The High Schools English Learners Need Norm Gold Oxnard Union HSD Oxnard, California June 7, 2006

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Objective:. Support upgrade of secondary schools to guarantee accomplishment for all English Learners2 . Points of view. We know an extraordinary arrangement about how to enhance HS for ELs.High schools don't function admirably for most ELs.The issues in EL training are escalating.We must have a firm responsibility to instructive value..

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The High Schools English Learners Need Norm Gold Oxnard Union HSD Oxnard, California June 7, 2006

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GOAL: Encourage update of secondary schools to guarantee accomplishment for every English Learner 2

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Perspectives We know an extraordinary arrangement about how to enhance HS for ELs. Secondary schools don't function admirably for generally ELs. The issues in EL instruction are heightening. We should have a firm responsibility to instructive value.

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Definitions of Success Current State and Federal Expectations Individual and Societal Needs Handout/OH

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Two Students

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Exercise Think – Write – Pair - Share Choose one of these understudies. Consider comparable understudies of these qualities. Record the keys to secondary school accomplishment for this understudy. Match up, and SHARE your keys with each other. Be set up to report back. freebee

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HS does not work for most ELs Action is required at this point! This is critical! I trust that our reactions must be: Definitive Comprehensive Fundamental Long-term

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Diverse Students Long-Term EL Making some advance. Near review level, yet not ideal accomplishment. Not gaining ground. At least three years behind. Newcomer Strong earlier tutoring Interrupted tutoring; negligible education

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Current H.S. An outline for practically certain disappointment for most ELs Goals seem impossible to numerous understudies and their families. Character of detach and disappointment for long haul ELs A new framework for newcomers < 15% Only four years to ace English and gain adequate credits to graduate. School planning is the main high status outcome.

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Remediation is conceivable, however regarded as disappointment of understudy. A few Hurdles: HS leave exam, most guideline just in English, appraisals in English without housing, constrained advising and data Schedules are inconsistent with need to work.

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English Learners in California An aggregate of 1,591,525 K-12 in 2005* 25.2% of all enlistment California Increased 328,543 (+ 26 percent ) since 1995 Mostly Spanish-speakers (85%) Also: Vietnamese (2.2%); Hmong (1.4%); Cantonese (1.4%); Tagalog (1.3%); and Korean (1.0%) and numerous different dialects.

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300,000 English Learners in California secondary schools We have more in ELs in 9 th grade alone (103,952) than the whole K-12 EL enlistments of any state aside from Arizona, Florida, Illinois, New York or Texas. Just NY and TX have a bigger number of ELs than our HS EL enlistment.

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Current H.S.

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Previous Recommendations for ELs Language, culture and school responsiveness Empowering understudies Specific instructional systems Organizational structures Teacher preparing

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Evidence that most ELs are probably going to fall flat HS Standardized NRTs and Assessments of Standards Current evaluations HS Exit Exam Other information There are, obviously, numerous individual examples of overcoming adversity to report… But awfully few.

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2004 Performance of Grade 10 ELs on State Tests

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Grades at one Orange Co. H.S. Percent Ds & Fs - All Academic Courses (2003-04)

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Grades at one Ventura County H.S. Percent Ds & Fs in English 9, 10, 11, 12 (2004-05)

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ELs Do Not Complete H.S. Just 27 % of ELs graduate four years in the wake of enlisting in 9 th grade. LA USD, 2004-05

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National information on secondary school culmination by ethnicity CAUTION: ethnicity is particular from dialect status All understudies: 70% graduate 32% leave secondary school met all requirements to go to four-year universities. Dark and Hispanic/Latino understudies: 51% of every single dark understudy and 52% of every Hispanic understudy graduate 20% of every dark understudy and 16% of every single Hispanic understudy WHO GRADUATE (!) leave secondary school prepared.

