The Future of Building Unfolding

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Presentation. MissionBlu\'s central goal is to construct super-effective, prefab green homes utilizing cutting edge data innovation and building science apparatuses to make the procedure drastically more pleasant for customers, and adaptable.. Issue. Customary homebuilding obsolete, absence of innovation

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The Future of Building Unfolding Going Green Silicon Valley – October 2010

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Introduction Mission Blu's central goal is to fabricate super-productive, prefab green homes utilizing innovative data innovation and building science apparatuses to make the procedure significantly more agreeable for customers, and versatile.

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Problem Traditional homebuilding obsolete, absence of innovation & home checking Projects typically over spending plan, after some time, squander assets on building destinations Inefficient and low quality lodging stock, not savvy to retrofit numerous Worldwide, US represents over 21% of the world's CO2 Residential & fabricated condition represents the substantial MAJORITY of U.S. C02 emanations

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Problem Blu changes the homebuilding knowledge & quality: Healthy, solid, super vitality productive excellent homes Configurable outline without planner charges. Settled, straightforward valuing. Unmatched comfort in 'soup to nuts' single organization approach

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Competitive Advantage Blu's building science & data advancements enable this model… 3 years at MIT and RISD building programming engages steel confining & arrangement stage powers one of a kind combination of outline, deals, designing & operations problematic collapsing innovation, 11 licenses pending steel makes is less demanding to set nearby, less costly to dispatch, different destinations steel enables higher roofs, more characteristic light, greater open ranges

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Introduction Consumer Interface Unique designing stage 3-D customizations of homes to your webpage, tastes, necessities About to dispatch special restrictive online 3-D framework that is configurable by customers specifically

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Scaling Factory Dormant for a long time – previous Pratt & Whitney 80,000 sq ft, 500 homes/year with one move Climate controlled 52-week a year staff Accuracy, exactness, speed Convenience & decreased hazard for customers Fixed evaluating & obtainment

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Product Lines Blu

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