The Electoral College: Is it a Republic's Reflection or

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The Electoral College: Is it a Reflection of the Republic or a Relic of the Revolution? The Students Decide! A PBL Project for Sixth Grade Social Studies

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Begin With the End in Mind

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Social Studies Standards from the Archdiocesan Curriculum Framework The understudy will: Summarize the fundamental focuses in sacred records (6.14.09) Explain the parts of subjects in picking pioneers in the United States (6.14.10) Recognize the contrast amongst reality and sentiment and the significance of certainties in the investigation of history (6.16.04)

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Literacy Outcomes in view of the Archdiocesan Curriculum Framework Standards The understudy will: Compose a multi-passage piece which presents one position on an issue that offers adequate support (6.03.17) Arrange data in a deliberate way (e.g., laying out, sequencing, realistic coordinators) (6.05.05)

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Key Skills Make information based forecasts Categorize and break down Craft messages and utilize media viably

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Habits of Mind Questioning

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extensive Outcomes Use rubrics for assessing composing

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Craft the Driving Question

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Should the Constitution be altered to dispose of the Electoral College? Has incited level headed discussion Is open-finished Goes to the heart of the investigation of government Is testing – there is no straightforward answer depends on a true difficulty

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Unpacking the Driving Question How is the President chose by Constitution? Why did the Constitutional Convention make the balloter procedure instead of construct the decision with respect to an immediate vote? How does the Electoral College work by and by? In what capacity will/did it conclude the current year's decision? In what decisions did the aftereffect of the discretionary vote vary from the consequences of the well known vote? Did those decision years have something else in like manner? Why is the Electoral College dubious? Who are a portion of the "experts" who bolster changing the voting procedure? What are their reasons? Who are a portion of the "experts" who bolster keeping the Electoral College? What are their reasons? On the off chance that the voting procedure is changed, what ought to supplant the Electoral College? What might be the qualities of that framework? What might be the shortcomings or potential issues?

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Plan the Assessment

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Early in the Project Product (Individual) Written outline of the Electoral College handle Artifact (Individual) Note-taking from video on Electoral College

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Criteria for Summary Correctly portrays the capacity and procedure of the Electoral College Is sorted out in sections that contain one fundamental thought and supporting points of interest Contains no spelling or sentence structure mistakes

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During the Project Products (Small Group) State by state forecasts of the race result (delineate) expectation on the decision champ in view of guide Chart breaking down realities and sentiments found in articles about the estimation of the Electoral College Questions for a meeting with a magazine supervisor on making letters to editors

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During the Project Artifacts (Small Groups) Record of talk on general race expectation Guidelines for examining articulations from articles into "for" or "against" the Electoral College and into "truth" or "supposition"

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Criteria for Predictions Every state on guide is coded for McCain (red) or Obama (blue) If all sources concede to how a state will vote, the guide mirrors that. If not, the gathering refers to a source that they used to make their expectation for the express The general forecast takes after from the voter sums for every applicant ascertained from the state forecasts on the guide

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Rubric for Analysis Chart

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Rubric Criterion 1

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Rubric Criterion 2

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Rubric Criterion 3

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Criteria for Interview Questions Each question overcomes any issues between what the class thinks about what the class supposes it needs to know to compose an effective publication letter to a suitable media outlet The question set incorporates an assortment of sorts of inquiries: who, what, where, when, why, how

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End of Project Product (Small Group) Letter to Editor contending for or against the Electoral College Artifact (Small Group) Graphic coordinator for letter

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Rubric for Letter to Editor

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Rubric Criterion 1

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Rubric Criterion 2

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Rubric Criterion 3

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Rubric Criterion 4

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Rubric Criterion 5

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Map the Project

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Story Board Week 1 October 27-30

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Story Board Week 2 November 3 - 7

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Story Board Week 3 November 10 - 14

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Story Board Week 4 November 17 - 18

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Manage the Process

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Differentiation Scaffolding material takes an assortment of structures; video composed realistic oral Products require the utilization of an assortment of learning styles: verbal spatial intelligent scientific interpersonal

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Differentiation Initial gathering will be by preparation level so it is less demanding to platform, adjust, or demonstrate as required Regrouping for letter composing item will be by premium Project results could be met by an understudy working separately, if essential

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Reflection and Evaluation Post six divider cushion sheets around the room Title the sheets: What we found out about the Electoral College What we found out about making expectations What we found out about breaking down information What we found out about making inquiries What we found out about letters to the proofreader What transforms we would make to the venture Groups pivot among sheets including their remarks When all gatherings have added to every sheet, understudy volunteers will report the reactions.

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What I Expect to Learn If the esteem added to the venture by having a specialist speaker surpasses the endeavors of finding the master and getting endorsements for the visit. On the off chance that the understudies feel good setting their work out for a wide open group of onlookers. In the event that the understudies have aced beforehand shown investigate aptitudes.

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And at last... we hold up to check whether we are distributed!