The Palestinian Liberation Organization

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The Palestinians. Semitic and ArabChristian (6%) and Sunni Muslim49% of the aggregate populace of Israel, the West Bank, and GazaPalestinian Dialect of ArabicNever a completely Sovereign people4.2 million hold evacuee status More than a large portion of the subjects of Jordan are Palestinian (counting the Queen).

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The Palestinian Liberation Organization The History of Terrorism as a Strategy of Political Insurgency February 21, 2011

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The Palestinians Semitic and Arab Christian (6%) and Sunni Muslim 49% of the aggregate populace of Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza Palestinian Dialect of Arabic Never a completely Sovereign individuals 4.2 million hold exile status More than a large portion of the natives of Jordan are Palestinian (counting the Queen)

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The Balfour Declaration of 1917 His Majesty's administration see with support the foundation in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish individuals , and will utilize their best attempts to encourage the accomplishment of this question, it being unmistakably comprehended that nothing should be done which may preference the common and religious privileges of existing non-Jewish people group in Palestine, or the rights and political status delighted in by Jews in whatever other nation

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Suez Crisis Regional Security premiums Britain and France had circuitous security objectives in spite of Egypt's objectives Israel had coordinate security objectives Nasser Overreached Nationalized the waterway Recognized Communist China US pulled back guide for the Aswan Dam The Egyptian annihilation was seen as the aftereffect of the provincial forces, not Israel, having the predominant armed force

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1967 Six Day War Nasser comes to too far again Expels UN troops from the outskirt Declares straits of Tiran shut Arab Armies mass on Israel's fringes Israeli Motivation Guerilla Attacks Arab weapons and aviation based armed forces Major Factors Better officers, Better activity Air prevalence 3G versus 2G strife mode

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1968 Creating a "win" for the PLO Alienating the Jordanians Managing the Media Perceptions and Hubris

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Major PLO Groups Fatah Founded 1956 in Egypt Yasser Arafat Marxist-Leninist Largest Group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Dr. George Habbash Iraq Marxist Loved to Fly! Famous Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine Naif Hawatmeh Extreme Let wing disliked anyone Black September Off shoot of Fatah Extreme Anti Jordan Munich

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The Friendly Sky Skyjacking Limited risk and cost-few individuals required Economic effect on targets could be noteworthy – tourism (possibly I will go to Yosemite rather), disturbance of air terminals, and so on Excellent Media scope, reached out over various days Psychological effect on open Violent Victims of the irregular kind (lady and kids on vacation)

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Black September Key Issues Most Jordanians are Palestinians The King is a Hashemite and seen as weak The PLO has 20,000 warriors acting autonomously n Jordan The PLO did not carry on an earlier arrangement (appearance) The King was burnt out on Israelis beating him

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Terrorism on the Road Media Propaganda Indiscriminate Violent Political International Networked

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PLO in Lebanon Sucks to be a Lebanese individual The PLO were bad visitors Existing ethnic strains ejected, and the PLO participate! 1/4 of the populace injured 5% killed Then come the Israelis and the continually beguiling Ariel Sharon Map demonstrating power adjust in Lebanon, 1983: Green - controlled by Syria purple - controlled by Christian gatherings yellow - controlled by Israel blue - controlled by the United Nations

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Intifada PLO Lost everyday contact with the regions PLO and Israel both Failed to comprehend the conditions Hamas would develop the champ in the avenues Politically world favored the stone hurlers Oslo Peace accords would take after

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Oslo Peace Accord Israeli withdrawal from West Bank and Gaza Interim Palestinian Authority (5 years) trailed by a lasting arrangement (statehood) Mutual Recognition

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Intifada II Israel Conservative Likud Control government Opposed t Oslo Expansion of Jewish Settlements Palestinians Corruption in Fatah and Government Islamic Fundamentalist Suicide Bombers Loss of world feeling Hardening Israeli Paradigm Palestinian Split Apartheid for the West Bank Tomorrows Pioneers Children's Show

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Ringo Starr and the PLO – the Truth Revealed