The Removal of the Cherokee

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The Evacuation of the Cherokee. Georgia versus The Cherokee Country. Section ONE. Evacuation of the Cherokee Indians. Attributes . Attributes - . The Cherokees. Cases - . Cases . The Life of the Cherokee.

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The Removal of the Cherokee Georgia versus The Cherokee Nation

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PART ONE Removal of the Cherokee Indians

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Characteristics + Characteristics - The Cherokees Examples - Examples +

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The Life of the Cherokee What I K now What I W subterranean insect to realize What I L earned

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Conflict Over Indian Lands: Georgia versus the Cherokee Vocabulary words/terms

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Write these four words and definitions on your second sheet "towns" : Groups of 80 – 100 Cherokees controlled by free chieftains. syllabary : Written characters or images that speak to talked syllables. bilingual : Documents composed or imprinted in two dialects. group : Part of a gathering joined on a noteworthy issue.

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Reading and Writing Turn to pages 143 – 152 in The Georgia Studies Book. Skim/examine these pages searching for the four vocabulary words. Record the sentences in which the words are utilized.

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Creating Your Own Write a decent clear sentence utilizing each of the vocabulary words.

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Sharing Now, we will share some of our sentences

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Sharing Sentences

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Conflict Over Indian Lands: Georgia versus the Cherokee A Good Question is Worth a Thousand Words!!

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Questions Anyone? Number from 1 to 7 on your paper, skipping five spaces between each number.

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Write down these terms 1. Sequoyah 2. New Echota 3. Cherokee Phoenix 4. "invalid and void" 5. Dahlonega 6. The Supreme Courts Decision 7. The Trail of Tears

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Convert each of your terms into a question and draw a case around the question. Case: 1. Sequoyah Who was Sequoyah?

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Sharing We will now share a portion of the inquiries that we have made.

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Sharing Questions

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Time For Reading Read pages 143 – 152 in your Georgia Studies Book. Search for the responses to the inquiries that you have made.

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Questions and Answers Now, we will share a portion of the solutions to our inquiries.

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Questions and Answers

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PART TWO Removal of the Cherokee

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Georgia And The Cherokee The Cherokee Removal

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Bad Feelings Revolutionary War of 1812 Oconee War

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Georgia's Indians, 1800 Cherokees in Northern Georgia Creeks in Southern Georgia

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Removal of the Creek Treaty of Indian Springs Indian Removal Act Andrew Jackson Treaty of Washington

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The Cherokee's Strategy For Keeping Their Land Adopt an indistinguishable way of life from the white pioneers of Georgia

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Sequoyah Cherokee Alphabet

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Cherokee Phoenix

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Cherokee Constitution

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Government and Police New Echota Light Horse Guard

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Homes and nourishment

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Gold Discovered Dahlonega

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The Final Decision

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Draw the course taken by the Cherokee on their "Trail of Tears."

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PART THREE Removal of the Cherokee Indians

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Georgia Stories I The First Century of Statehood Part III

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Things to do as you watch every Georgia Story: On your freebee record three in number subtle elements/truths for every story. Record any unanswered question that you may have about every story. Toward the finish of every story, you will build up your subtle elements/actualities into an enlightening passage.