The Match Process

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The Match Process. Getting Into a Residency Program. Match Process. Research programs Application (as a rule through Periods) Select projects, appoint records Apply to projects Register with coordinating administration Interviews Submit Rank Request List Match Scramble (discretionary).

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The Match Process Getting Into a Residency Program

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Match Process Research programs Application (normally through ERAS) Select projects, allot reports Apply to projects Register with coordinating administration Interviews Submit Rank Order List Match Scramble (discretionary)

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Osteopathic Programs: Do-on the web (Opportunities) Residency Application Service (ERAS) National Matching Service (NMS) Allopathic Programs: FREIDA Residency Application Service (ERAS) National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) Residency Program Information

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Terms Dually licensed - Program in which an osteopathic student is enrolled in a residency program that is certify by both the AOA and ACGME. The osteopathic learner gets both AOA and ACGME credit. Students who finish double projects have the alternative to wind up board ensured by either or both the AOA and the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).

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Dually Accredited Programs Are there any in Oklahoma?

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Resolution 42 Provides endorsement of ACGME preparing as an AOA Internship Apply for thought amid PGY-1 year Requirements Documentation Core Rotations For more data:

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Application Services ERAS – utilized by most claims to fame and projects San Francisco Match Neurology Neurotology Ophthalmology Plastic Surgery Urology Match Some projects may utilize their own particular application Applicants are in charge of knowing which administration to utilize – kindly do your homework!

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Matching Services National Matching Service Osteopathic Match June, candidates can enlist October 10, prescribed date for finishing enrollment January 23, 2009 – Rank Order List due February 9, 2009 – Match Day

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Matching Services National Residency Matching system Allopathic coordinating administration Registration starts 8/15/2008 at twelve, EST Deadline for enrollment is 11/20/08; from that point onward, there is a $50 late expense Last day to Register is 2/28/09 Rank request list due 2/28/09 3/16/09 - Match data discharged to coordinated and unmatched 3/17/09"Scramble" starts, twelve EST 3/20/09 – MATCH DAY comes about discharged

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Matching Services Military Match Uses ERAS Must likewise enlist with NRMP GME-1 application – must be rounded out regularly by mid-July Often require that you have passed Step 2 sheets Selection board meets before Thanksgiving Match happens in mid December

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MATCH A MATCH happens when a program YOU rank additionally positions YOU. On the off chance that a MATCH does not happen, you will take an interest in the "scramble" Many astounding projects don't fill in the primary match—understudies frequently acquire extraordinary projects amid the scramble

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MATCH Algorithm Each candidate's Rank Order List is crossed "downwards", from most favored program to minimum favored, until the principal program is come to at which the candidate can be probably coordinated, or until the candidate's rundown of decisions is depleted. Each program acknowledges candidates "upwards" on its Rank Order List, persistently evacuating less favored matches for more favored candidates, until the program is coordinated to the most favored candidates who wish to be coordinated to the program.

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The MATCH If you join with a Match Program AND you present a Rank List, you are focused on whichever program you coordinate with If you sign with a Match Program, however don't present a Rank List, this permits you to "scramble" DO NOT rank any projects that you would not have any desire to go to

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Couples Match Process is a similar You might need to specify accomplice in the individual articulation Ranking the projects is the main MAJOR distinction Contact Matching administration for couples Rank Order List

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ERAS You will set up a record in MyERAS Create application Documents appended by you Personal Statement(s) Authorize transmission of your COMLEX as well as USMLE transcripts Designate letter scholars

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ERAS Documents connected by Dean's office (Terri Blevins, Clinical Education): Dean's letter (MSPE) Letters of Reference Transcript Photograph (discretionary)

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ERAS Your CV is made by ERAS from your CAF All projects that you apply to get the same CAF Information that you enter on a page is put away when you click spare You may change data whenever before you guarantee and submit Once your application is submitted, you may NOT roll out improvements You may refresh data in the profile whenever

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ERAS Creating the application requires some investment Use the agenda work under the record tab to check for missing data Keep your profile data breakthrough at all circumstances Please audit your CAF before affirming and submitting Most projects will convey by email

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DOCUMENTS All projects that you apply to get CAF Official Transcript Dean's letter These archives are doled out as per your directions LoR COMLEX/USMLE transcript Personal explanation

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Dean's Letter Must submit ask for shape, CV, Information sheet, and (discretionary) individual proclamation May ask for a meeting with Dr. Stewart May survey Dean's letter

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Personal Statements With a few exemptions, you can make and submit diverse individual explanations to various projects Each program gets just a single individual articulation from you It is suggested that you cut and glue your own announcement from a word archive Do not utilize uncommon characters that may appear as incoherent Writing an astute, compact, efficient individual proclamation will help later on amid meetings

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Personal Statements Things to Include: Reasons for choosing the strength Relevant Experience Skills Personal objectives Professional objectives Educational experience

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Letters of Recommendation Most projects require 3 letters of proposal Letters ought to concentrate on your clinical competency You may assign which letters go to each program If you are applying to more than one claim to fame, and you have a letter essayist that is composing two distinct letters, please assign that unmistakably You won't have the capacity to see the letters, however you will have the capacity to see when they have been joined

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USMLE If you apply to an ACGME program, and you have taken the USMLE, you MUST report it on your CAF If you apply just to osteopathic projects and you have taken the USMLE, detailing it is discretionary You should approve arrival of your USMLE transcript before you can appoint to programs

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COMLEX You should approve the arrival of your COMLEX transcript before you can dole out to any program The first occasion when you discharge your transcript, you will be charged $60 If you get new COMLEX scores later on, you should resend if programs need refreshed scores

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Programs Research programs – DO-Online Opportunities, FREIDA Programs chose – this capacity permits you to choose programs you are occupied with and dole out records to them Programs connected to – these are the projects to which you have sent applications/archives. These can't be expelled. You may in any case, refresh the reports

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Resources Military match OSU-CHS Career Development site: Personal Statements and CVs: Books accessible in Student Resource Room, Clinical Education Careers in Medicine -