The Four Factors of Effective Leadership

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´╗┐The Four Factors of Effective Leadership

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Introduction Questions What is Leadership? "The main meaning of a pioneer would someone say someone is who has adherents." Peter Drucker

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Inside-Out Me-First Who will individuals take after? Honest 88% Forward-Looking 71% Competent 66% Inspiring 65% -Kouzes & Posner

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Inside-Out Me-First Everyone can be a pioneer "Viable authority begins within and moves out." - Blanchard & Tracy Leadership starts with you

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Three Circles change the world impact others control self

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The Four Factors Model Factor 1: Influence Factor 2: Integrity Influence Trust Self Discipline Credibility Personal Growth Personal Mission Shared Vision Developing Others Factor 4: Improvement Factor 3: Inspiration

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Factor 1 Influence "Beyond any doubt I'm sore. Beyond any doubt it harms. Yet, by what means would I be able to whine about having sore knees when Ron Santo doesn't have any legs?" - "Wild" Bill Holden

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Factor 1 Influence Internal: Self-Discipline People "who don't oversee themselves for viability can't in any way, shape or form hope to deal with their partners and subordinates." Peter Drucker Interpersonal: Influence

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Factor 1 Influence Factor Fiction: Power "Everything can be taken from a man however a certain something: the remainder of the human flexibilities - to pick one's state of mind in any given arrangement of conditions, to pick one's own specific manner." - Victor Frankl

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Factor 2 Integrity Internal: Credibility "If individuals anyplace are to readily tail somebody . . . They need to guarantee themselves that the individual is deserving of their trust." Kouzes & Posner

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Factor 2 Integrity Interpersonal: "Trust is the passionate paste that ties devotees and pioneers together. . . It can't be commanded or obtained. It must be earned." Bennis & Nanus Leadership is a relationship

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Factor 2 Integrity Factor Fiction: Personality "The key to life is trustworthiness and reasonable play. On the off chance that you can fake that, you have it made." - Groucho Marx

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Factor 3 Inspiration Internal: Personal Mission Interpersonal: Shared Vision "Impact works by pulling in and empowering individuals to an energizing vision without bounds." Bennis & Nanus

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Factor 3 Inspiration Factor Fiction: Position "Administration is not about the notoriety of your title but rather the nature of your character. Genuine initiative is not about position, it's about activity." - Robin Sharma

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Factor 4 Improvement Internal: Self-Development "Live as though you were to kick the bucket tomorrow. Learn as though you were to live until the end of time." Gandhi

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Factor 4 Improvement "Consistent learning is the way to successful administration . . . We need to consider approaches to learn and develop each day since when you quit developing you begin to rot." - Mike Krzyzewski

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Factor 4 Improvement Interpersonal: Developing Others "The capacity of authority is to deliver more pioneers, not more supporters." Ralph Nader

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Factor 4 Improvement Factor Fiction: Popularity "VIP is contrarily connected with administration achievement." - Jim Collins

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Impact Positive Change Leadership produces constructive change Within yourself In the lives of others on the planet

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Impact Positive Change "Avoid individuals who put down your aspirations. Little individuals dependably do that, yet the genuinely incredible make you feel that you also can get to be extraordinary." - Mark Twain

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Impact Positive Change "Making positive change is a definitive trial of initiative." - John Maxwell

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Impact Positive Change "This is the genuine happiness in life, The being spent for a reason perceived without anyone else's input as a relentless one, the being a constrain of nature rather than a hot, childish , little block of sicknesses. . . I am of the conclusion that my life has a place with the entire group , and the length of I live, it is my benefit to accomplish for it whatever I can." - George Bernard Shaw

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Impact Positive Change Great desire and triumph, without commitment, are without criticalness. What will your commitment be? By what method will history recall that you? - The Emperor's Club

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