The most effective method to Engage Visual Learners in Your SENCER Course

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Learning Style Preference: Sensory

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Step by step instructions to Engage Visual Learners in Your SENCER Course Jim Robinson Instructional Designer UW-Parkside

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Learning Style Preference: Sensory & Visual Styles* Learners demonstrated an inclination toward a tangible learning style as opposed to an instinctive style 57 percent were uniquely tactile arranged, and another 21 percent were somewhat tactile situated. Tactile learners procure data by interfacing it to this present reality, while natural learners incline toward conceptual ideas. Tactile learners get data by interfacing it to this present reality, while natural learners lean toward theoretical ideas. There was an articulated inclination for a visual learning style, with 44 percent being particularly outwardly situated An extra 8 percent being gently outwardly arranged. Visual learners secure data by observing pictures, while verbal learners get more out of hearing and words. *The concentrate utilized a populace of Library Information Science understudies. Information: Inventroy:

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Concrete versus Abstract Thinking

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SENCER and Instructional Design is basically a normal, coherent, successive process expected to take care of issues. 1 For the expression "plan prepare," we can likewise read "critical thinking process" recognizable proof and investigation of an issue or need continue through an organized grouping in which data is looked into and thoughts investigated developmental assessment until the ideal answer for the issue or need is contrived. 2 1. Jones, J.C. (1970) "Outline Methods and Technology: Seeds of Human Futures" 2.

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Not generally the Whole Lesson: Gap Analysis A "hole" is a precipice in the stream obviously educational programs whereby the learning destinations are not being met (a crevice in what is versus what ought to be ). A "Needs Assessment" to decide how to close the crevice. What essential information is important for learner accomplishment with an idea? A crevice can likewise be a need if intrigue or inspiration, which brings about an absence of engagement with the substance

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What is Technology It originates from the Greek "tekhnologia" and the Latin 'technologia', which means an orderly treatment. The root is the Greek word "tekhne" - a workmanship or art. "A stone can be a mechanical device … and in the event that it is the most ideally equipped one for the occupation… utilize it!"

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Word PowerPoint (PPT) SnagIt Photoshop Overhead Projector Handouts Whiteboard Document Camera Newspaper (current) The content Computer/Projector Networked Memory gadget USB (512 Mb min.) CD SmartBoard Clickers Types of Visual Content Presentational Tools Advanced Organizers Diagrams Pictures Manipulatives Animation Video Software Tools

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Presentational Tools Overhead Projector Draw freehand - > Vis-a-Vis Embed graphic(s) in WP record - > print a straightforwardness One thought for each slide Different sorts – Xerox, Inkjet Printer, "Unique" - CAREFUL Inkjet – make picture (SnagIt), Flip on a level plane (Photoshop), Print Handouts Embed graphic(s) in WP document - > print a printed copy Whiteboard Draw freehand - > opposite Document Camera Newspaper (current "genuine" data - metro engagement ) The content w/straightforwardness 3-D questions that you don't go around

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Presentational Tools (cont) Computer/Projector Networked to reach outside the classroom Memory gadget (most solid technique) USB (512 Mb min.) or CD (700 Mb) SmartBoard On screen comment of computerized record (white load up) Touch screen – confront the understudies Screen catch and record change – Smart Notebook Course Mgmt System – D2L, Blackboard Highlight in class what you need them to do outside of class Design exercises to incorporate it from Day 1 – In syllabus - Make it number Have a purpose behind utilizing it – connections to graphical data Clickers: Graphical portrayal – dynamic investment

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Types of Visual Content Advanced Organizers or Graphic Organizers Provide visual structure for perceiving connections Can utilize conceptualizing to create thoughts and show associations among them. Make linkages evident and express On board/straightforwardness – fill it In PowerPoint – activity, yet static Inspiration and Visio are programming items for making realistic coordinators

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Accident Advanced Organizer Example Not Attentive Stop Sign

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Photoshop Types of Visual Content (cont) Diagrams/charts Scanner, Internet Image seek, Excel –> Powerpoint Pictures Sources Scanner Download (copyright) - Save as record versus duplicate/glue Snag (SnagIt) Digital camera Characteristics Composed of Pixels File sort jpg, gif, bmp, tif, png, pict … Adjusting size (Photoshop) Resolution – number of dabs per inch - reason? Print or screen? 300 dpi or 72 dpi

