The Smaller scale Blog: Saying it all in 140 Characters

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Google Trends: Social Media. Meaning of Social Media. Online networking can take numerous ... Google Trends: Twitter. Google Trends: Twitter. Big name Adoption ...

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The Micro-Blog: Saying everything in 140 Characters Vince Buscemi VP Operations Mindgrub Technologies LLC @vincebuscemi Todd Marks President & CEO Mindgrub Technologies LLC @mindgrub

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The Micro-Blog: Saying everything in 140 Characters Evolution of Social Media What is Twitter Applications Twitter Adoption Case Studies Demonstration Out-There Twitter

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Evolution of Social Media

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Google Trends: Social Media

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Definition of Social Media Social Media can take a wide range of structures, including Internet gatherings , weblogs , social online journals , wikis , podcasts , pictures and video. Advancements include: online journals , picture-sharing, vlogs , divider postings, email , texting , music-sharing, crowdsourcing , and voice over IP , to give some examples. 1

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Web 1.0 Roots :: Social Text Chat, Discussion Boards are HOT!

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Web 2.0 Progression :: Social Networking Usenet ��  Wikis ��  ICQ Friendster ��  LinkedIn ��  MySpace ��  Facebook ��  Twitter

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Evolution of Social Networking Information is Getting less demanding to send and process Delivered in little numerous blasts moving by means of cell phones

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What is Twitter?

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What is Twitter Twitters major question is "what's happening with you?" Users have 140 characters to depict "what they are doing" Users can content to 40404 and it appears "for them" Twitter messages are made accessible by means of RSS There are a few outsider applications that can show the RSS and make important connections amongst information and clients.

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Twitter Terminology (beat 10) @user : Referencing another client in a post Direct Message (D client): to communicate something specific that exclusive you and the receipiant can see. Hash Tag (#): Referring to a searchable watchword/state in a post. v

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Twitter Terminology (beat 10) tweet( ing ): the demonstration of presenting on Twitter. retweet : bringing a past tweet discussion or reference once again into the present discussion. tweeter/twitterer : a client of Twitter. twittering : to send a Twitter message. tweeple : Twitter individuals, Twitter individuals, Twitter clients. v

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Twitter Terminology (Continued) tweeps : Twitter individuals that take after each other starting with one online networking/organize then onto the next. tweetup : when twitterers meet face to face - a Twitter get together. twalking : strolling while twittering by means of content. tweetaholic : somebody dependent on Twitter, to such an extent that it might be a real issue. v

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Twitter Shorthand (SMS Shorthand) 2 = to, as well, two 4 = for, four abt = about B4 = before b/c = in light of the fact that B4N = bye until further notice BTW = by the way chk = check cld = could da = the deets = points of interest DM = coordinate message, as in "DM me so I can send you more info" fwd = forward GR8 = awesome IMHO = in my genuine/humble feeling j/k = simply joking

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Twitter Shorthand ur = you are w or w/= with w/e = weekend w00t ! = fervor wld = would wtf = what the f*** y/w = the pleasure is all mine l8r = later njoy = appreciate ppl = individuals plz = please RT = retweet ru = are you thx = much obliged

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Twitter Adoption

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Google Trends: Twitter

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Google Trends: Twitter

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Celebrity Adoption Brittney Spears Lance Armstrong Oprah Steven Colbert Barak Obama John Cleese Ashton Kutcher Todd Marks Vincent Buscemi v

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Celebrity Adoption (Ashton Kutcher) v

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Twitter Applications

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(AIR) TweetDeck

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(iPhone) Tweety ($3) Twitterific (free) v

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Case Studies

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@cookbook (Recipes) New Eggplant Parmesan : cvr3tom/s+p/3T wine@low7m; puree. Cut/oil2eggplant; 15m@400F/205C. Plunge w egg/crumb&s+p . Broil+c parm . Srv on puree. Chocolate Cupcakes : cream4T buttr/8T sug ; +egg. Sift1/8t soda&salt/6T flour/4T cocoa/.25t bkgpdr . Blend all+4T drain; fill6cups. 20m@375F/190C. Darjeeling Soup : sear leek&onion/T spread. Simmer15m+2c cauliflr/1tater&celery/4c Darj tea/s+p/straight. Rmv sound; puree+6T drain. Srv w nutmeg&pep . Garlic Chicken : blend 2lb/kg chickn/20whlclvgarlic/t oregano&rosemry/4T vermouth&olvoil&celery&wine/hack lemon/s+p . Cvr h@350F/177C; uncvr9m+. v

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Baltimore Crime Beat v

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Demonstration amidst @ mindgrub's pres w/@ vincebuscemi on the small scale blogging & Twitter @ nabshow . #nab09

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Far-out Twitter

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Thought Tweeting

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Tweeting Plants v

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The Micro-Blog: Saying everything in 140 Characters Evolution of Social Media What is Twitter Applications Twitter Adoption Case Studies Demonstration Out-There Twitter

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Questions? ( ) Vince Buscemi VP Operations Mindgrub Technologies LLC @vincebuscemi Todd Marks President & CEO Mindgrub Technologies LLC @mindgrub