The DoD Budget Process - What You Need to Know-

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Primary concern, Up Front . Financial plan controls are settled well ahead of time of spending plan subtle elements (prerequisites) Given spending plan/deficiency circumstance, just bad-to-the-bone necessities can contend

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The DoD Budget Process - What You Need to Know-Paul Yaroschak Director, Environmental Compliance & Restoration Policy Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Installations & Environment)

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Bottom Line, Up Front Budget controls are settled well ahead of time of spending subtle elements (necessities) Given spending plan/shortage circumstance, just no-nonsense prerequisites can contend & survive

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Part 1 The Federal Budget Process

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U.S. Obligation & DEFICITS Debt as of Sep 21 2005 $7,927,365,439,078… $26K+ per individual Balanced Budget/Deficit Control Act of 1985 set shortfall focuses for a long time Budget Enforcement Act of 1990 constrained optional financing required "pay-as-you-go" In 1998, President & Congress consented to adjust spending plan by end of 2002

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Off the Table!

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Takeaways Budget controls are settled well ahead of time of spending points of interest (prerequisites) Deficits for the most part drive down spending controls

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Part 2 The DoD Budget Process

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Department of Defense FY04 Budget = $380 B

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Department of the Navy FY04 Budget = $114.6 B Environmental - 1.02 B ~1.0%

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Budget/Spending Rules Can't use or commit stores until appropriated or in overabundance of appointment … Anti-Deficiency Act 31 U.S.C 1341 Must be utilized for the reason indicated for that assignment DoD has numerous allotments – firewalls between must be looked after O&M… natural consistence DERA… cleanup MILCON… significant development & BRAC RDT&E

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BUDGET TERMS YOU SHOULD KNOW Budget ...the President's Budget sent to Congress for survey/endorsement every Feb FYDP ...Future Year Defense Plan...the next 6 years after the President's Budget POM ...Program Objectives Memorandum...process for auditing the FYDP and making modification… where the activity is… a sustenance battle.

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CURRENT BUDGET CYCLE FY2006 … current year… appropriated… being consumed FY2007 ...spending year… President gives to Congress to endorsement in Feb FY2006-2011 … current FYDP POM-2008 … surveys and changes FYDP at regular intervals… POM-2008 plays out Jan-May 06 FY2008-2013 … next FYDP

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What prerequisites must be planned? Those predetermined in pertinent laws or controls What prerequisites ought to be planned? Official Orders DoD Policy

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Takeaways DoD Budget controls are settled well ahead of time (~2 years) of spending year Requirements are scoured deliberately amid rivalry for settled measure of assets

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KEY ISSUE What criteria triggers a "prerequisite" for use of DoD assets, particularly if unbudgeted?