The Integrated Ask: Annual, Capital, Legacy, Oh My

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Simple Steps to Making the Integrated Ask. When you request a commitment, you are not simply raising cash, you are giving individuals the chance to satisfy the mitzvah of tzedakah. . Some fast tips

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The Integrated Ask: Annual, Capital, Legacy, Oh My! Meredith Dragon & Scott Kaplan October 19, 2010

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Easy Steps to Making the Integrated Ask When you request a commitment, you are not recently raising cash, you are giving individuals the chance to satisfy the mitzvah of tzedakah.

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Some fast tips… Do Your Homework Before an Ask (BE PREPARED) Gather data on your prospect from a past specialist, common companion, or a Jewish public expert. Acquaint yourself with the data and set the history in motion. Convey enlightening materials to the discussion (promise cards, Legacy Letter of Intent, leaflets). Know your association, mission, vision, values and the necessities and administrations gave. Figure out what you will request (fitting level).

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Make the Call Always inquire as to whether this is a decent time to talk. If not, discover when is a superior time and make certain to development. Call your prospect to propose a particular and advantageous time and area to meet (have particular dates and times prepared before the call). Tell the giver the motivation behind the meeting: "You are a significant individual from the group and I might want the chance to have a discussion with you about… "

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The Conversation: Face to Face Meeting Engage the benefactor by asking: How did you first get included with the "Jewish people group" or "association XYZ?" Why and when did you bolster "association XYZ?" Find a few shared characteristics (search for intimations on the off chance that you are in a man's home or office). Recognize and thank for past support (you ought to know this before going in).

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The Conversation: Face to Face Meeting Ask open-finished inquiries: Of the considerable number of administrations or projects offered by "association XYZ", which ones are quite compelling to you? Listen precisely! Your benefactor's advantages can now be consolidated into the discussion.

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Making the Case Describe the vision and arrangements for your association. Highlight the case for making a blessing. Connection benefactor's qualities to benefits: "Your commitments and that of others will guarantee that advantage will offer some incentive to our group all in all."

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The Ask for Annual, Capital or Special Program Ask the prospect to consider a blessing with a particular sum, either a dollar sum or rate of increment. "Would you go along with me in supporting "Association XYZ" by making an endowment of "x" $. Give the contributor time to think and react.

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The Close No matter the result, thank the giver Confirm contact data (counting email) and blessing sum Ask for favored installment technique Answer any last inquiries and thank the benefactor again Record what you have realized and impart this data to the fitting administration (expert or volunteer)

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The Transition If the individual says "yes" to the Annual, Capital or Special Program: Thank you such a great amount for your present support of XYZ. Have you found out about the Create a Jewish Legacy program. Move to Legacy Program If the individual says "yes" to the Legacy ask, outline back what you have heard and move into an alternate open door: Thank you especially for your legacy duty to bolster the future needs of association XYZ. Based upon your interests (allude back to prior discussion), there are some different chances to affect and reinforce the association today which may be of intrigue. Would you consider catching wind of some of our present chances to have any kind of effect?

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The Transition II If giver says "no" to yearly, capital or uncommon approach Thank you for your thought. You have been such a liberal contributor and I comprehend this isn't a decent time for this blessing at this moment. Maybe you would consider leaving a legacy to XYZ since you can do this without affecting your present resources through an estate? (See CJL slide) If contributor says "no" to legacy Since you are occupied with XYZ, maybe you would consider supporting this kind of activity through a present blessing to… ? Sit tight for reaction.

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Create a Jewish Legacy Have you found out about the Create a Jewish Legacy program here in Western Mass? On the off chance that yes, disclose to me what you have listened. Assuming no, fill in the points of interest of the program: 19 associations over all of Western MA cooperating to urge legacy blessings to manage the Jewish people group for eras to come. Choices to make a blessing include: Simple estate IRA or benefits arrange Life protection strategy Charitable Gift Annuity

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Create a Jewish Legacy The New Four Questions : Have you pondered leaving a legacy to bolster our Jewish people group until the end of time? Have you as of now assigned at least one Jewish associations in your will? Would you consider investing your Annual Gift to our Jewish people group? Could I have one of our experts or Scott Kaplan from the Jewish Endowment Foundation get in touch with you to talk about your altruistic giving alternatives?

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Follow-up Report comes about expeditiously to the suitable office for an opportune affirmation. On the off chance that the giver has asked for particular materials, advise the workplace, so these can be sent. Compose a written by hand note of gratefulness

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Now we should hone (3 situations): A man makes a yearly endowment of $5,000 (or a noteworthy real blessing level for the association) - a discussion around a yearly blessing and investing a yearly blessing. A giver who has offered liberally to an uncommon venture, one time ask, program or battle – however is not a yearly donor.  An extraordinary ask and a legacy ask A benefactor who has made a noteworthy capital crusade blessing including the legacy segment

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Thank you and Questions: Meredith Dragon Executive Director, Jewish Federation of Western MA 413-737-4313 Scott Kaplan Director, Jewish Endowment Foundation 413-732-9994