The Worth Transformation in Financial aspects

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On the off chance that we should as a future need reuse basically all materials and keep running on daylight, ... from

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The Value Revolution in Economics Wealth, Indicators & Accounting

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Redefining Wealth Quantitative : Money & Material Accumulation Qualitative : Well-being Regeneration

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Quantification & Value What is measured completes What gets checked is esteemed; What is esteemed gets tallied

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Indicators "[If it is to be accomplished, the new monetary system] will come about because of our turning out to be better natural bookkeepers at the group level. On the off chance that we should as a future need reuse basically all materials and keep running on daylight, then our future will rely on upon bookkeeping as the most critical and fascinating control." Wes Jackson, Becoming Native to This Place

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Indicators & Value Expression of potential for an information based economy Centrality of end-utilize : requires more modern checking of human need. additionally required by the centrality of inventiveness to subjective financial improvement. Radical capability of eco-proficiency: Murray: Fordist Waste Economy depended as much on deskilling of the buyer as deskilling of the specialist. Collapsing Financialization : potential to supplant cash as key determinant of significant worth decommodifying cash : cash as immaculate data

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Indicators & genuine riches Qualitative Wealth is much more mind boggling: requires more evaluation Qualitative Wealth is place-based or particular to conditions Qualitative Wealth is necessities based , requiring examination of utilization. Bookkeeping happens on numerous levels in wording suitable to that level

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A Dashboard for the Cockpit The "Family" of markers: Urban Metabolism or provincial mass adjust Green GDP (e.g. Honest to goodness Progress Indicator—GPI ) Ecological Footprint Carbon bookkeeping/carbon impression Life-cycle Assessment (items, forms, scenes) Industry-based records: nourishment, building, ranger service, and so on. Nearby Development Standards 5 'capitals': individual , proficient , profound , natural and budgetary Firm maintainability bookkeeping Sustainable Community Indicators Risk Assessment, EIA, and so forth

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Indicators & Trends in Regulation Raw material for affirmation frameworks Regulation as more thoughtful society-based Markets as 'qualities driven' FSC wood/LEED fabricating/and so on. incorporated assessment/direction/showcasing frameworks

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Entrepreneurial Value Creation Local Food Plus: valuation control promoting training

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The Evolution of Indicators Difficulties with numerous early pointer sets: Wish-records, separated from arrangements or connections Either excessively nitty gritty or excessively amassed/distorted Next Generation of Indicators: from "curators" to "handymen"

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Indicator Design sorted out around a reason highlight vital exchange offs Varieties: those that… cause a result (e.g. diminish air contamination) report the result (e.g. measure of brown haze) respond to the result (air contamination enactment)

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Genuine Wealth Assessment Life-cycle

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Business-related Applications Internal records Natural Step, ISO 14000, Eco-impression, Sustainability Reporting Government Regulation Alternative Industry Standards - LEED green bldg.; FSC wood ; B Corporation ; Innovative Business Models: - B Corporation - McDonough/Braungart Protocol - - Local Food Plus

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Business Applications-II Builds outer expenses into firm choices Essential to Triple Bottom Line SBLS: can be converted into monetary main concern Crucial to Stakeholder connections Made less demanding by system bolster: - showcase change

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Business Applications-III Sustainability bookkeeping : Global Reporting Initiative Triple Bottom Line bookkeeping Social responsibility reports Outcome-based reporting & mapping and so on

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Genuine Wealth Applications All 5 "capitals": money related, fabricated, common, social, human Balance sheet for every Full-cost reasonable wage proclamation Progress pointers Genuine Progress Report

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LCA and Product life-cycles: Environmental Lock-in over a Product's Development Cycle