The Importance of Eco-tourism and the Group's Understanding

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Ap and Mak (1999) proposed even individuals in the tourism business don't comprehend what maintainable/eco-tourism truly implies. Meaning of Eco-tourism ...

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The Meaning of Eco-tourism & the Community's Understanding John Ap & Dora Pang The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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Introduction Eco-tourism Helps teach the group to secure & preserve the earth through travel Create & keep up a maintainable domain for inhabitants, voyagers, & the cutting edge Community ought to know about it & have positive states of mind towards it, generally exhaustion of the earth through mass tourism proceeds

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Issues Numerous definitions & no concurred definition Concept of "manageability" has issues Ignorance & mishandle of the idea exists any nature-based or nature-related tourism constitutes eco-tourism advertising to the mass market Ap & Mak (1999) recommended even individuals in the tourism business don't comprehend what supportable/eco-tourism truly implies

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Definition of Eco-tourism Martha Honey (1999) characterized it as: Travel to delicate, unblemished & typically ensured zones Helps instruct explorers Provides stores for protection Directly benefits monetary improvement Political strengthening of neighborhood groups Fosters regard for various societies Fosters regard for human rights

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To inspect Hong Kong occupants' discernments towards eco-tourism travel & their level of enthusiasm for it as a type of delight travel Study Purpose

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Findings Awareness of eco-tourism (n=241) Heard of eco-tourism: 35% Aware of eco-tourism & have participated in ecotourism exercises: 19% Knowledge of eco-tourism (n=241) Learning about the earth: 47% Building ecological awareness: 32%

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Awareness of Eco-tourism Objectives (n=72) Objective Percentage 1) Learning about the environment 64 2) Building natural awareness 43 3) Minimizing negative effects on the destinations visited 21 4) Traveling to nature-based destinations 7 5) Providing direct budgetary advantages for conservation 1 6) Political strengthening of nearby communities 0 7) Fostering admiration for various cultures 0 8) Fostering regard for human rights 0

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Interest in Eco-tourism (n=241) Interested in knowing more? Neutral 48% Interested 37% Will take abroad trek in not so distant future + interested in partaking in eco-tourism? Neutral 35% Interested/V.Interested 57%

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Reasons for taking an interest in eco-tourism? Opportunity to draw near to nature Chance to comprehend the common environment Why not intrigued? Absence of time Boring Lack of data

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Barriers in taking an eco-tourism trip: Lack of data about goals Tour costs Safety No partners keen on running with me Lack of time

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Discussion & Conclusion Low level of mindfulness & information of eco-tourism Little or no acknowledgment of the: money related; social; strengthening; & human rights viewpoints Most demonstrated apathy towards it Respondents occupied with the tourism field had restricted learning & it was no superior to the overall population's information ��  assist instruction is clearly required There is market potential for eco-tourism