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Finding Pictures on the web: Google Advanced Image look: Keyword "wave obstruction" Altavista Image seek: Keyword "wave impedance" Metacrawler Advanced Image look: Keyword "wave obstruction" Dogpile Advanced Image look: Keyword "wave obstruction"

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SnagIt: duplicate/glue site spirit

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SnagIt Features Graphics catch program Drag the mouse over an area of the screen to choose what you catch Can utilize duplicate/glue from Preview window – no compelling reason to monitor records/registries Be mindful of copyright limitations Features Academic Pricing

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Diagrams/charts PPT: Slide Layout

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Diagrams/diagrams PPT: Chart

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Diagrams/charts PPT: Chart Options Double on diagram to make dynamic Right snap over diagram Right snap NOT over chart however inside limit

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Diagrams/charts PPT: Chart Type

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Diagrams/charts PPT: Chart Options

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Diagrams/diagrams PPT: Copy/Paste from Excel into the slide

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Diagrams/charts PPT: Copy/Paste from Excel into the PowerPoint Chart Datasheet Excel - > duplicate information In PPT make outline dynamic uncovering the datasheet Highlight a similar number of columns/cols in the Datasheet as in Excel Paste

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Diagrams/charts PPT: Copy/Paste from Excel into the PowerPoint Chart Datasheet

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Diagrams/diagrams PPT: Copy/Paste from Excel into the PowerPoint Chart Datasheet (cont) Clean up – re-arrange Final alternative … for now - > connection to exceed expectations document

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Types of Visual Content (cont) Manipulatives Document Camera (Doc Cam) Opaque Projector + Provides growth – address corridors Zoom include

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Types of Visual Content (cont) Animation/Simulation Ppt – Custom Animation/Animation Schemes understudy example1 understudy case 2 Web-based – Flash, applets, energized gifs Example 1 The Universe Within Example 2

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Types of Visual Content (cont) 1 More understudy case…

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Each number is comprised of ones. Which section is the ones? ones tens Author: Ryan Mueller

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What happens in the event that we add different numbers to 9? ones tens ones tens 1 2 1 4 Review Author: Ryan Mueller

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Types of Visual Content (cont) Video Web Search Strategies Streaming Video – downloads a little at any given moment making the likelihood for understudies on a modem to watch at home Common File Types avi – vast higher quality mpeg – great decision mov – quicktime (commonplace configuration for macintosh) rm/slam – Real player record – blurring wmv – windows media player

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Video File Types and PPT Audio Video Interleave (.avi) are shown inside PowerPoint. AVI is the most widely recognized configuration for sound/video information on the PC. Film Experts Group (mpg, mpeg) will show in PowerPoint and have the littlest document measure. PowerPoint won't show either QuickTime (.mov) or Real Media (.rm). To demonstrate to them a hyperlink must be made to the document.

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Finding Video on the Web: Google Web Keywords: "wave interference" applet streak activity Google Advanced Video Search: wave obstruction Image Search: "wave impedance" Waves science/physresos.htm

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Digital Video: Google Video :: View subject - Physics and space science training recordings ... are various exceptionally fascinating great material science and cosmology recordings accessible through Google video ... Additionally various documentaries a stargazing from the Intellegent Design perspective.

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Finding Video: Dogpile versus Altavista Best for News sources an odd outcome bbc video watchwords: world crash Altavista is my suggestion for discovering scholarly substance

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Altavista Digital Video: mpeg records Dubbed the "Tadpole," this winding universe is not at all like the reading material pictures of stately systems. Its bended shape was created by a little gatecrasher, an exceptionally blue, reduced cosmic system obvious in the upper right corner of the more monstrous Tadpole. Source:

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Alta vista video (proceeded) - Keywords: Chemical Reaction .avi records (colossal) pages/jodip/matter/themes/les17/17c.htm pages/jodip/matter/points/les17/precip.mpg

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Digital Camera Video: .wmv document

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Copy glue from Word to PPT Syllabus TEDU 230-001

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Word: Draw devices

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Right cli