The Systems Assurance Group

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The Systems Assurance Group Dr Jaspal Sagoo Systems Assurance Group QinetiQ Trusted Information Management Malvern Technology Center

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QinetiQ Defense & Technology Security & Dual Use US

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The Systems Assurance Group Dependability of frameworks: Safety , Security, adaptation to internal failure Provide affirmation that frameworks are trustworthy Formal displaying and examination CSP, Z , Model Checking, Theorem Proving, Refinement Assessment of frameworks Safety investigation procedures Type of Work Research Project Support Defence Commercial

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Prof. Colin O'Halloran Business Group Manager Dr Clive Pygott Dr Philip Core Deputy Technical Strategy BGM Support Transport Sue Jones Howard Manning Operations John Evans Manager Project Mgt Team Nick Tudor Judy Beckett Business Development PA to BGM Manager Office Manager Project Support Assistant Dr Mike Hill Mark Adams Software Assessment Software Verification & Theorem Proving Capability Dr Sadie Creese Dr Jaspal Sagoo Dr Karen Stephenson Dr Clive Pygott Security Assurance Project wellbeing Assurance Research & Application Model Based Assurance Nick Moffat Helen Roscoe Karen Barnett Andy Cole Dennis Carver Alf Smith Phil Clayton Richard Harrison Dr William Simmonds Anthony Smith Isobel Thompson Dr Simon Brown Liz Whiting Jamie Hodgkinson Tim Hawkins Gaius Wilson Alan Miao Iain Brown Dr Jeremy Hubbard Anthony Doggett Merlin March Mark Teasedale Patrick Godlonton Duncan Stuart Systems Assurance Group Structure

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Development and utilization of programming examination strategies Language advancement improvement of "safe" dialect subsets regularly considers Ada and C new dialects like C++, Java, SOAR and JACK Assessment instruments consistence investigation Malporte investigation

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Software Analysis Compliance examination indicates "accuracy" of code wrt determination make an interpretation of casual spec into Z refinement contention upheld by formal proof helped by a hypothesis prover

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SPARK Ada Z Spec Refinement Verification Conditions Discharge proof Overview of the Control Laws in Z (ClawZ) Process Simulink Refinement Script Generator Z Producer Compliance Notation Tool Supertac ProofPower

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Static code investigation Malporte (MALvern Predictor Of Run-Time Errors) statically checks for trustworthiness properties, for example, Run-time blunders Undefined conduct Run-time special cases Checks Ada, C, C++ code Checks for mistake, for example, Buffer over-runs Divide by zero Use of pointers and unions in C Integer and skimming point over/undercurrent

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Used on … Numerours MoD ventures, for example, Eurofighter Typhoon & Nimrod Secure webserver application Trial did with a car provider Security examination of SendMail server

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Safety Assurance Hazard recognizable proof and Safety case survey Generation of HAZOPs, PHA Review of conveyed wellbeing proof Safety case techniques advancement and utilization of apparatuses to deal with the joining of confirmation from various sources gathering of wellbeing cases Modular wellbeing cases Advice to approach bodies on gauges for wellbeing basic frameworks MoD's survey of benchmarks secretary of RTCA board creating future Avionics principles reports to the European Commission on the necessities for future air activity administration (Ariba) and social insurance measures Advice to MoD tasks on high uprightness programming

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Security Assurance Security of Pervasive figuring frameworks FORWARD venture subsidized by DTI Authentication & scratch administration Securing blue tooth Interoperability of gadgets Quality of administration Quantum Cryptography ESPIRIT Framework VI Development of methods to deliver security contentions Irish E-voting MAFTIA (Malicious & Accidental Fault Tolerant Internet Applications) ESPIRIT Framework V Verifying security components/plans

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Development and use of framework examination procedures Formal demonstrating and investigation of imparting frameworks check of security and wellbeing properties can be connected to legacy and COTS items Formal displaying and investigation methods connected to computerized equipment confirmation of basic ASIC outline processor out of date quality issues ASIC reviews Assessment of the effect of rising innovation on framework wellbeing the effect of neural systems and operator innovation on framework security impact of move to IMA on accreditation Robust System Of Systems (RSOS)

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Student enrollment Firm establishments in customary zones: Computer Science Formal systems Software Engineering