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Ecological effects of pipes administrations, apparatuses and family unit hones ... A Green Army of 55,000 Plumbers. Sparing Water in 165,000 Houses Per Day ...

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The Water-Energy-Greenhouse Gas Connection Gary Klein Affiliated International Management and GreenPlumbers USA Email:

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A Birdseye View… December 13, 2007, 1 PM Courtesy of: Lana Armstrong Waterfront Sportsman Dale Swiggett Bob Epting Photographs by: Eric Schneider

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Falls Lake Water level down around 20 feet

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Jordan Lake Water level down roughly 10 feet

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Wastewater Treatment These are wellspring of water running in the "waterways" demonstrated entering Falls Lake and Jordan Lake

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Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant Evaporates roughly ½ gallon of conceivably consumable water per kWh to deliver power

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The Water-Energy Relationship

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Water Use Cycle Boundary Source Water Distribution Supply & Conveyance Water Treatment [100-16,000] [700-1,200] [0-16,000] End-utilize Agricultural Residential Commercial Industrial Recycled Water Distribution Recycled Water Treatment [400-1,200] Wastewater Treatment Wastewater Collection Discharge [0-400] [1,100-4,600] Source Water Use Cycle Energy Intensities (kWh/MG) Typical Range = 2,000 to 20,000 kWh/MG Source: California Energy Commission, 2005 Integrated Energy Policy Report

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Water-Related Energy Use-CA 2001 CO 2 e (Million Metric Tons) 56 50 Approximately 25% of the country's stationary vitality utilize goes to water in some shape. Source: California Energy Commission, 2005 Integrated Energy Policy Report

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California " s Water Supply Systems Lester Snow, California Department of Water Resources

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Northern Southern California kWh/MG kWh/MG Supply & Conveyance 150 8,900 Water Treatment 100 Distribution 1,200 Wastewater Treatment 2,500 Regional Total 3,950 12,700 Regional Differences Source: California Energy Commission, 2005 Integrated Energy Policy Report What is the Water-Energy Relationship where you live or work?

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California's Energy Efficiency Programs' Resource Value Compared to a Potential Water Use Efficiency (WUE) Program How do your vitality effectiveness programs contrast with the potential vitality reserve funds because of water utilize productivity?

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Water-Energy Relationship: Synergies End-User Water and Energy Conservation Saving water can spare vitality Saving vitality can spare water Improve Price Signals Time of utilization water rates and meters Time of utilization electric rates and meters Water and Wastewater Utility Operational Efficiency Increasing water and wastewater framework effectiveness diminishes vitality in the water utilize cycle Water Storage Increased water stockpiling and more adaptable water stockpiling shifts crest vitality prerequisites Pumped stockpiling expands crest electric era and enhances electric framework productivity Renewable Generation by Water and Wastewater Utilities Increase era from in-channel hydro and biogas. Include era from sun powered and wind. Help with meeting California's renewable era objectives If we did this, what might be the consolidated effect on GHG outflows?

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USA Climate Care Caring For Our Water Solar Hot Water Efficient Technology Introducing the Future of Plumbing…

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USA The Re-Training and Accreditation of Plumbers Green Plumbers® preparing projects are intended to help handymen in comprehension their part in connection to Environmental & Public Health, and to give their clients up and coming data and prompt on: Latest innovation and vitality sparing machines Practical apparatuses & establishment learning Environmental effects of pipes administrations, machines and family rehearses Rebates, motivator projects, and buyer data Energy/water/cost reserve funds (fleeting and long haul cost examinations and natural advantages)

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USA 5 Course Green Plumbers® Accreditation Program Climate Care Caring for Our Water Solar Hot Water Efficient Technology Inspection Report Service

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Do You Know: Anyone who holds up quite a while to get boiling point water some place in their home? At their employment? In their most loved eatery? Any people group that have building or apparatus vitality gauges or motivator programs? Green building programs? Somebody who has ever come up short on heated water? Any wellbeing monitors who are upholding consistence with heated water prerequisites in kitchens and restrooms? Somebody who is contemplating charging their children for every shower they take? Any individual who is worn out on conforming their way of life to the execution of their water warming framework? Any people group that have a "you can't manufacture unless you can ensure a long haul supply of water" mandate? Any individual who needs prompt heated water? Somebody who imagines that a tankless water radiator is momentary? Any individual who might want to figure out how to get boiling point water to each apparatus squandering close to 1 glass sitting tight for the high temp water to arrive?

