The Expressive dance Industry Online

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Offering free tickets in return for individual data (Boston expressive dance) ... Instructive content about history, exhibitions, and author of ballet productions ...

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´╗┐The Ballet Industry Online By Neza Azali Tom Chang Yuan Chen Ljubomir Cvetkovic

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Major Players inside artful dance industry

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Basics Customers go online to discover data Schedule of exhibitions Dancers data Educational data (classes) Information about seating Customers go online to purchase Ticket buying Merchandise (keepsakes, CD's, T-shirts, and so on.)

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Basics Customers go online to end up individuals Sites more often than not have a visitor book Customers go online to give Different levels of gift To discover how the gave cash is utilized To discover how to wind up volunteers

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Who Are The Customers Performance goers High, or high working class Professionals (35 or more) College understudies Online clients People who are searching for general data Donors (for the most part execution goers) Members

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Current Strategies To Attract Customers Membership benefits Priority seating Opportunity to go behind the phase after the execution Watching the practice Meeting the artists Ticket giveaway Offering free tickets in return for individual data (Boston expressive dance) Discounts to understudies (NYC Ballet)

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How They Lock The Customers Keeping the clients educated Emailing the client once they have their own data Sending them a pamphlet Educating individuals about the association Giving a back stage visit Opportunity to communicate with entertainers School outreach programs

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How They Add Value included from site Online Merchandising Online ticket buying Seating graphs Schedule Educational projects offered

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Current Problems Artistically delightful locales with terrible UIs Links finished With rundown boxes

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Current Problems Horribly outlined structures with an excess of data and little catches

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Strategy Recommendation Web webpage should be intended for simple utilize and route Currently, associations are doing great with ticket deals Strategy will be required in the accompanying regions Donations (since ticket deals just takes care of half of costs) Increasing enrollment (same reason as above) Increasing activity to webpage (to build premium)

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Strategy Recommendation (Increase gifts) Allow customization programming at the site to create coordinated associations with benefactors and potential givers Important on the grounds that expanded cooperations commonly tends to build gift sum New and inventive arrangements, for example, New York City Ballet's drive in changing over recipient of life coverage and retirement advantages for NYC Ballet

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Strategy Recommendation (Increase participation) Chat rooms at site to unite artful dance lovers Affinity projects, for example, Mastercards where spending will profit both part and the association (ie preferred customer credits) Customization programming to give focused on data about artful dance, exhibitions, artists, and shows Online Auctions of ensembles or different props that are did not require anymore

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Strategy Recommendation (Increase website movement) Video clasps of exhibitions Live meeting of entertainers Interlinking with other artful dance destinations Using meta labels to permit higher hit rate from web search tools Educational content about history, exhibitions, and author of ballet productions