The CAPA Experience

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The CAPA Experience The Choice and Partnership Approach as experienced by the Green Team at Child & Family Specialty Service, Whakatata House.

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What we are going to discuss… .. An Introduction to our administration What is CAPA Piloting CAPA –The group's voyage The Family's Journey CAPA results (Dec 07-April 08)

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Our Service

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The GREEN Team

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The 7 Helpful Habits H andle request E xtend Capacity L et go of families P rocess Map and upgrade F low administration U se of Care Bundles L ook after staff

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Piloting CAPA, Team Process 2-day CAPA workshop in March 2007, Allocated time at week after week MDT mtg 'Group away days' for CAPA advancement Choice arrangement times and organization spaces

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Piloting proceeded with… Plan suitable printed material Updated rundown of group bolster administrations Pukenga Atawhai requested that how guarantee administration is available to Maori Team talked about defenseless families as an exceptional gathering

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Prior to the Choice Apt Referral Letter of welcome (10 days) Choice of time offered for arrangement 2 nd letter – affirmation of arrangement Forms returned Pre-Choice prep

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The Choice Appointment Purpose and Focus Main Features Casual request, how we do it Paper work Goal sheet Treatment Plan marked Evaluation Form

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Goal setting Date: Goals (ie how you might want things to be). Objective ONE: How close do you feel you are to meeting this objective right now (please rate): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 As a long way from I have this objective as I totally can imagine accomplished this goal

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Treatment Plan Treatment arrange (ie What is to happen): Date Aims/objectives What will be done Who by/when Evaluation (How could it have been able to it go)? Signed: _____ staff__________ _____ (Name) (Date) _____ parent/s _______ _____ (Name) (Date)

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After Choice Appointment Paper work Choice Appointment Summary HONOSCA Psychiatric Assessment Summary if required Partnership work

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Dear Bruce and Sarah, CC: Dr A Matthews Thank you for bringing Johnny into Whakatata House on the ninth of April 2008. On this day you met with Katrina Falconer (senior clin. clinician), Erin Bradley (understudy social laborer) and myself. You portrayed your principle concerns which incorporated Johnny's hitting conduct and questioned whether he has ADHD. You clarified that his conduct has been an issue since beginning school and that hitting has a tendency to happen once a day. You clarified that it was not so much the recurrence yet rather the seriousness of the hitting that concerned you, for example, the occurrence bringing about his sisters nose dying. This has been taken care of by reprimanding Johnny and reminding him to remain quiet about his hands. You have additionally utilized time out, and you say this works. You have seen that Johnny is peevish and more prone to hit out when he is drained. You specified that he is like his two more established kin who have ADHD in that he is exceptionally dynamic, needs little rest and can't sit still.

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Outcomes Feedback from Choice Apts Time referral - decision arrangement Presenting issues Team encounters

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Weaknesses For kids who require backing Lack of preparing in psychiatric appraisal Compliance with psychological well-being gauges

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Team encounter Feel like a weight has lifted –no longer feel in charge of families not drawing in, no longer feel like we are conveying families More "strolling the stroll" as far as quality based practice (concentrate on how things are working and what is going admirably as opposed to concentrating on ailment and pathologising the issue) More arrangement centered and in-accordance with recuperation show (say how) More enabling for families (say how) Efficient utilization of family's and clinicians time, Purposeful simple to-consent paper work necessities

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THANK YOU If you have any further inquiries or remarks you can email: THANK YOU