The LSU EZ-Enlistment Retirement Program

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Charge Deferral and the LSU EZ-Enrollment Retirement Program: ... Accept every records gains a yearly assessment conceded rate of return of 8.00% and is for exhibition purposes just. ...

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The LSU EZ-Enrollment Retirement Program Mark Tusa, Regional Manager, ING Financial Advisers Mike Sotile, Lead LSU ING Representative Linda Alumbaugh, ING Representative Colette Riha, ING Representative

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Why Save for Retirement? Since you need to live and you can amid your retirement. Since your annuity and Social Security advantages may not be sufficient to supplant your present salary in retirement.

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You may need to live without a paycheck the length of you lived with one. Today's sound 65-year old will probably live 20-30 more years. half of guys age 65 will live past age 80. half of females age 65 will live past age 84. In view of current Annuity 2000 Mortality Table expecting moderately great wellbeing (2005)

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Tax Deferral and the LSU EZ-Enrollment Retirement Program: Saving through the LSU EZ-Enrollment Retirement Program – a 403(b) program - permits you to: Set aside cash for retirement on a pre-impose premise. Spare through finance conclusion. Bring down your present wage charges or potentially get conceivable assessment credit.

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Saving under a 403(b) Program The LSU EZ-Enrollment Retirement Program permits pre-assess commitments, which can transform $70 into $100. Out of each $100 you make, OR you can place $100 into your arrangement, AND your $100 can develop charge conceded, fabricating your retirement fund speedier! you can give the legislature a chance to take $30 in expenses and spare $70… Assumes state and government wage charges of 30%.

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How Does Your EZ Plan Work Assumptions Salary - $1,000.00 Monthly Saving – $100.00 Tax Bracket – 20% (Federal and State) Traditional: Salary/Tax/After Tax/Savings/Take Home $1000 $200 $800 $100 $700 EZ Plan Salary/Savings/TI/Tax/Take Home $1000 $100 $900 $180 $720

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Larry begins sparing $300 a month at age 45 Susan begins sparing $100 a month at age 25 $324,180 + $152,382 20 years of sparing 40 years of sparing $171,798 $72,000 $48,000 Total Contributions Total Savings at 65 The sooner you begin, the sooner you achieve your objectives. Accept every records procures a yearly duty conceded rate of return of 8.00% and is for exhibition purposes as it were. Not in light of the rate of return or the acquired expenses of a specific venture. The impacts of expenses and charges would decrease the numbers appeared. Not expected to serve as monetary guidance or as an essential reason for your venture choices. Expenses are by and large due upon withdrawal. Dollar cost averaging does not guarantee a benefit nor ensure against misfortune. Speculators ought to consider their budgetary capacity to proceed with their buys through times of low value levels.

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Saver's Tax Credit Individuals who add to an Employer Retirement Plan or to an IRA may fit the bill for a Saver's Tax Credit. This credit is equivalent to the accompanying: half of Contribution Married Filing Jointly (0-$30,000) Head of Household (0-$22,500) All Other Filers (0-$15,000) 20% of Contribution Married Filing Jointly ($30,001-$32,500) Head of Household ($22,501-$24,375) All Other Filers ($15,001-$16,250) 10% of Contribution Married Filing Jointly ($32,501-$50,000) Head of Household ($24,376-$37,500) All Other Filers ($16,251-$25,000) Remind your duty preparer that you could meet all requirements for a Tax Credit Neither ING nor its delegates offer expense or lawful exhortation. The citizen ought to look for guidance from an autonomous assessment consultant.

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What happens in case I'm Not Happy with The EZ Enrollment Plan? You can move your cash to any qualified retirement arrange offered by the LSU System. There is NO Deferred Sales Charge Participants can move your cash whenever. Members might be surveyed an early withdrawal punishment if dispersions are taken preceding age 59 ½ and no exclusion applies. Commitments made on a pre-assess premise (and in addition profit on those commitments) are liable to government impose when pulled back

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Key Stocks Bonds Stability of Principal Simplification - Easy Investment Options Target-Date Lifecycle Funds Sophisticated Asset Allocation Techniques Made Simple ING Solution 2045 Portfolio ING Solution 2035 Portfolio ING Solution 2025 Portfolio ING Solution 2015 Portfolio ING Solution Income Portfolio Asset Allocation Mix Years to Goal

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ING Solution Portfolios A portfolio is picked in view of your objective retirement year and hazard resistance, and ING's expert venture administrators do the rest. Proficient store administrators can be more forceful for those with a more drawn out time skyline and are more traditionalist with those with a shorter time skyline. After some time, the benefit distributions inside every Portfolio turn out to be more traditionalist as the member draws nearer to the time they might need to pull back the advantages for store their retirement.

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Local Service and Commitment ING gives a conferred nearby administration group Team of experienced and credentialed delegates with on location encounter One-on-one and gathering instruction gatherings Variety of monetary and retirement arranging classes Focus on client connections Annual Reviews, Review of Statements, and Seminars for Specific Departments

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Personalized Solutions Internet Access Toll-Free Access Enrollments Investment choice changes Interactive adding machines Asset distribution direction Information and exchange abilities by means of sans toll line or Internet Quarterly Statements and bulletins On-line articulations Account data and movement Education library Investment data including one pagers and execution LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES = PERSONAL TOUCH!

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How to begin It's as EZ as giving the EZ Enrollment Form to somebody at the meeting today. You can likewise turn in the EZ Enrollment Form to the Human Resource Department. You're ING Representative will do the rest. An ING specialist we ensure you comprehend the arrangement and the advantages of putting something aside for retirement through the LSU EZ Enrollment arrange.

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OUR LOCAL AGENTS Mike Sotile Linda Alumbaugh Colette Riha

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Important Information You ought to consider the venture targets, dangers, charges, and costs of the variable item and its hidden reserve choices; or shared assets offered through a retirement arrange, deliberately before contributing. The outlines/plan synopses/data booklets contain this and other data, and can be gotten by reaching your neighborhood agent. It would be ideal if you read the data precisely before contributing. The Internal Revenue Code by and large disallows withdrawals of any commitments and inferable profit before death, handicap, age 59 1/2, severance of work, or budgetary hardship. (The sum accessible for hardship is restricted to the lesser of the sum important to calm the hardship, or the record esteem starting 12/31/1988 or more the measure of any pay diminishment commitments made after 12/31/1988 (elite of any income.)