The Do s and Don ts of Email Communications

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Motivation. A Case for an Email StrategyTips for Managing Incoming EmailTips for Managing Internal EmailFocus on Outgoing EmailProtecting you're brandManaging you're listsUsing messages or newslettersNewsletter Do\'s and Don\'tsResources You Can Use. Ways you impart. Face-to-faceTelephoneMagazine and/or newsletterPublications

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The Do's and Don'ts of Email Communications Presented by Dina M. Lewis, CAE Distilled Logic, LLC To The Council of State Executive Directors of the NRPA

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Agenda A Case for an Email Strategy Tips for Managing Incoming Email Tips for Managing Internal Email Focus on Outgoing Email Protecting your image Managing your rundowns Using messages or pamphlets Newsletter Do's and Don'ts Resources You Can Use

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Ways you convey Face-to-face Telephone Magazine and additionally bulletin Publications—article & promoting Events Fax impacts Website Email

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Why a technique? Email volume in the United States is anticipated to almost twofold from 1.5 trillion in 2003, to 2.7 trillion in 2007(eMarketer) Some 94% of online ladies and 88% of online men utilize email. (Seat Internet) 81% of affiliations are utilizing sites and email to impart data to individuals (ASAE)

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Why a technique? Gilbert Email Manifesto Rule #1: Resources spent on email are more significant than similar assets spent on Web Rule #2: Build site around an email methodology Rule #3: Email arranged thinking will yield better key intuition generally speaking. Email is the new landing page.

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Incoming Email Goals Efficient admission and handling of part/market correspondence Facilitating a responsive procedure for approaching correspondence Tracking email correspondence for business insight Protecting your staff from email that is undesirable, improper, or kind Ensuring part/constituent messages get to beneficiary

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Incoming Email Controls Email Management Out of office tenets System Policies - Mailbox estimate, connection arrange & measure confinements Desktop - Filters, Sorting, Filing & Management Form reactions, client benefit demands, part benefit, data demands, remarks/criticism Workflow for overseeing sorts of approaching mail (e.g., info@) Standardize Customer Response Staff, temps and assistants Receptionist, front work area, help work area Response times: automated message = quick or manual = slower Customized or Generic

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Internal Email Goals Promote proficient utilization of the device Communication with remote or street warrior faculty Facilitate telecommuting Protect the association, foundation, and staff from trade off Cultural changes, correspondence breakdown, poor administration Staff-to-staff sales, provocation Storage over-burden

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Outbound Email Goals Create/Sustain mark mindfulness Call to activity Share data Persuade/Change feeling Sell/Raise cash

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Brand/Call to Action

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To illuminate

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Sell/Raise Money

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Outbound Email Management Control circulation Manage records Ensure message solidarity Protect hierarchical brand

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Outbound Email Manage Lists Let enrolled clients/individuals oversee Opt-in and email address changes by means of site Use Subject Line to remind beneficiaries to answer for Double Opt-In Attend to Opt-outs instantly

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Outbound Email Manage Lists Ask for favored email address and state how you will utilize it Implement Opt-in or Double Opt-in

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Outbound Email Protect Brand Train staff on article norms, dialect, sentence structure, and so forth. Make an endorsement strategy for mass messages Establish a correspondences date-book

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Email or Newsletter? Do you have the substance? Could you bolster a normal publication plan? Is your substance "news they can utilize?" Is there a bona fide request? Quality written substance is the final deciding factor Offer esteem, not style

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Email Marketing Insert turning marks in messages

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Email Marketing Targeted email crusade contemplations What is your level of nature with the group of onlookers? Is the email anticipated? What is their resilience level? What sort of organization would they be able to acknowledge? Have they picked In?

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More List Management Ideas User profile stockpiling and division capacity List honesty – bob taking care of User movement following – navigate and transformation to activity Ability to coordinate with databases Staff get to levels & work process controls

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Newsletter Examples

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Newsletter Examples

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Newsletter Examples

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Newsletter Do's and Don'ts Do send with the "right" recurrence Don't offer just a single configuration Do write to encourage checking Don't email without authorization Do track your outcomes Do strike a harmony between substance & advancement

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Newsletter Support

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Other Resources General Email/Marketing

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Thank you! Dina Lewis, CAE 202/320-3060