The Rosebud Police Department

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The Rosebud Police Division. Numerous residential areas in Texas get a terrible notoriety with regards to their Police Offices. There have been a few said in tunes throughout the years as simply speed traps or income gathering hotspots for the city.

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The Rosebud Police Department Many residential areas in Texas get an awful notoriety with regards to their Police Departments. There have been a few specified in melodies throughout the years as simply speed traps or income gathering hotspots for the city. Over the most recent nine months as a Law Enforcement Liaison for the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA), I have made contacts with numerous residential community police offices. What I have found are gatherings of men and ladies who are really worried with the general population they are pledged to ensure. One such case I have discovered as of late is the Rosebud Police Department. The Police Department is under the heading of Chief Jeremiah Shults. Boss Shults is a young fellow with enhancing the personal satisfaction of the citizenry of Rosebud Texas by expanding security in the town. Boss Shults and his group achieve this mission through forceful watch and movement requirement. Boss Shults has an officer doled out to the school zone on Highway 77 each school day for the wellbeing of the kids and the transports entering the bustling interstate. Boss Shults and his group likewise joined to partake in the national Click it or Ticket Program in May of 2010. After a current power blackout in Rosebud, Chief Shults got to be distinctly worried with the individuals who depend upon therapeutic gear for survival. In conjunction with the Fire Department, Chief Shults started a program to keep an eye on the individuals who are in those circumstances. This required the police office to contact those in the group and guide those areas so those in need could be reached by an officer or fire contender. Boss Shults additionally has faith in having an all around prepared proficient police office. In June of 2010 Chief Shults facilitated Law Enforcement Advanced DWI/DUI Reporting System (LEADRS), Blood Alcohol Reporting, CR-3 (Crash Investigation) and E-Grants preparing at the D. Chestnut Library for neighborhood offices.

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The Rosebud Police Department The Police division additionally has a solid association with the educational system. The Rosebud – Lott solidified school area has grounds in Rosebud, Lott and the High School is situated in Travis roughly five miles north of Rosebud. Boss Shults, or one of his staff, consistently visits the High School grounds trying to build up an association with the understudies. Boss Shults thinks building up an early connection between the understudies and the Police will help with making a honest resident later on. The office endeavors to be required in the group. Each Easter the office in conjunction with the shoot office has the "Firearms and Hoses" Easter egg chase in the city stop. The Chief sits in a dunking corner amid the Fourth of July festivity for the "Dunk the Chief" occasion where the nationals can pay for the opportunity to dunk the Chief. All returns go to help support the Santa Pal program. There are actually many organizations crosswise over Texas simply like this one! They have vowed to secure and serve the general population of their group and do as such for next to no money related remuneration. They carry out the employment for the general population and for no other explanation. So whenever you experience a little group and see an officer in favor of the street, they could possibly be there for a reason and not to simply compose tickets. Consider the man or lady inside that auto. They may not bring home the bacon wage but rather will put their life hanging in the balance for you. Appreciate the articles and photographs that take after. Garry L. Parker Law Enforcement Liaison Texas Municipal Police Association

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Rosebud Police and Fire Departments at Rosebud-Lott Elementary School

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Rosebud Police and Fire Department Annual Guns and Hoses Easter Egg Hunt