The South Manchester Way Anthony Hassall Director of Business Development UHSM

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. The South Manchester Way Anthony Hassall Director of Business Development UHSM. Why worker engagement at UHSM?.

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The South Manchester Way Anthony Hassall Director of Business Development UHSM

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Why representative engagement at UHSM? "An arrangement of uplifting states of mind and practices empowering high employment execution of a kind which are tuned in to the association's main goal. " Professor John Story Routledge Companion to Strategic Human Resource Management Evidence based Engaged representatives in the UK take a normal of 2.69 debilitated days for each year; the separated take 6.19 The CBI reports that infection nonattendance costs the UK economy £13.4bn a year. Drawn in representatives are 87 for each penny less inclined to leave the association than the separated. The cost of high turnover among separated workers is huge; a few evaluations put the cost of supplanting every representative at equivalent to yearly compensation.

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Why 'The South Manchester Way'? 2009/10 – "Red" Rated by Monitor – execution disappointment in connection to A&E, MRSA and 18 weeks Resignation of 3 Non Executive Directors Arrival of new CEO and COO Anticipation of noteworthy monetary test £ 47million reserve funds more than 3 years Results of worker engagement poll … the requirement for a structure which characterizes how we to advance from these difficulties – THE SOUTH MANCHESTER WAY 'the way we get things done around here'

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Feedback on Employee Engagement Questionnaire 'We cooperate'

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Feedback on Employee Engagement Questionnaire But we don't believe each other

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Feedback on Employee Engagement Questionnaire to date 'We firefight as opposed to arrange'

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Feedback on Employee Engagement Questionnaire to date Our frameworks are OK, yet there is huge dissatisfaction with them

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Developing 'The South Manchester Way' Direct dialogs with more than 600 individuals from staff – drove by the CEO Over 1000 podcast sees Over 500 overviews returned Concerted and sorted out 'Back to the Floor' by all individuals from the Senior Management Team Small Focus Groups Large scale occasion for 300 "pioneers" from all parts of the association (counting PFI) The South Manchester Way Steering Group

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What was the result? Iterated form of what it intended to be an individual from staff at UHSM Set of qualities and practices which were consented to be the explanation of UHSM Launched in association on 3 January 2010

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… the way we get things done around here

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Since January 2010 All evaluations connected to SMW (82% rate) Review of all Employee Award Schemes connected to SMW – 'Group of the Quarter' Recruitment and acceptance now weaved around SMW 'Back to the Floor' proceeds with Open 'Meet the CEO' and individual welcomes to 'Meet the CEO'. Comparable discussions for 'Meet the Chief Nurse, Medical Director and so on' Don't overlook – Night Staff, Staff off primary site, staff utilized by different associations, Contractors and so forth The SMW Steering Group meets month to month

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Has it worked? Noteworthy rebuild of clinical divisions (5 to 3) and presentation of clinical initiative, with ethos of SMW Reduction in administration expenses of £ 2m in 2010/11 CIP on focus to convey 77% higher funds in 2010/11 than in 2009/10 Significant and far reaching changes in procedures, incorporating falls long of stay, affliction nonappearance, utilization of private segment, office staff and increments in theater profitability and day case rates No declaration of huge scale redundancies

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Going Forward UHSM now "Green" appraised for administration About to secure Community benefits in south Manchester Opportunities for further joint effort in Trafford Awaiting consequences of Staff Survey (100% of staff welcomed to take an interest) SMW keeps on being on the most fundamental level of our business