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A Toilet That Needs to be Retired …

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A Better Bathroom … Shower: 2.0 gpm Faucet: 1.0 gpm Toilet: 1.28 gallons for every flush

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The Challenge Deliver heated water to each fitting or machine squandering no more vitality than we presently waste and squandering close to 1 glass sitting tight for the high temp water to arrive.

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Pump, Controls and Thermo-sensor under sink in boiling point water area farthest from the water warmer. Twig @ Trunk Hot Water Piping ½ creep Water Heater ¾ crawl @ Hot Wide Radius Elbows Locate initiation systems in boiling point water areas - @ Structured Plumbing Layout Using the Cold Water Trunk Line as the Return

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Pump, Controls and Thermo-sensor (in one of these two areas) Return (¾ creep least) Twig @ Trunk Hot Water Piping ½ crawl Water Heater ¾ crawl @ Hot Wide Radius Elbows Locate enactment components in high temp water areas - @ Structured Plumbing Layout Using a Dedicated Return Line

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USA Complete Culture Change For Plumbers It's impossible – It's a need Green Plumbers USA GOAL: To Retrain 15,000 handymen in California and 40,000 in the United States NATIONAL SCOPE: A Green Army of 55,000 Plumbers Saving Water in 165,000 Houses Per Day = 33 Million Houses Per Year

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USA Green Plumbers ® and Water Agencies and Utilities A Natural Partnership Now Seeking Sponsorships for Ongoing Workshops Contact: Megan Lehtonen 1-888-929-6207 megan@greenplumbers usa .com

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Climate Change The World's Largest Experiment Do you need to wager on the result? Might you want to get some protection?

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The 2030 0 C hallenge Ed Mazria, Inc.

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Is There Still Time to Avoid 'Unsafe Anthropogenic Interference' with Global Climate? Dr. James E. Hansen Director, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies December 6, 2005

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Dr. James E. Hansen, proceeded with " Warming of more than 1 0 C over today's level will make the Earth hotter than it has been in a million years". " Business of course, with fossil fuel CO2 outflows keeping on expanding will mean an extra warming of 2 0 C to 3 0 C this century and will make the Earth an alternate planet." " At 2 0 C to 3 0 C the new balance ocean level is around 25 meters (80 feet) higher than today . True information propose ocean level changes in hundreds of years as opposed to centuries." "Activity must be speedy, generally CO2-creating foundation will be worked inside 10 years that will make it illogical to keep facilitate warming under 1 0 C ". "I allude particularly to the expansive number of coal-let go control plants that China, the U.S. what's more, India are wanting to manufacture… "

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Wilmington Myrtle Beach Charleston Mt. Lovely Hilton Head Savannah

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Wilmington Myrtle Beach Charleston Mt. Wonderful Hilton Head Sea Level +1M Savannah

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Wilmington Myrtle Beach Charleston Mt. Lovely Hilton Head Sea Level +6M Savannah

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Adopt these Targets All new structures, improvements and real redesigns meet a fossil fuel vitality utilization execution standard of half of the local (or nation) normal for that building sort. That at any rate an equivalent measure of existing building zone be remodeled every year to utilize half of the fossil fuel vitality they as of now expend. Increment Fossil Fuel Reduction Standard to: 2010 – 60% 2015 – 70% 2020 – 80% 2025 – 90% Goal is to be Carbon Neutral by 2030 No Fossil Fuel to Operate our Buildings

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Global Emergency Teach - In "THE 2010 IMPERATIVE" Teach-In was held February 20, 2007

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Resources California Energy Commission 2005 Integrated Energy Policy Report, Chapter 8 Integrating Water and Energy Strategies California's Water-Energy Relationship-Final Staff Report

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Resources California Public Utilities Commission Water Action Plan Joint Agency Symposium: " The Regulatory Challenge Linking Water and Energy " March 28, 2006. Water-Energy Partnership CPUC Rulemaking 06-04-010 on Energy Efficiency –Proceedings