The Tipping Point Network Catalyzing A Globally Sustainable Economy

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2. . How Do We Make World Sustainability The Top Priority for Everyone?Sustainable divisions like organics, renewable vitality and integrative prescription have accomplished just around 2% pieces of the overall industry. In what manner would we be able to get to the piece of the overall industry tipping point (around 10%) in each reasonable sector?Capital Missions Company has an answer ~Use KINS (Key Initiator Network Strategy), a social advancement system CMC has pr

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The Tipping Point Network … Catalyzing A Globally Sustainable Economy

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How Do We Make World Sustainability The Top Priority for Everyone? Feasible areas like organics, renewable vitality and integrative solution have accomplished just around 2% pieces of the pie. How might we get to the piece of the pie tipping point (around 10%) in each supportable segment? Capital Missions Company has an answer ~ Use KINS (Key Initiator Network Strategy), a social advancement technique CMC has demonstrated more than 25 years to come to the "tipping point"* for maintainability. *The tipping point happens when an advancement gets through imperviousness to wind up distinctly generally acknowledged.

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How Can Sustainability* Get To The Tipping Point? Reply: CMC's Business Leadership Networks What are they? Self-arranging systems of key, shared, high-respectability pioneers in broadly differing fields who meet up by welcome to accomplish moving advancements while making the most of their related spirits. Why is this one smart response? These systems use humanitarians' dollars to get the supportability piece of the pie from 2% to 10%, after which the worldwide economy can subsidize manageability. * Humans upgrade instead of exhaust the world's assets. At present, we require 1.2 earths to maintain the world's current populace.

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What CMC Business Leadership Networks Exist in What Niches of Sustainability? Starting Design affability of See Appendix An or potentially for a depiction of 18 CMC systems

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What Is The Capital Missions Company? Its Vision: Achieve an all around feasible economy. Its Strategy: Use giver dollars to seed the saddling of the commercial center to take care of social issues. Its Method: Use KINS (The Key Initiator Network Strategy) to make powerful systems. Kinfolks organizes as of now serve different specialties of manageability, including: social putting resources into ten specialties of fund business equality for ladies business equality for African-Americans sun oriented vitality corporate social obligation riches stewardship socially-dependable generosity miniaturized scale back Now we will utilize KINS to make the Tipping Point Network to catalyze all inclusive reasonable economies.

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What Is The KINS Method? Kinfolks systems are "chaordic" and work the way any living being does, acting naturally arranging, self-coordinated and equipped for replication. They present advancement successfully in light of the fact that they work on the system of liberality, which makes exceptional arrangement among effective pioneers who trust that "a arrangement is a decent arrangement when it is useful for all concerned." Most vital, KINS systems use altruistic dollars to utilize business to take care of social issues. Kinfolks has a 25-year track record of accomplishment. See Appendix B. for a depiction of how KINS copies nature's request.

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KINS Networks' Core Operating Principles Members work on the Capital Missions Company's mantra: "An arrangement is a decent arrangement when it is useful for all concerned."* Each part does what s/he cherishes to do, does extraordinarily well and does as meager else as could be expected under the circumstances. Input from individuals takes every individual's work to the following level. Everybody has rise to time at the mike. Forefront data from every body electorate is shared privately, building trust among individuals. All our data is accessible to every one of the individuals constantly. Individuals represent 'hireling authority' Members do their best to return telephone calls inside 48 hours. These standards never show signs of change yet the genuine systems' drives can change relentlessly. This variable is a key nature of high-performing organizations refered to in the book, "Worked To Last: Successful Habits Of Visionary Companies" by Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras. * Mantra made by Virginia Rogers of Chicago

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Now Comes… Design of the Tipping Point Network A notoriety established in honesty; An exhibited reputation for giving back liberally; The most elevated remaining in their voting public; Advanced community oriented aptitudes and worker initiative; Consciousness that 'we are every one of the one'; Passion for planning the 'tipping point' for manageability. This plan was made by the authors of the Solar Circle and demonstrated effective inside year and a half. Steps 1. Make the vision proclamation - motivating, overwhelming, quantifiable: Draft Vision: Catalyze universally reasonable economies. 2. Recognize all supporters for accomplishing the vision. (See page 11 for the working rundown of voting demographics.) 3. Select the "key initiators" utilizing these criteria:

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Design of a Tipping Point Network (continued) 4. Timetable Founders' Retreat for 30 to outline the system - July 2006 5. Talk with system individuals and others to recognize deterrents and opportunities identified with the mission (ought to be finished by an outside master). 6. From this investigation, distinguish the imperative activities. 7. Have individuals organize the activities by arranging what their constituencies can contribute and what use and cooperative energy are conceivable. 8. Have individuals champion the organized activities that most take their claim work to the following level. 9. Champions have entry to official and profound mentors to get through the snags they see. 10. Seek leap forward strategies notwithstanding KINS to enhance our system outline.

