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The Tattooed Soldier By Hector Tobar Pages 131-250 4/c Kelly Campbell 4/c Kate Compagnoni 4/c Kelly Grills 4/c Stephanie Jocis 4/c Anthony Monteforte

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Hector Tobar LA-conceived child of Guatemalan foreigners Graduate of UC Santa Cruz—abruptly "got the bug to take in the historical backdrop of Latin America [he] had not been educated," which enlivened him to dive into Latino issues. Composed The Tattooed Soldier in 1995, then came back to the L.A. Times as the National and Foreign reporter to Latin America for over 10 years. His next book, "Interpretation Nation," archived Latino people group that did not take after the prototype example of Latino migration, and frequently bloomed in groups where they were initially undesirable. This book got blended audits, and was for the most part saw as careful, yet exceeding and to some degree excess.

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Hector Tobar

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Current Works Calls for solidarity among blacks and Latinos in L.A., and demands that "without [blacks'] give up, [Latinos] would be 30 years behind in the battle for social liberties." Focuses on the predicament of uprooted Latino outsiders—especially those from Guatemala—in the wake of the California's occupation emergency, constrained into "L.A. limbo," sitting tight for the chance to make the life they longed for in the United States or return home. Endeavors to destroy the generalizations and reactions that torment Latinos over the U.S., particularly the "grapple infant" hypothesis. Included in 10x10, a grown-up education activity went for Latino outsiders.

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Chapters 10-11

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Chapter 12-13

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Chapter 14-15

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what number of you have given cash or nourishment to a vagrant?

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How does seeing the destitute make you feel?

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Homelessness On page 231 of The Tattooed Soldier , a policeman reports with a bullhorn, "This is an illicit settlement. You are trespassing on private property. You are infringing upon Penal Code Section Six-four-disjoin, a wrongdoing. This is an illicit place to stay" (231). In Ashraf Kahlil and Cara Mia DiMassa's article, "Destitute Seeking Option Away From Downtown", distributed in The Los Angeles Times , they talk about how in 2006 Los Angeles sent 50 extra officers dispose of the destitute who lived in the city amid the day .

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Contrast " Groups in messy bunches, dark men with dark men, Latinos with Latinos, whites with whites, they amassed on Third Street, shuddering in the hurrying wind of morning activity, an enduring current of autos bolstering into the methodical, passerby free avenues of the Financial District. They drew overwhelms gazes from the suburbanites quickening and decelerating on Third, men in ties and ladies in suits who took in the display of these asylums as though it were a picture from a blurred newsreel. This was something surprising, a break from the tedium of the morning drive" (233).

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Homelessness in Los Angeles According to the Institute for the Study of Homelessness and Poverty at the Weingart Center, an expected 254,000 men, ladies and kids encounter vagrancy in Los Angeles County amid some part of the year. Roughly, 82,000 individuals are destitute on any given night. Albeit vagrants might be found all through the area, the biggest rates are in South Los Angeles and Metro Los Angeles.  About 14 to 18 percent of destitute grown-ups in Los Angeles County are not U.S. residents contrasted and 29% of grown-ups by and large. Around 20% of the destitute populace are veterans. Albeit just 9% of the subjects in Los Angeles are African American, African Americans comprise of around half of the Los Angeles County destitute populace.

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Racial Barriers "Together Lopez and Longoria had been to Fort Bragg and Panama where they had persevered through the insults of the brilliant ass Salvadorans who treated them like basic woodlands cousins." P. 186 " Fucking pigs! Pigs!" The Mayor brought a cocoa clench hand up in their appearances… " P. 231 "We needn't bother with any warrant, butt hole," addressed one, a white man who appeared to be excessively youthful, making it impossible to converse with the Mayor that path, without appropriate regard." P. 231

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Isolation " 'This isn't our home," he said after a long interruption. "We're pariah's here" (133) " Grouped in messy bunches, dark men with dark men, Latinos with Latinos, whites with whites, they collected on Third Street, shuddering in the surging wind of morning activity, an enduring current of autos sustaining into the organized, person on foot free avenues of the Financial District. They drew overwhelmed gazes from the workers quickening and decelerating on Third, men in ties and ladies in suits who took in the display of these asylums as though they were a picture from a blurred newsreel" (233).

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"The panther secured me amid the last war. Presently it will ensure me in this Los Angeles war. It will secure me if the man with the pipe comes searching for me once more."

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Child Soldiers

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Imagery The Murder of Elena and Carlos "Singing shots to the neck and skull" (146). "The lady's shout pierces the deadness that has filled Longoria's ears" ( 146). "They step a path from the leaking pool of blood that is presently shaping by the lady's head" (147).

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Imagery of the Burning Church "Seconds after the fact a lady faltered out the congregation entryway, her arms and face secured with profound slashes… She attempted to scramble to her feet, yet the sergeant put his boot on her back and pushed her into the earth. Straddling her, he unsheathed a chasing blade from his hip, got her by the hair, and opening her throat" (246). "They slashed and snorted like men attempting to clear a sugarcane field, strings of sweat running down their necks. Steel against bone. Hack, Hack. This was work you couldn't manage without splattering pink and red and cocoa all over you" (247). "To start with the a wisp of smoke winding skyward, then a little cone of flame, the move of saffron tongues, and the whoosh of a hot wind" ( 248) The Patriot