The Impact of Surface Strain Anisotropy on the Rayleigh Flimsiness in Materials Frameworks

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Rayleigh Instability. Inkjet Printing. From Pimbley et al. [1977]. Separation of a fluid plane into drops.. Cell Growth amid Directional Solidification. From Kurowski et al. [1989]. Separation of fluid sections into drops amid cementing of CBr4.. Insecurity of Rod Morphology During Monotectic Growth.

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K.F. Gurski and G.B. McFadden The Effect of Surface Tension Anisotropy on the Rayleigh Instability in Materials Systems Introduction to the Rayleigh insecurity Anisotropic surface vitality 2-D harmony shapes Rayleigh unsteadiness for anisotropic surface vitality Conclusions and future work Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division National Institute of Standards and Technology Thanks to S.H. Davis NASA Microgravity, NSF NIRT (NWU)

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Rayleigh Instability

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Inkjet Printing From Pimbley et al. [1977]. Separation of a fluid stream into drops.

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Cellular Growth amid Directional Solidification From Kurowski et al. [1989]. Separation of fluid depressions into drops amid cementing of CBr 4 .

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Instability of Rod Morphology During Monotectic Growth From Majumdar et al. [1996]. Separation of adjusted bars into drops amid helpful monotectic development of Zinc-Bismuth. .

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Nanobridge From Kondo et al. [1997]. Unsupported extension framed by utilizing electron bar illumination as a part of a ultrahigh vacuum electron magnifying instrument.

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Quantum Wires From Chen et al. [2000]. STM topographs indicating ErSi 2 (011) nanowires developed on a level Si(001) substrate. The Si patios increment in range from dark blue to green.

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Possible Reasons for Enhanced Stability Quantum impacts (Kassubek et al. [2001]). Versatile impacts with substrate (Chen et al. [2000]) Stabilization by contact point (McCullum et al. [1996]) Radial warm slopes (McFadden et al. [1993]) Surface vitality anisotropy (this work)

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Anisotropic Gibbs-Thomson Equation

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Cahn-Hoffman Xi-Vector (2-D)

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Cahn-Hoffman Xi-Vector (3-D)

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2-D Rod from 3-D Equilibrium Shape

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Shape Perturbation

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Surface Energy

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Eigenvalue Problem

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Eigenvalue Problem

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Isotropic Surface Energy

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Ellipsoidal Surface Energy

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Cubic Material 3-D Equilibrium Shapes for - 1/18 <  4 <1/12 High-Symmetry Orientations: [001], [011], [111]

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Cubic Material

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Asymptotics for |  4 |<< 1

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Numerics SLEIGN2: Associated Sturm–Liouville Solver Spectral Decomposition with RS (a genuine symmetric eigenvalue schedule)

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[001] Orientation  4 = 1/12  0 - 1/18 <  4 < 1/12  1  2

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[011] Orientation - 1/18 <  4 < 1/12

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011 Orientation  0  1  2

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111 Orientation

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Generalized Gauss Curvature

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Conclusions Anisotropic surface vitality assumes a critical part in the soundness of a pole. Both the extent and indication of the anisotropy figure out if the commitment advances or smothers the Rayleigh unsteadiness. Distinctive cubic introductions respond contrastingly to the surface strain anisotropy. Future Work Missing introductions Contact edges Elastic impacts

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