The Institute for Personal Robots in Education IPRE

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The Institute for Personal Robots in Education (IPRE). Tucker BalchAssociate ProfessorCollege of Computing at Georgia TechStewart TansleyProgram ManagerMicrosoft Research. Substance. Fascination

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The Institute for Personal Robots in Education (IPRE) Tucker Balch Associate Professor College of Computing at Georgia Tech Stewart Tansley Program Manager Microsoft Research

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Contents Attraction & maintenance in CS Microsoft's inspiration & part A program for tending to the test The Institute for Personal Robots in Education Proposal review The robots Threadspace Discussion

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Computer Science in Decline Computer Science Listed As Probable Major Among Incoming Freshman Source: HERI at UCLA

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Microsoft Program Vision Partner with the scholarly community to acquire quantifiable additions Computer Science enlistment & maintenance through the organization of convincing mechanical autonomy based advancements in CS1/CS2 educational modules

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Institute Concept Concerted, centered connected research exertion Leverage best contemporary advances and methodologies Target CS1/CS2 particularly 3-year program, $1M from Microsoft Use this to build up a focal point of fabulousness in apply autonomy based training Mutually select an accomplice from a pre-qualified welcomed rundown of potential hosts, utilizing an expanded type of MSR's demonstrated Request For Proposals program

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The Institute for Personal Robots in Education (IPRE) Hosted at the College of Computing at Georgia Tech, with Bryn Mawr College

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Robotics Institute The Institute for Personal Robots in Education July 12 declaration Hosted at Georgia Tech with Bryn Mawr College $1M more than 3 years, $1M coordinating assets Goal: To build up a demonstrated, commonsense, solid, practical robot innovation stage for showing CS, directed at CS1/CS2

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Proposal Overview

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Our Team's Message We have a mutual vision with Microsoft: Excite and instruct understudies about CS; Use setting (robots) to get it going. We have involvement: CS training; Robotics equipment; Robotics programming; Assessment. We have the group: MS, GT, BMC, GSU, UGA.

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Instructional Robotics Our proposition is not to make an arrangement of initial apply autonomy courses . . . be that as it may, to make an arrangement of early on software engineering courses utilizing robots that uncover the principal ideas of software engineering.

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Elements of Our Plan Novel robots for the understudy's desktop. Educational program: Robotics setting for CS1 and CS2. Pyro/Myro - the main instructive mechanical technology programming stage. Assessment utilizing demonstrated evaluation instruments. Wide scattering. Conveying the message.

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Element: Robots Recall the PC. Meet the PR. Each understudy with her own robot. Outline objectives: Inexpensive Reliable "Brainless"

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Element: Curricula "Utilize robots to uncover the major issues in software engineering" This is an examination issue. We have guide spearheaded by Mark Guzdial.

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Element: CS Teaching Laboratories Four various, world-class colleges: Georgia Institute of Technology; Bryn Mawr College; Georgia State University; The University of Georgia.

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Element: Software The Microsoft Robotics SDK. Visual Studio. Pyro/Myro: the main instructive mechanical autonomy programming stage.

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Element: Evaluation Substantial involvement with media-based CS training. Test organizations at 4 colleges. Modern evaluation instruments.

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Element: Dissemination Initial sending at 4 accomplice colleges. Two workshops for more extensive crowd. Course books (Prentice Hall or MS Press?)

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Element: Communicating the Message

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The Robots

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Other Approaches TeRK LEGO "Huge Iron"

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Challenges High cost: Insurmountable snag for a few schools; Come to the lab, look at a robot… . Doesn't scale. Order, download and run: Increases cost; Decreases understandability. Assemble the robot: Requires bolster foundation; Reduces dependability; Intimidates young ladies.

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Our Approach Low cost. Solid: Simple equipment; Microsoft Robotics SDK. Simple: "Brainless;" Leverages the Microsoft desktop.

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Two Robots

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CS1 Robot $30- - $20- - $10- - $10- - $5- - $5- - $5- - $10- - Bluetooth + PIC 2 x wheels & engines 1 x actuator 2 x IR extend sensors 2 x light sensors Buttons, LEDs Speaker Assembly, bundling

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CS2 Robot Arm & camera

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Threads  Threadspace Moving from an educational modules to an ordeal clarification investigation guidance Interactive application Structured direction Continual advisement Focus on reasonable, plannable, connectable

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Interactive Applications Interactive imagine a scenario in which… ?. investigation device of CS degree Statistics/Data gathering instrument Repository of institutional learning Repository of past encounters/guidance

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Interactive Applications Who do I think I am? What must I do to be that individual? What have I done? What's going on with I? What would I be able to do next?

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Interactive Applications Allow understudies to arrange a way through the degree … from start to finish regard changes/imagine a scenario where investigation comprehend strings, courses, professions and their connections perform progressing inspecting Inform Academic Services & Faculty information for arranging strings/courses/guidance intelligent prompting device

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Structured Instruction Required one hour course for every single approaching understudy Introduces strings threadspace applications why. why? why? Dovetails with CS 101 & 102 software engineering grounded in prompt encounters and long haul results why? why? why?

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Continual Advisement Repository for experience Jobs/Careers Thread-related vocation guidance by means of video, other intuitive encounters, including suitable 1801 addresses Résumé verbiage in light of strings, courses, and so on. Regular home for understudy trades, and so on. Associations with early on courses

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Any inquiries?

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