The Undertaking Europe System IP Working Gathering WIPO Discussion Protected innovation and SMEs October 2010, Rome

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Scottish Enterprise GWE Business West. EEN and IP the difficulties ... better counsel and expand the nature of business understandings organizations accomplish ...

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The Enterprise Europe Network IP Working Group WIPO Forum Intellectual Property & SMEs October 2010, Rome Jane Watters Dave Morgan Enterprise Europe Scotland Enterprise Europe South West Scottish Enterprise GWE Business West

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EEN and IP – the difficulties Background Initiative from EACI Agreement of SAG of EEN Call to Arms 2009 for IP WG Aims – IP fundamental component of EEN Advisors Objectives – Tools, assets, sign post Composition – National Experts extend administration EACI

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Addressing the IP challenges The EEN IP Working Group has outlined and created: EEN IP preparing, June 2010 – arranged every year Signposting index - associations, for example, NPOs, and other territorial IP mediators IP toolbox with glossary of terms – inquiries and assets e.g. apparatuses, e-modules, questions for organizations

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Objectives of the IP Toolkit At every phase in an EEN Adviser's day by day work in view of organizations we have to shoulder a few inquiries regarding Intellectual Assets/Property, to give better counsel and increment the nature of business assentions organizations accomplish Even in the event that you are not an IP authority, you ought to know who/how and when to signpost customers for further IA/IP related data

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The IP toolbox incorporates: Guidance on how and when to examine IP with customers, with recommended inquiries to help A toolbox of accessible assets , including Organizations to signpost customers for further support (e.g. IP Specialist bolster associations, different partners in host associations, or IPR gathering on Firstclass) An assortment of instruments to evaluate IA/IP and so on Example assentions which can help customers to guarantee they cover the applicable issues amid arrangements Here are a few cases… ..

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First organization visit Is the item or administration novel or inventive? Has it been secured (formally through IP enrollments or less formally e.g. has the organization reported a procedure and kept it mystery) ? Is the customer mindful of how IA/IP can be utilized as a business apparatus ? Is signposting to a particular master required for further detail? Innovaccess apparatus - Why IP is significant for you IP4inno - E-learning modules Identify the IP aptitudes in your consortium, have association or area to signpost customers for an IP audit

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Business understanding – check list Field of utilization/timeframe secured/showcase/nations concerned Check legitimacy of IPR – recharging charges paid up Exclusivity/sole and so on – incorporated into glossary Royalty (require an IPR master to ascertain the %)? Allow statement e.g. in the event that permit depends on an application, which is then not truly, what happens? Who can possess/enroll frontal area IPR (connected to changes and so on) Who is in charge of acting against forging? Before the end of the assention, which partner(s) retain(s) IPR? Settlement on enhancements of items, services,.... End statements

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Tools and tips: business assentions Guidance WIPO prologue to IA/IP UK IPO Licensing booklet UK IPO agenda for permitting Example understandings from middle people Sample assentions (Scotland just) WIPO Guidance on IP authorizing and test understandings Find Professional IP consultants and lawyers Law Society Scotland database CITMA/CIPA Framework 7 IP issues Model assentions for FP7

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Next strides Final survey of the toolbox Check and endorsement of IP tool compartment by EACI IP tool compartment distributed on Network intranet Discuss follow up action

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Thank you! … .in the event that you have any proposals for pragmatic assets we ought to incorporate, or other people who might profit by this toolbox… tell us!