The Myths Benefits of Safety Management Systems

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The Myths & Benefits of Safety Management Systems June 10, 2007 Jessica Domitrovich Critical Path, Inc.

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History and Why As part State of UN, the United States is committed to meet ICAO gauges November 24, 2005 – Operational SMS set up

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What is SMS? Incorporated arrangement of: work practices convictions techniques Organized way to deal with overseeing wellbeing Recognizes the potential for mistakes Establishes vigorous protections Data driven, business approach

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What is SMS? SMS is a "Top Down" program Without support and duty from top administration, SMS will FAIL SMS is measure delicate Smaller airplane terminals will have less demanding time Takes years to completely execute

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SMS – why now? Mischances/episodes cost keep on rising Can't manage the cost of less substantial costs: harmed notoriety loss of representative time Current security hones can't do a great deal more Makes existing projects better SMS will turn into a necessity – begin now and do it right

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SMS Misconceptions "We as of now do SMS" You do wellbeing yet not SMS "Simply one more FAA unfunded command" If done right/after some time, will spare $$ Not a transient venture "Air terminal will now bring about obligation from occupant mishaps"

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Why Do SMS? Measure security Monitor enhancements Help showcase wellbeing guidelines Reduce immediate, circuitous and industry/social costs Improve correspondence, assurance and efficiency Required Improve notoriety Reduce legitimate cases Reduce protection costs

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Benefits of SMS With SMS, you: Will have instruments to gauge your level of wellbeing Can evaluate expenses Be proactive versus responsive Can recognize underlying drivers of episodes/mischances

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Results Safer airplane terminal Lower working costs Better notoriety Regulatory consistence Minimize lawful cases Provide positive safeguard Increased efficiency Better environment Save $$ Sleep better during the evening

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SMS Dialogue

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