The Collapse of Imperialism in Africa

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The Collapse of Imperialism in Africa © Student Handouts, Inc.

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AFRICAN NATIONALISM Movement took off after World War II Africa under royal control Harsh treatment of African people groups Artificial fringes Divided social gatherings United long-standing foes

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INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENTS Imperialist countries occupied and debilitated by World War II Cold War – Soviet Union energized hostile to provincial settlement Growing proficiency and instruction among Africans had expanded contacts with each other and with non-African world

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AFRICA'S NATURAL RESOURCES Majority of world's jewels Vast oil holds 75% of world's cobalt 25% of world's copper half of world's gold 33% of world's manganese and uranium

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OTHER AFRICAN EXPORTS Cocoa Coffee Cotton Lumber Palm items Peanuts Wine

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FRENCH EMPIRE IN AFRICA 1945-1958 – French Union – association of French pilgrim belonging 1956 – Morocco and Tunisia autonomous 1958-1960 – French Community succeeded French Union – finished in 1960 with most French pioneer belonging autonomous 1962 – Algeria autonomous Circa 115,000,000 French speakers in Africa (2009)

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COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS British Commonwealth framed after the destroying of the British domain Today known as the Commonwealth of Nations Voluntary association of 53 part states (starting 2009), incorporating numerous in Africa Organization progresses in the direction of shared objectives Interests incorporate financial improvement, training, and shared history

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FORMER BELGIAN POSSESSIONS 1960 – Congo proclaimed free by Belgium Democratic Republic of the Congo Province of Katanga endeavored to withdraw – common war United Nations troops kept peace for a long time Former president of Katanga, Moise Tshombe , got to be head administrator in 1964 Burundi and Ruanda (Rwanda) Belgian order finished in 1962

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FORMER ITALIAN POSSESSIONS Ethiopia Independent amid World War II Libya Independent in 1951 Italian Somaliland Joined British Somaliland in 1960 as Somalia

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FORMER PORTUGUESE POSSESSIONS Angola Independent in 1975 Mozambique Independent in 1975

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REVIEW QUESTIONS What were a portion of the reasons why Africans despised European dominion? Amid what era did the larger part of African countries pick up their autonomy? What global associations were shaped after decolonization in Africa?