The Professional School Interview

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How would you get a meeting?. Undergrad work: GPAMCATActivities outside of the classroom: research, group administration, organizationsComplete AMCAS applicationSend in secondariesWait for welcome to interviewExpenses. Why do I need to be met?. Reason for existing is to coordinate a face with the name on paper and to see what sort of identity you have.Medicine is not just about science. You must be

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The Professional School Interview Lorenzo Foster, MS I Gretchen Gillyard, MS II Sharhonda Ansley, MS I Tomasina Parker, MS II Margo Thomas, MS II Christina Edwards, MS III LSUHSC Shreveport School of Medicine SNMA Chapter

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How would you get a meeting? Undergrad work: GPA MCAT Activities outside of the classroom: examine, group benefit, associations Complete AMCAS application Send in secondaries Wait for welcome to meeting Expenses

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Why do I need to be met? Reason for existing is to coordinate a face with the name on paper and to perceive what sort of identity you have. Drug is not just about science. You should have the capacity to impart to other individuals well and the meeting tries to check whether you can do that. Deal yourself on the grounds that the school is attempting to deal itself to you. The general population who talk with you will be the general population to talk up for you amid the entrance advisory board so demonstrate your best face.

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Kinds of meetings Blind Interviews: just read your own announcement One on One Group meetings Being met by a fourth year therapeutic understudy Exit interviews

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Day before the meeting If away, arrive the day preceding the meeting and remain in the inn Be acquainted with the school and why you need to go to that school Have everything arranged to get to the meeting on time. Lateness is not a decent initial introduction.

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Day of the meeting Be mindful that all that you say and do that at the medicinal school you are talking at can be a figure you getting in or not. As such: Be yourself yet don't be too free.

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Expected Questions Why would you like to be specialist? You ought to have the capacity to answer this question in 2 minutes or less Ethical Issues Current occasions How would you portray yourself? What persuades you? On the off chance that you get an intense question, answer it the best your can

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Attire "What do I wear for the meeting?"

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Nails Avoid to a great degree long or uncut nails Avoid Flashy nail clean hues Keep nails flawless and prepared

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Jewelry No more than 2 rings for each hand or one hoop for every ear Avoid ostentatious and pompous adornments No tongue rings, nose rings, eyebrow rings and so on

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Shoes Avoid open toe and risqué Mules are a No!

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Short Skirts ought to be close to 3 crawls over the knee Capris and Leggings are a positive NO!

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Tatoos If you have one that is obvious when wearing your suit, cover it up!!!

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Bare Legs Wear tights even in summer, moist climate Wear naked tone leggings

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Handbags Avoid printed or in vogue totes

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Men Avoid turtlenecks Strong Cologne Leather Blazers

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Hair Cornrows ? Fears ? Plaits ?

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Proper Attire

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Preparing For the Professional School Interview

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Resources Questions Research Current Events

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Websites Right hand corner of screen - "bounce to" Scroll down to BIG GUIDE Look at Undergraduate Section Things to do every undergrad year Study Tips MCAT Application handle INTERVIEWING

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Univ. Of Louisville

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STEP 2 Interview Questions

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Get a rundown of inquiries before the meeting Think About and Answer every one of the inquiries HONESTLY MOCK INTERVIEW

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STEP 3 RESEARCH Purpose Technique Conclusion

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SPECIFICS What do questioners search for and evaluate? What turns questioners off? What sorts of inquiries are inquired? What sorts of meeting methodologies do understudies experience

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