The Effect of the Appalachian Math and Science Partnership on Student Achievement

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The Effect of the Appalachian Math and Science Partnership on Student Achievement William Craig, Betsy Evans, and Eugenia Toma Martin School of Public Policy and Administration University of Kentucky June, 2007

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Purpose of AMSP Eliminate the accomplishment hole in focal Appalachian locale Lower levels of execution in math and science exist in these schools than in more prosperous territories of the state Enrollment in more elevated amount math and science courses under 1/3 in lower level courses Enrollment in AP courses frequently nonexistent Build an incorporated K-16 framework to guarantee astounding math and science instructor workforce

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Focus of this examination Look at one part of general reason: understudy results

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Previous research Large existing writing on significance of educator quality Scientific confirmation blended on impacts of expert improvement programs Recent assessments of projects utilizing extensive scale information sets discover impacts a few years after the mediation

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Methodology for assessment Education creation capacity or esteem included model Student Outcomes = f( Student Characteristics, Family Characteristics, Teacher Characteristics, School Characteristics, Peer Characteristics, Past Student Outcomes)

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Data School level information Years 2000-2001 through 2005-2006 AMSP starts 2002-2003

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Our objective Examine results in AMSP schools over this day and age Assess whether investment in AMSP has expanded CATS scores Control for different components including earlier year CATS scores

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Variables Used Dependent variable – CATS record scores Independent factors AMSP sham, ARSI sham, % Students on free and lessened cost lunch, % Students in different ethnic classifications, instructor encounter, student educator proportion of the school, per understudy spending of the school, school year, settled impacts

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Inputs that matter for math accomplishment Student attributes Free and diminished cost lunch understudies perform at lower levels Asian and Hispanic understudies perform at more elevated amounts than White understudies Teacher attributes More years of experience builds scores Time

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Math Scores

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Inputs that matter for science accomplishment Qualitatively the same as math with two or three exemptions Asian understudies don't perform superior to anything whites on science Schools that took an interest in ARSI perform at larger amounts than others

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Science Scores

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Conclusions and future research Positive impacts of AMSP might be available however not yet distinguished Reasons Time traverse might be too short Data are amassed to the school level Future Collect information for two more years Match singular understudies to particular educators taking an interest in AMSP