty. At that point He bade them, 'Tail Me.'" Ministry of Healing, p. 143 .

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Six Challenge Issues Facing Women

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Six Challenge Issues Facing Women Poverty Health dangers Literacy Work stack Abuse Leadership preparing and tutoring

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SMI Henry 1839-1900

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"When an extraordinary and unequivocal work is to be done, God picks men and ladies to do this work, and it will see the misfortune if the abilities of both are not joined." Evangelism , p. 469.

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"There never was a period when a bigger number of laborers were required than at the present. There are brethren and sisters all through every one of our positions who ought to teach themselves to take part in this work; in all our places of worship something ought to be done to spread reality. It is the obligation of all to consider the different purposes of our confidence." Review and Herald , April 1, 1880.

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"All who work for God ought to have the Martha and the Mary characteristics mixed – an ability to serve and an earnest love of reality. Self and self-centeredness must be put outside of anyone's ability to see. God calls for sincere ladies specialists, laborers who are judicious, thoughtful, delicate, and consistent with rule. He calls for driving forward ladies who will take their psyches from self...and will focus them on Christ, talking expressions of truth, supplicating with the people to whom they can get to, working for the change of souls." Testimony Treasures , Vol. 2, p. 405.

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"Ladies can be instruments of exemplary nature, rendering sacred administration. It was Mary that initially lectured a risen Jesus....If there were twenty ladies where now there is one, who might make this heavenly mission their valued work, we ought to see numerous more changed over to reality. The refining, softening impact of Christian ladies is required in the colossal work of lecturing reality." Evangelism, pp 471, 472.

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"The Lord has a work for women and additionally men to do. They may finish a good work for God in the event that they will first learn in the school of Christ the valuable, all- important lesson of mildness. Th