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Controlling Myths and Responses: ELs and High School The accompanying myths seem to control state and nearby arrangement and practice in secondary schools. There is tremendous desperation to make upgrades These changes must be made on the off chance that we take control of people in general civil argument about secondary school for English learners

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Myth 1: ELs bring just NEED Inventory all earlier instruction; recognize qualities Assess fitness in essential dialect Establish early school-to-home associations Conduct continuous resource stock Provide programs that esteem abilities created out-of-school: versatility, administration.

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Myth 2: ELD is all they require Provide COMPLETE program for ELs, including essential dialect content, and multicultural competency. Arrange full reconciliation of ELs with others. Enhance ELD guideline. Proficient advancement for ALL work force. Procure instructors, advisors with dialect and social skills and particular EL readiness. Advance vast concentrate on dialects.

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2: proceeded with… Provide direction in essential dialect, at whatever point conceivable and suitable. Challenge understudies and place in classes where they can succeed Recognize that > 70% are long haul ELs Create accomplices of understudies with complete support.

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Myth 3: Current Calendar and Clock are Sacred Expand time to at least five years for the individuals who need and need it. Extend school day. Support any understudy gaining ground to stay in school. Conform schedule to requirements of group Change state arrangements on testing. Perceive L1 competency and ELD as second dialect (FL).

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Myth 4: HS happens just in a building called "Secondary School" Consider focal points of a few elements of auxiliary tutoring utilized somewhere else: apprenticeships, temporary jobs. Offer more prominent access to night and low maintenance classes, on the web and separation learning choices. Investigate how to take more prominent favorable position of Community Colleges. Urge understudies to test passage into courses.

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Myth 5: Only one beneficial objective and a solitary "best" way Individualize secondary school for all understudies however guarantee a typical center for all Ensure open door for school for all. Put more prominent consideration on supporting moves from HS to junior college, to college AND to vocations . Advance courses of study that are courses to lucrative, high status occupations… some of which don't require 4-year school.

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California Labor Market in 2010 College Level (BA+) Jobs 23.2 % Non College Level Jobs 76.8 % There will be seven million openings (new employments in addition to substitutions) in the vicinity of 2000 and 2010. 68.5% require no school, 23 % require BA+, and 8.5% an AA or some school.

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Myth 5… . Little schools may not be the best choice for EL understudies. Endeavor to make the conditions looked for in little schools and little learning groups: normal concentration, elevated requirements, personalization, atmosphere of regard and duty, time to work together, and so forth. Effectively advertise key components of the updated secondary school to understudies, guardians, more extensive group.

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The Five Myths to Bust 1. ELs bring nothing aside from need. 2. ELD is all they require. 3. Current logbook and clock are consecrated. 4. HS must occur in a building called "Secondary School". 5. Just a single objective of optional instruction and a solitary best way to its culmination.

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Some Likely Barriers Frosh to Senior "class" qualifications Clock and timetable, CAHSEE plan NCLB and State Accountability Timelines/Testing Transportation framework Teacher work guidelines and contracts Cost of educators, classrooms and instructional materials Traditions

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What Can We Do? School Boards? CDE? Representative? Assembly? What would You be able to do?

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Two Students Vianeli Efraín

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If we neglect to make a move, Vianeli and Efraín, and countless English Learners will take after pathways to likely disappointment.

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If we act insightfully now, English Learners will have numerous pathways to likely achievement.

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much gratitude to: Julie Maxwell-Jolly and Patricia Gándara Also to: Sheila Budman, Lauri Burnham-Massey, Rebecca Callahan, Jesús Contreras, Ted Hamann, Karen Kendall, Toni Marsnik, Laurie Olsen, Peter Schilla, and Fred Tempes. Educators and chairmen in: Desert Sands USD, Hayward USD, Newport-Mesa USD, Parlier USD, Sacramento City USD, Santa Ana USD, Ventura USD, West Contra Costa USD. College of California, Linguistic Minority Research Institute finish paper: ___________________________________________________________ Norm Gold • • (916) 731-4734