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The EBRD-World Bank Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS III) Listening to Firms to Understand Governance February 15, 2006

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Background on the BEEPS Collaborative with EBRD Collaborative amongst ECA and Enterprise Analysis Unit Prehistory: 1997 WDR 1999 4,100 firms All ECA aside from SAM, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan 2002 6,600 firms All ECA aside from Turkmenistan 2005 9,600 firms All ECA with the exception of Turkmenistan 2004/2005 Germany, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Korea, Vietnam.

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What's New in the BEEPS? As meager as could reasonably be expected Identical methodologies: testing, interpretations, organization, and most inquiries Longitudinal Dimension 1,500 board firms (23-147 for each nation) with information for 2002 and 2005. Producing Overlay 1,700 assembling firms in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, and Romania Comparator Data 4,050 firms in Germany (ex-GDR and ex-FRG), Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Korea, and Vietnam

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What is Covered by the BEEPS?

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Some 400 Variables on … Unofficial Payments and Corruption Crime Regulations and Red Tape Customs and Taxes Labor Issues Firm Financing Legal and Judicial Issues Infrastructure … others …

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Subjective Corruption as an issue Assessments of courts Finance as an issue Power blackouts as an issue Objective Spending on rewards Number of cases; utilization of courts to gather obligations Actual wellsprings of fund Actual involvement with power blackouts Both Subjective and Objective Data

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Selected Results

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Continued Improvements in Many Aspects of the Business Environment

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Bribes are less successive

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Corruption as a saw as to a lesser degree an issue for firms

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The sizes of fixes, in respect to incomes, have declined

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But advance seems less notwithstanding when debasement is unbundled

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How is BEEPS Related to Other Indicators?

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Link to Investment Climate Surveys Undertaken in Other Regions Core poll 95% a similar Sampling in ICS concentrates on barely characterized producing segments. Equivalence is most prominent for the "assembling overlay" nations. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, and Romania. BEEPS-style approach as of now being taken off in different districts.

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How is BEEPS not quite the same as totals (WBI and TI)? Totals utilize non-covering sources Aggregates blend an assortment of ideas and measure: Expert feelings and overviews Corruption as encounters by firms; as experienced by family units, master sees on effect on remote speculation Can not be utilized to track changes after some time BEEPS utilizes a predictable approach Identical inquiries, examining, organization, and so forth. Testing is conceivable utilizing all around grounded factual instruments

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How is BEEPS not the same as Doing Business? Reciprocal Tools Doing Business: concentrate on guidelines and strategies BEEPS: concentrate on how principles and methodology are executed Big picture is generally steady ECA driving reformer Mostly comparable nation stories DB highlights changes in Georgia, Slovakia, Romania, and Latvia – all show change in BEEPS, too Some inconsistencies SAM is DB beat reformer (yet at the same time positioned 92) Croatia is positioned 118 in DB (more terrible than Iraq)

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How does the BEEPS get utilized?

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Input for Flagship Studies Regional studies on debasement, legal frameworks EBRD's Transition Report Business in Transition WDR 2005 A Better Investment Climate for Everyone World Bank's Global Monitoring Report

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Operations and nation exchange: Romania Suggesting requirement for change in 2001 ...

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Operations and nation exchange Romania Guiding substance of Bank operations Conditions on resource divulgences and irreconcilable circumstance in PAL-1 BEEPS as benchmark pointer for following advancement

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Operations and nation discourse Romania … demonstrating progress by 2005.

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Where Can I Find the BEEPS Results and Data?

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BEEPS initially archives Focus on ECA, correlations after some time 14 pages covering a wide assortment of issues

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Country profiles on overall examinations Also 14 pages covering a wide assortment of issues

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Interactive Feature on overall examinations Custom Queries by size, exporter or merchant, remote or local, area

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Firm-level information Greatest Flexibility and Control Email James Anderson/Person/World Bank Or

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The EBRD-World Bank Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS III) Listening to Firms to Understand Governance February 15, 2006