The Role of Technology in Improving the Quality of Education

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The Role of Technology in Improving the Quality of Education Abraham Tharakan General Manager, NIIT Ltd.

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Changing ideal models Space Time Speed Communication Media Learning

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Highly particular Becoming specific The wellspring of all information No one knows anything any longer... All information through innovation? 1800 1900 TODAY 2000 +

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The Blossoming of Knowledge

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Not the most grounded Not the most astute Those most receptive to change Charles Darwin

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The Role of Technology

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Learning Design and Technology Differed Waves empowering innovation Change of individual attititudes & models Changing Paradigms • Levels of cooperation ( ) • Interactivity ( ) ••• New Millenium: Collaborative Technology destinations G rowth of capacities & Knowledge • •• 90s Hypertext Technology • Transfer of standards/truths/methodology 80s Multimedia Technology 60s: Behaviorist 70s-80s: Cognitivist 90s-00s: Constructivist models

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NCF Recommendations on ICT Equipment Driven Programs Do Not Work

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Quality of Education - Touch Points

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The Learning Ecosystem

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Education Delivery

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Educators – Teaching/Learning Communities

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The Pillars of Education Curriculum Learning of Individual Teachers Experience of Individual Teachers

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World Wide Web School Home Ecosystem Child

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