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Design of a Tipping Point Network (continued) 11. Bring the photo astound pieces from every part together to make a photo without bounds that works for all. From this photo, offer voice to the entirety. 12. Members make business/activity arranges master bono, indicating ventures to be subsidized by benefactors, financial specialists and government. 13. Authors outline an activity to finance the activity/strategies for success. 14. The Network proceeds to self-compose and self-coordinate utilizing KINS and different methods. Be that as it may, authors of a system begin with a clear sheet of paper and can make whatever plan they need, basically drawing on the encounters of different KINS systems for motivation. The above plan offers a beginning spot.

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Potential Constituencies of the Tipping Point Network Economics, Finance & Business Stewardship of Wealth Shareholder Advocacy Blended Value Social Venture Capital Multi-national Corporate Responsibility Equity for Women Institutional Investors Living Local Economies Global Innovation Equity for Minorities Complimentary Currencies Socially Responsible Investments Natural Capitalism Science & Technology Spiritual Science Clean Technology Communications & Media Collaborative Media Alternative Media Indigenous Mind Culture & Art Healing Arts Environment & Stewardship Organic Agriculture Endangered Species Clean Air, Water & Soil Biomimicry Conscious Consumers Global Sustainability Climate Change Health & Healing Environmental Health Integrative Medicine Relationships & Cocreation Planatary Systemics Destiny Paths Male-Female Parity Resources & Infrastructure Renewable Energy Solar Energy Green Housing Affordable Housing Justice & Governance Global Visionaries Green Government Reforms Parity for Minorities Equal Rights Strategic Philanthropy Community Development Microenterprise Security & Peacekeeping Peace Movement Energy Independence Learning & Education Ecological Literacy Progressive Education Economics In Context Spirituality & Service Meditation Movement Self-Empowerment Groups Spirit of Money

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Why Do These Networks Work? They Use The Strategy of Generosity By picking pioneers who give back most… Through the "quality of frail ties" guideline, their devotees : are liberal make arrangement and in this manner pass on the advancement most adequately They are self-sorting out in a trusting, family-like condition As associates, individuals try to give at the abnormal state they get through their profound normal reason They acknowledge the balance of interest by all ("equivalent time at the mike") They are reason focused and standard based and composed around differing voting public. The Result Is A Most Time-Efficient And Cost-Efficient Way To Innovate

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Research Stage Capital Missions Company is presently distinguishing 15 'tipping point' humanitarians and 15 'tipping point initiators' accepted by their associates to most embody the KINS qualities. Specifically, CMC is distinguishing altruists who have officially set an objective of giving considerable financing to specific specialties of supportability - see page 11. "Tipping Point Initiators" are those accepted to be champions of the venture well on the way to make the tipping point in their field. (See Appendix D for current Tipping Point Initiators) A Founder's Retreat to outline the Network will be held in July 2006 for these 30 organizers in addition to the 4 unique Founding Funders of the Tipping Point Project.

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Legal Structure & Budget The Tipping Point Project is an immediate venture of the Coop America Foundation  Todd Larsen, Managing Director of Coop America Foundation, is the venture chief. Coop America Foundation has held Capital Missions Company, a revenue driven organization, to utilize its remarkable KINS technique (Key Initiator Network Strategy) to make the Tipping Point Project. Coop America Foundation is the financial support and CMC is the monetary operator for the Tipping Point Network.

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Funders Of The Tipping Point Network Krystyna Jurzykowski Mark McDonough Sam Mills Ron Miller Sheirah Foundation (Howard Rosenfeld and Sheryl Leach) Tommy Short John Smith Mary and Molly Stranahan Marion Weber Founding Funders will be respected in unendingness on Tipping Point Network materials.

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What Are The Benefits To Funders Of The Tipping Point Project? By utilizing our involvement in phila