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With all that is on the Earth and with the Earth itself; ... Wear Rollins, Minister at two past gatherings while they chipped away at the Green Sanctuary program ...

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The Green Sanctuary Movement & UUCS Adapted from UUA presentation with on account of Robin Nelson, Program Manager, Congregational Stewardship Services, UUA

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Ask these inquiries: 1. How can this issue/program identify with the congregation mission? 2. How might this program accommodate different routes for the youngsters and youth, and also grown-ups of varying interests and capacities, to be included? 3. Do we have the assets to do the program? 4. How might this program help our congregation become more grounded and stand taller in Spartanburg and in the TJ District?

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Opening Reading by Sydney A. Morris Brothers and sisters in creation, we contract this day with you and with all creation yet to be; With each living animal and all that contains and maintains you; With all that is on the Earth and with the Earth itself; With every one of that lives in the waters and with the waters themselves; With every one of that flies in the skies and with the sky itself; We set up this agreement, that every one of our forces will be utilized to keep your demolition.

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In wild is the protection of our reality

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What is the "Green Sanctuary"? An extensive program –a travel—towards a more earth-mindful and earth-tending to our congregation group, acquiring everybody from the agnostic to the technically knowledgeable. Not simply changing lights (which would one say one is little however beneficial exertion) yet a UUA-created program which incorporates both love and activity

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How does this program identify with the congregation mission? Religious pioneers from the greater part of the world's confidence conventions have guaranteed that these natural emergencies might be the best good test confronting mankind in the twenty-first century. Ecological issues influence destitute individuals in the creating scene and in created nations more than they influence the working class at this moment. They influence creatures, plants, and eco-frameworks; they wreck our earth.

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Honors our Seventh Principle Respect for the related web of all presence of which we are a section Practice ecological stewardship Become better stewards of the Earth.

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Overview Green Sanctuary Program Basics Requirements for Green Sanctuary Accreditation We're Getting Greener! UUCS Resources: Our People

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Background Information Originally established and oversaw by the UU Ministry for Earth (UUMFE) First assemblages certify in 2002 July 2008 UUMFE exchanged the Green Sanctuary Program to the UUA Office of Congregational Stewardship Services September 2009, Green Sanctuary Manual, 5 th Edition, accessible for nothing out of pocket on UUA site

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UU Congregations 1 Re-Accreditation Process 125 Accredited Green Sanctuaries 115 Candidacy Congregations - - - - Total 241 Congregations

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Program Goals Strengthen the association between otherworldly practice and Earth awareness. Fabricate attention to the criticalness and multifaceted nature of ecological issues. Support individual way of life changes. Take part in group activity on ecological issues. Work to mend natural shameful acts.

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Steps to turning into a Green Sanctuary Establish a GS program group Conduct an ecological appraisal Create an activity arrange Apply for GS application Review criticism from a GS Review Team

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Steps to turning into a Green Sanctuary Make proper adjustments to your activity arrange Complete your activity arrange Apply for GS accreditation Receive acknowledgment as a Green Sanctuary Complete the re-accreditation handle each 4-5 years

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Environmental Assessment This is an evaluation of where your assembly is now as far as natural stewardship. Where are you beginning from? Congregational Assessment Professional Energy Audit

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UUCS Resources: Our People! Jack Seitz, Political Science Professor at Wofford, Author of "Global Issues, An Introduction" and long-term Sierra Club pioneer Charlton Hall, culture craftsman, creator on ecological issues, cob manufacturer and the Executive Director of the Mindful Ecotherapy Organization. Wear Rollins, Minister at two past assemblages while they dealt with the Green Sanctuary program And, obviously, others … We have numerous skilled, capable, and persevering individuals. This program should be possible slowly and carefully!

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Four Focus Areas Worship and Celebration Religious Education Sustainable Living Environmental Justice

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Action Plan – Worship + Celebration 2 Projects Required

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Action Plan – Religious Education 2 Religious Education ventures required – 1 for grown-ups, 1 for youngsters/youth

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Action Plan – Sustainable Living 4 Sustainable Living activities required. 1 vitality protection related.

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Sustainable Living Projects can cover grounds, parking area, location,transportation, offices, kitchen, nourishment, reusing/reuseables, office and cleaning supplies, vitality utilize, speculation arrangements, gathering strategies, assemblage boards of trustees, and so forth. "The youngsters in our RE program not just stepped up with regards to assisting with the congregation grounds, additionally connected with help an elderly couple with their yard work" First Unitarian Soc. Schenectady, NY

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"The arrangement of a Green Team was the start that set into movement an extensive variety of dynamic ecological developments inside the congregation" UU Charleston, SC "There is significantly more vitality around having any kind of effect." UU Church, Fairfax, Oakton, VA

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Action Plan – Environmental Justice 2 Environmental Justice ventures required 1. A noteworthy joint effort with another assemblage or association.

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What is Environmental Justice? The human attestation of our place inside the reliant web of all presence. Seeks after at the same time the insurance of common frameworks and the natural strength of human groups, particularly hindered, abused, and indigenous groups while building connections to make a bigger effect.

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Green Sanctuary meets Homelessness Info & photographs from Chuck Hall and

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A Group Effort Creates Sustainable Housing- - awesome for all ages

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How can this program help our congregation become more grounded and stand taller in Spartanburg and in the TJ District? "Our acknowledgment as a Green Sanctuary improves our capacity to make positive commitments to our group." A UU church in Mass. "We are framing associations with different houses of worship and beliefs." UU Church in Eugene, OR

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The Green Sanctuary Movement: Summary The UUA is getting greener! 1 in 4 UU assemblies the nation over are formally required in the Green Sanctuary Movement. List-serve for Green Sanctuaries Congregational Stewardship Blog Environmental Justice Newsletter

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The Green Sanctuary Movement Green Sanctuary Manual, upgraded in September 2009 District and Regional chances to collaborate with different gatherings Support and Updates from Congregational Stewardship Services

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Reading by Vern Barnett I vow faithfulness to the earth On which I stand, and to nature Of which I am a section, one planet in a Process, with soil, water and air like one body, unified, with assets to be appreciated and ensured by all.

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